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  1. I default to this mentality with anything that sends blood to Gumbo’s lil’ gumby, and seeing Don post “yeah, I would’ve bought this a decade ago” basically reinforces that stance. You dig what you dig so there’s truly no “right” or “wrong” answers... but at risk of sounding too pretentious, it has way less to do with preferring “avant-garde” spins on the genre, and more to do with just being fatigued by the through-and-through approaches. You’re allowed to enjoy bands that do not push the envelope, but some of us have been listening to that formula for over a decade and struggle to find any real merit in it today. Burnt out.
  2. Painless. Going to check out the new single once I get to work in just a bit. Picked a great morning to clock in early.
  3. Painted Shut was so good. Can’t wait for this one and hope it goes up this morning.
  4. I also enjoy Ceremony, and I'll gladly hop on anything new they may release, but L-Shaped Man was just about 3 years ago.
  5. To this day, Hazards is still the only Decemberists album I've heard in full. It's been a long, long while since I've played... but seeing this thread inspired me to throw it on. Still holds up.
  6. Flenser Releases

    I’ve never listened to Drowse but that description is killer. It’s been a while since I’ve pre-ordered something from an artist I’m 100% unfamiliar with, but I think I may roll the dice on this one.
  7. That new single is tight. Nothing from the band has resonated with me as well as their S/T under Viet Cong, but I’m definitely in.
  8. Tracklisting: 1. "Dream House" 2. "Irresistible" 3. "Sunbather" 4. "Please Remember" 5. "Vertigo" 6. "Windows" 7. "The Pecan Tree" With the reveal of the album art and track listing, today, I'd say that we're on the brink of seeing some pre-orders drop. Is anyone else stoked on this release? Roads To Judah is still a record that I spin very regularly, and my expectations are pretty high for the new album. I know they were signed to Sargent House, so I'm not entirely sure if SH will be handling the pre-orders, or if Deathwish will have their hand in it, as well. I wouldn't be opposed to multiple variant options spread across a few distros. A translucent pink with an orange haze would be ace.
  9. Yeah, I'd agree with that too. The availability on these aren't too concerning to me at all – I plan to wait out a deal even if it takes a bit longer. I understand that not everyone has the same patience though.
  10. That's what the word on the street is. That still doesn't mean that 3rd party Amazon sellers and-or Discogs sellers won't have these available at some point, though.
  11. Yeah, that's not the news you were hoping to hear at all, I'd bet. I hope you can get it sorted out. There's absolutely no reason you shouldn't have it by now – at this rate I think the delivery could've failed and been returned to the sender, considering how much time has passed. Even with an extra month of waiting, I think you'll be very pleased with the finished product once you get it figured out.
  12. Got mine ages ago. Like probably 2-3 weeks ago, if I had to guess.
  13. Me? I have no say in the lurking or actions he partakes in here at VC or eBay, Discogs, etc. I just wish there was a way for him and other POdophiles to be flagged from popular pre-order sites (Deathwish, Bandcamp, etc.). Kind of like a registered sex-offender database.
  14. I spoke of no rape. Sorry. You’re not putting words in my mouth, so fuck out of here with your assumptions or implications. Check the context of his posts – I’m fairly certain rape doesn’t fit the shoe. Take it up with Tetsuo. It’s not like I text or PM the dude and snicker about what his posts may or may not mean. Oh, definitely among the worst. I’ve vented about him along with Halo 2 plenty of times.
  15. It’s called an analogy, Ben. You have to connect the dots for comparison’s sake. If you genuinely believe that I think an eBay flipper should face the same legal consequences as a pedophile, you’re obviously even more of a moron than I give you credit for. And literally no one said anything rape, so fuck out of here with that. Tetsuo randomly posts about gaping and “Matrix” across countless threads – even after a year or two of it, I have no idea what it truly means, so I opt to play along with it. You would know this if you opted to actually read the threads instead of swooping in to check the first post’s link, where you hurriedly pile multiple copies of limited pre-orders into your cart while diddling yourself during the checkout process. Or maybe you have in fact read his posts, but lack the reading comprehension or literary recognition to make sense of it – would probably explain why you need to flip so many records so often to supplement an income. Employment opportunities are limited when you can’t read at a high school level.
  16. I'm not sure how much time you spend on VC, but the thing about stl_ben is that he actually does frequent the board to hop onto "hype" releases to buy specifically for immediate resale – sometimes in bulk. Basically the vinyl-aftermarket equivalent of a pedophile, standing at a distance and licking his pencil mustache while eyeballing any sort of limited, alluring release he can get his hands on for a quick buck. Same thing can be said for limited items at conventions [Comicon, Mondo conventions, etc.] Dude is sleazy as fuck and had (has) no idea what vaporwave even is until this thread garnered some attention.
  17. Dude has been gaping so hard for so many years that the damage is irreversible... but the least he can do is be proactive and do something with his life.
  18. Not sure if trolling or not, but feel free to fuck off for the remainder of the year.
  19. POTENTIAL LINEUP THUS FAR It looks like Young God Records will be reissuing some / most / all[?] of Swans discography in 2015. In case you guys missed it, curiosity got the better of me back in April, and I contacted Swans about a potential Soundtracks for the Blind press. That album is far too good to have never seen the light of day on vinyl. I was expecting something akin to "We've considered it, but have more projects to work on" – which is pretty much the truth of it – but I got a more concrete answer than I could have hoped for: Awesome, right? But it gets better. I have a friend who e-mailed Young God, and they got back to him last night. Here's a juicy bit of info they dropped: This tells me a few things. Either this particular YGR respondent isn't aware of the band's plans to press SFTB (which seems incredibly unlikely, since Gira basically is YGR), or it's later on their agenda of vinyl pressings for 2015. I'm personally leaning towards the latter – key words like Starting with and at the moment imply that there will be other reissues in 2015. Soundtracks may not be in their immediate plans, but they still have a year and a half to make it happen if they're true to their word. I figured I wouldn't be the only one excited about this. Very much looking forward to [potentially] buying a mint copy of Great Annihilator for less than $300. I'd be willing to update this OP when they actually drop, but I understand if this should be moved to the General board for the time being. I just figure that a lot of Swans fans would love to hear this, and may not frequent that sub-forum. That, and the albums are confirmed for a vinyl press – we're not talking about remastered CDs or "potential" vinyl plans, like a lot of relocated "new release" threads do.
  20. I got my MBV from one of those flash sales (Deepdiscounts?) for like $6, bundled with a bunch of other discounted, new records with cheap shipping. I doubt I’d get that lucky with these reissues, but yeah. Good times. Considering the popularity and demand of Loveless, at the very least, I can’t imagine these will be tough to track down.
  21. Basically this. Secondary Amazon sellers and Discogs will eventually have these for way less than cost + $18 shipping.
  22. From the band's Facebook: Spanish instrumental masters Toundra recently revealed the release of their brand new album ‘IV’ for 26th January 2015 in Europe. Now the band are extremely pleased to launch the beautiful artwork for the album as well as its full track-listing which you can find below. The band had this to say: The concept that flows through the album is the story of two foxes that need to escape from the forest where they live because of a huge fire. For the band this is a metaphor for their concern with how humanity is destroying the environment and how dangerous humans can be. Cover artwork has been handled again by Chelsea Greene Lewyta, with whom the band feels really comfortable. Working with her has been a pleasure again because she understood the concept from the beginning and added a lot to the initial visual vision we had. Inner artwork has been done by Jorge García Escalona, who's also working on the video and is one of our favourite Spanish illustrators." The full track-listing is as follows: 1. Strelka 2. Qarqom 3. Lluvia 4. Belenos 5. Viesca 6. Kitsune 7. MRWING 8. Oro Rojo