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  1. post your set-up thread

    No just a 5th leg in the middle.
  2. post your set-up thread

    Been building this for a few months. Finished today. Walnut plywood and Arm-R-Seal.
  3. Can anyone comment on sound quality?
  4. I'm not gonna listen to this album in the car, but the vinyl sounds superb
  5. P.O.: Bonobo - Migration

    I like the album, but the mastering doesn't sound as good as northern borders or black sands imo.
  6. Mr. Robot

    shit got deep
  7. Mr. Robot

    I really like the show but the commercials and monetization (buy his composition notebook!) are starting to piss me off. There are literally 1 to 2 minute segments between commercials lately. I'm gonna start watching via bit torrent to limit the hypocrisy...
  8. Leather are typically $40 so it's not that much more incrementally. I def don't feel a need to upgrade glass platter anymore...
  9. I like my Herbie's way excellent II mat. I felt like leather changed sound for worse compared to felt. Herbie's didn't. Static issues gone. http://herbiesaudiolab.net/ttmat.htm
  10. Cleaning Your Records

    Not all distilled water is created equal. Grocery store quality isn't good enough. I use cell culture grade from Amazon with good results. Otherwise it may just be the record...
  11. Beck - Odelay (reissue)

    Yeah I'm def waiting. I don't see why these would be limited.
  12. Beck - Odelay (reissue)

    Bull moose has import up. $40. http://www.bullmoose.com/p/23276732/beck-odelay-import-eu-180gm-vinyl
  13. Beck - Odelay (reissue)

    Fuck music direct. I'm not paying $12 for shipping on principle.