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  1. PO: DIIV - Oshin (Repress) Sept. 4th

    Definitely a joke. Everyone knows Hot Topic exclusives are limited to garbo artists in 2018.
  2. I think Relapse Records has been doing that for years, too. “Friends and family” pressses /100 for every release, with specific instructions to not request a clear variant with each order. Kind of silly. And boring, for being the coveted variant time after time.
  3. I suppose I wasn’t paying close enough attention to the track titles. That makes sense. I’m all for “the spice of life” and flashy variants, too, but above all else I just enjoy a cohesive aesthetic across the packaging, I guess. Just a personal take.
  4. Good looking out. That’s substantially annoying, and I wouldn’t have caught it if you hadn’t noticed and said something. Sneaky. I may actually pony up the extra since I still don’t “get” the choice of yellow on this release.
  5. PO: DIIV - Oshin (Repress) Sept. 4th

    Newbury prices are always fairly gross. This will definitely sell out like Chardee mentioned, though.
  6. Sounds like Ben’s wet dream. How many anal beads do you think 12 copies of this set could buy you, on the aftermarket? The aftermarket for the records, I mean. We don’t have to discuss aftermarket beads.
  7. Baton Rouge is a tight band by the way.
  8. And snarky to boot! I'm always impressed when a new face actually has negative karma, seeing as we haven't been able to downvote in years. Like true legacy OG shitheads.
  9. It’s seriously so good. Both singles, actually. I know Immunity had a nice variety of sounds and styles, so I’m sure there’s a lot to sink our teeth into on Singularity. And if it’s all comparable to the quality of these two tracks, I think it’ll be a strong contender for AOTY.
  10. Heyyy yoooooooooo!

    The fact that the guy hangs on every post of this thread - banned yet staring longingly from a distance - and embraces it as his 15 minutes of fame is... pretty fucking embarrassing. And legitimately sad. Take a moment to put yourself in his sandals: which method would you choose to end it all?
  11. Ah, the wonders of RSD. I still need the spark to fizzle out on that Arcade Fire though.
  12. Heyyy yoooooooooo!

    That hand is way too plump and wrinkled to belong to a kid who listens to Evanescence. Sorry.
  13. Are you also comparing all of those on Spotify, by chance? Or listening to NB on vinyl, Honeycomb through a Youtube stream, etc.? That could play a factor. I'm intentionally trying to pace myself with Honeycomb so I haven't given it a proper loud play in the car, or anything like that. Also haven't tried it out on Spotify but now you've got me curious. I would definitely be willing to wait for the official release before assuming one thing or another, though. As far as I know, Shirley is back at the helm with the production, so I can't imagine him taking a huge stylistic departure.
  14. Nope. The guitars in the verses sound just as shoegazey as anything off RTJ or Sunbather, and really shine and sparkle in the solos. Granted I haven't taken out a quality pair of headphones to stream the single on Youtube, I didn't find the production jarring at all. Just my 2¢.
  15. You know it. Also the same stl_ben who flips Mondo releases, and also the same stl_ben obsessed with gaping. Just a general piece of shit any way that you cut it, really.
  16. Super North, up by Redding.
  17. Sufjan was the only questionably priced RSD item for me, this year. As a 10”, it was just a few bucks shy of what I paid for a double LP. Other than that, I think the prices were decent. Based on what I was after, anyway. Craziest thing I witnessed was an actual crowd at my local record shop, who gobbled up half the releases I was interested in. I say “crazy” because the shop seemed way more inactive last RSD. It’s also located in a tiny Northern California town where most customers only buy classic rock reissues, and never give me competition for the “indie shit” I enjoy purchasing. Clearly I underestimated the demographic this time around.
  18. Record Store Day 2018

    Not even ironically, nope. What's more is that I don't believe the kid even owns vinyl by them. It was a pretty sad revelation to find out his entire life is a fabrication; personally the closest thing to realizing Santa isn't real, as an adult. This is just incorrect with 200% sale prices. Please die in a tire fire.
  19. General MSRP seems to be around $17.99 – $21.99, from what I've seen. Before taxes, shipping, etc.
  20. Record Store Day 2018

    I know that there are a lot of new faces in this thread due to general RSD hype, but it should be noted that absolutely nothing Tug has said on this forum has ever once proven to be true. His account is typically banned 50% of the time, or more. The lack of affection from his parent(s) and general poor life decisions have led him to crave attention on message boards, and it's best to just not feed into it.
  21. Record Store Day 2018

    As a few others have mentioned, I would say it's in your best interest to just "wait it out". A 10,000-press is truly massive, and I foresee many copies oozing up through tiny shops and distros in the coming weeks. As it was debated yesterday, you can maybe find a deal on one with diligent eBay searching, but I personally don't think that'll be the case at any point in the next 48-72 hours. I haven't been monitoring that one on Discogs but I would add it to your Wantlist there, and keep on eye on available copies in their marketplace. Bull Moose will be putting up overstock at 7 AM EST. Turntable Lab and Banquet Records have a listing for it that you can subscribe to, where they'll e-mail you as soon as leftovers are put up. But above all else, with that large of a run, I really do think you'll see some more sprout up from obscure distros.
  22. Record Store Day 2018

    Others are also getting copies numbered in the 6000s and 7000s, as well.
  23. Ah well. Will still give everything a look-over whenever they go up, though. Thanks for the update.