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  1. This is gonna be so good
  2. Sweet thanks. Im a monthly subscriber so I hope I can just renew that and not have to upgrade to 3 months
  3. Anybody know when that blue Pinegrove-Everything So Far is going up for sale, or did I already miss it?
  4. That first single was so good
  5. My copy sounds great, no skips. I haven't listened to this album in a good 5 years, but it still holds up. Glad I got this for $19 with the refferal code. And I only got the one month subscription for this so I wonder if I will be automatically renewed for next month.
  6. New song. Got me real stoked
  7. Fuck. Yes.
  8. I love the Trailer Park Boys song title reference
  9. So much. The Chariot in 2011 was the craziest show I have ever been to. Im not huge into '68 but maybe I'll check this out
  10. Saw this got announced today and figured some of you would be into this. Pretty cool thats its coming out on Polyvinyl
  11. Good to see these guys getting more recognition. I saw them in like 2014 and thought they killed it, and I know they have toured relentlessley since then. Too Shabby was sick Im sure this will be even better
  12. I just feel like Damon let guests take more control of the songs and I can barely hear his presence on the tracks released so far. I am hoping the whole album is more cohesive and maybe the tracks will flow better as a whole and all of the guest feautures aren't too much in the way, but from those songs released already I'm kind of disappointed
  13. Am I the only one who isn't feeling any of these songs? None of them really sound very 'Gorillaz' to me
  14. I still never bought these but I might pick up this box. But honestly, this shit is so overhyped. I watched the show the week it came out and Ioved it but the internet has almost ruined this for me.
  15. I got my BSM copy in today, it sounds great. This album just keeps getting better for me, I can't wait to see them on this upcoming tour.