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  1. Salt is one of the best Alex G songs. I really enjoy Brite Boy a lot too. I actually just love everything he does. Is Beach Music underrated? I think so
  2. I subscribed for DD and stayed subscibed for Tidal. I was under the impression you couldn't do swaps if you are only a monthly subscriber. I think you have to be at least signed up for 3 months to be able to swap.
  3. hmm I'm on a one month, so I cant swap, but Im pretty unsure of dishing out $29 for this. But I also don't want to lose access to the store altogether. Im sure the resell value is gonna be in the $15-$20 range for this at best so if I stay I'll proably end up losing money, best case scenario is me actually enjoying the record and keeping it, but there are many other $29 records I would rather buy. This has been my problem with VMP, I end up subscribing and then cancelling every couple of months. At least I got Fleet Foxes before it sold out.
  4. According to bullmoose's website the deluxe is limited to 700. Can anyone confirm or deny? I picked one up at my local store easily and find that kind of hard to believe
  5. I saw the stereogum live performance kevin morby did, and he was wearing a VMP sweater. Coincidence? I think not. I think this mystery is solved.
  6. Definitely one of the best releases of the year so far. Powerful Man and Proud are some of his best songs. I hope I can finally see him when he tours for this album.
  7. I picked this up on blue today, Not at all what I was expecting, They really switched up the sound and it paid off for the most part. Only 1 or 2 tracks didn't really click for me but I only spun it once. I can see it getting better the more I listen to it
  8. Same here. I even set an alarm at work to get this Fleet Foxes record!
  9. Lmao idk what I was thinking. I knew that
  10. Is this still available anywhere? I was hoping my local would get it in but they never did. Side note: I was listening to this at work the other day and the owner of the company came in and heard it, and he told me he used to work at Geffen as a publicist in the 90's and worked on their album Page 99. Crazy small world.
  11. Any guesses on June's ROTM?
  12. Sigh, not very surprised by this, not a fan of this band, but it seems like these super self righteous people are always overcompensating for something. I also wish bands would stop using LGBTQ culture/rights/awareness or whatever you want to call it as a gimmick/selling point, especially when it is insincere. Karma is a bitch. I was gonna go to this tour just to see the opening band Ratboys but they dropped off which I'm glad they did, I just hope all the opening bands start their own tour and don't get completely screwed by this. And thats my two cents.
  13. I have OGs of both these but they are my 2 favorite bowie albums. Decisions...
  14. Broke as a joke but I couldn't pass this up. Almost gave up hope on ever owning this.