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  1. Will Yip only produced 2/6 albums, if you count the new one. So Im not sure what you mean Are you sure you listened to the right song? Lol It really doesn't sound like anything other than Tigers Jaw to me. But thats just me.
  2. This sounds nothing like turnover to me, sounds more like old Tigers Jaw than Charmer. Im really stoked to hear the whole album, It's got potential to be better than s/t which I never thought could happen.
  3. For me, mostly nostalgia. I was in the 7th grade when this came out and it was very different from most other things getting played on tv (music videos were still huge) and they blended genres better than their peers. It has 'radio hits' that still get played to this day, and I have lots of memories growing up with it. Im guessing its mostly people 20-25 who are going crazy about this. I'm not quite sure exactly how to phrase this, but most people in their 20s (me included) seem to want to own the 'Big' albums from their younger days (mid 2000s) and a lot of those records were oddballs who got decent mainstream exposure which caused a large fanbase to grow instead of a small niche-like following in most subgenres, causing some bands to gain lots of mainstream fans (Brand New is a good example if this) not sure where Im going with this other than people like to feel special for liking something 10 years ago and still thinking its cool.
  4. I only want The Rising Tide, and possibly Balance and Composure. I dont think Ill have to line up for those
  5. How will VMP ever top this? I highly doubt they will keep all subscribers who only signed up for Demon Days or that they will ever generate this much interest again. It will be interesting which direction they go in after this
  6. I think Two Worlds is severely underrated, but S/T is one of my favorite records of all time. I have listened to it more than almost any other album I can think of and it still never gets old. And I don't understand how anyone can not like Charmer I still listen to that a lot too, but Tigers Jaw has been one of my favorite bands since 2009 I have lots of memories with this band, I can't wait to hear this new album. I'm guessing Memory Music will put it out if not RFC
  7. Yeah I would never do more than one month. I have my OWN taste in music, I dont need someone else to pick my records for me... but I appreciate VMP for Person Pitch and Demon Days.
  8. Coming soon
  9. Im intetested in pressing quality info, I had the yellow copy but it was unlistenable. I still need to replace it but I've been worries about getting a shit pressing again. So whats the verdict on the best sounding pressing?
  10. Good job everybody, we did it
  11. If this months record isn't Demon Days it will be the biggest upset of vinyl subscription service history. Lol
  12. I meant cause lyrically it's sad as fuck but musically it's really upbeat pop-punk that makes it sound less sad. Thats all though, it was just what came into my head while listening to it this morning. Specificall songs like no halo and car
  13. This record keeps growing on me, it's so much better than I even hoped for. It's kind of like Your Favorite Weapon if YFW was about death instead of break ups.
  14. No problem. If anyone gets a chance to see this tour you should definitely go, the setlist was perfect and the new songs sound great live. Plus Jeff Rosenstock is one of the best people in the world so go support him too!
  15. Still havent got a download from bsm, if someone could hook me up that would be awesome. I listened to this on bandcamp this morning while getting ready for work and was really digging it, but I want to really sit down and take it in