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  1. This makes me really regret not getting a subscription, it also reminds me I still need to listen to this record.
  2. Gonna go with the deluxe but Im gonna wait since its not super limited. I hope the rest of the album is better than that first track, it wasn't bad just not great
  3. If someone can grab me a vmp copy I will be eternally grateful
  4. I guess it's the 5th pressing not the 7th but these should sound better.
  5. They acknowlwdged Home was a bad pressing and the 7th pressing and up is a remastered version. Every other recotd I have from them is perfectly fine.
  6. Its this pressing, I priced it at what I paid for it but I guess I would be willing to go lower
  7. Boys Life- Departures and landfalls/Clear/red/yellow-$12-SOLD Courtney Barnett-Double EP/pink- $55 Cannibal Ox-Cold Vein Deluxe/white 4xlp- $70 Car Seat Headrest- Teens Of Denial/yellow- $55 Converge-Axe to Fall/white- $14 Converge-Jane Doe/blue-$35 Converge-Petitioning Forever/red- $18 Congerge- AWLWLB-$14 Codeine-when I see the sun boxset- $40-SOLD Death Grips- Fashion Week/Interview- $25 Earthless Meets Heavy Blanket- In a dutch haze/yellow- $16 Flying Lotus- Until the quiet comes-$14 Give Up The Ghost- Background Music/Red- $15 Gorillaz- Plastic Beach- $16 Green Day- Insomniac- $18 Jesus Lizard- liar- $12 Jesus Lizard- Goat- $12 Johnny Thunders-Hurt Me/red- $15 La dispute/koji- Never come undone/purple- $12 Scott Pilgrim Soundtrack/Red- $15 Torche- Restarter/ Green - $12 Velvet Underground- Loaded- Pink/white starburst RSD $55 Pinegrove- Cardinal/blue/handpainted jacket- $200 Against me!- Searching For A Former Clarity- black/white- $15 Animal Collective- Sung Tongs $30 Animal Collective- Feels-$30 Basement- Promise Everything- Orange/yellow- $15-SOLD The Wonder Years-The Upsides/Green-$18 The Wonder Years- Suburbia/Clear- $18 The Wonder years- The Greatest Generation/half clear/half doblemint/300- $30 The Wonder Years- No Closer To Heaven/blue/yellow/red tri color-$25 Hum- You'd Prefer An Astronaut/ Grey marble-$25 Old Gray- An Autobiography- half yellow/half pink-$25 Crying- Beyond The Fleeting Gales- Clear/ white splatter-$14 Neon Indian- Psychic Chasms-$50 Fleet Foxes- Crack Up- Blue/Gold VMP-$60 Mogwai- Happy Songs For Happy People-$50 Joy Division-Still-Import/Portugal-$35 Dead Milkmen-Big Lizard In My Backyard-Green-$20 Dead Milkmen-Beelzebubba-Blue-$20 Appleseed Cast- Low Level Owl Vol.1 & 2-Gold- $35-SOLD Bayside-Cult-$12 Im open to offers and trades. $3 shipping. Paypal only.
  8. Stoked on this. Not stoked on the price.
  9. Wilderness themed shoes from emerica. I thought this was pretty awesome.
  10. I got a clear PTSBBAM, never thought that would happen! Wish I could have spent more but oh well
  11. I dont think they were limiting it at all.
  12. Snagged that deluxe, super excited.