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  1. Stoked on this. Not stoked on the price.
  2. Wilderness themed shoes from emerica. I thought this was pretty awesome.
  3. Out now order here-
  4. I got a clear PTSBBAM, never thought that would happen! Wish I could have spent more but oh well
  5. I dont think they were limiting it at all.
  6. Snagged that deluxe, super excited.
  7. .....why is this such a big deal? I'm not trying to justify or defend Eric's actions, but I don't think this is really enough to stain turnovers reputation or whatever, it's one guy in the band who probably just has mental health issues, and can't handle his shit. Also, "he will use his position in a popular band to look sensitive, deep, and like he will never lie you", like, he is the only person in a band to ever do this? I just can't wrap my head around people willing to throw someone under a bus when they obviously just need professional help. Yay for the stigmatization of mental health issues.
  8. And you're gonna bring the demons outta me?! Does anybody else remember when turnover was pop-punk and everybody was straight edge? Now they are the complete opposite and I think we can all agree it is for the better
  9. F.I - Very proud of ya/Blue - $18 A.F.I - Shut your mouth and open your eyes/gray- $16 Boys Life- Departures and landfalls/Clear/red/yellow-$14 Courtney Barnett-Double EP/pink- $60 Cannibal Ox-Cold Vein Deluxe/white 4xlp- $75 Cap n jazz- Analphabetapolothology- $30 Car Seat Headrest- Teens Of Denial/yellow- $60 Converge-Axe to Fall/white- $14 Converge-Jane Doe/blue-$35 Converge-Petitioning Forever/red- $18 Congerge- AWLWLB-$14 Codeine-when I see the sun boxset- $45 Death Grips- Exmilitary/Bootleg- $25 Death Grips- Government Plates- $200 Death Grips- Fashion Week/Interview- $25 Desaparecidos- Payola/Green- $10 Discovery- LP- $12 Earthless Meets Heavy Blanket- In a dutch haze/yellow- $18 Flying Lotus- Until the quiet comes-$14 Give Up The Ghost- Background Music/Red- $16 Gorillaz- Plastic Beach- $16 Green Day- Insomniac- $18 Jesus Lizard- liar- $14 Jesus Lizard- Goat- $14 Johnny Thunders-Hurt Me/red- $15 La dispute/koji- Never come undone/purple- $12 Scott Pilgrim Soundtrack/Red- $15 Torche- Restarter/ Green - $12 Velvet Underground- Loaded- Pink/white starburst RSD -$60 The Cure-The Hanging Garden 10' single Import- $20 Camera Shy - jack o lantern/orange- $18 Danny Brown- Atrocity Exhibition/Pink- $28 Pinegrove- Cardinal/blue/handpainted jacket- $200 Im open to offers and trades. $3 shipping. Paypal only.
  10. Good looking out
  11. I picked up a copy of the tour press at last nights show and it sounds really good. This album is amazing it is definitely the catchiest and most melodic stuff they have done.
  12. Got a ticket for Denver, thank you for the presale code!
  13. I just started a free trial with spotify, how do I get this presale code?! Im so broke but I can't miss the Denver date even though Im probably gonna end up going alone
  14. I will probably end up ordering the deluxe but will wait as long as possible to do so. Boxsets of cope are still available so I hope this is just as easy to get down the road. I'm hoping tour dates are announced soon
  15. Mine should get here by thursday. The album is pretty good but it is very dense and took me a couple listens to get into it. I'm pretty stoked to see how the blue/gold comes out.
  16. It looks like the band got some copies of these on vinyl for tour, can someone who picks one up let me know how much they are? Im anticipating $20. I still haven't listened to this album though since I've been waiting for the vinyl, can anyone hook me up with a zip or something? Im seeing them in denver next week and am hoping to pick the record up there
  17. PO is up, looks like the deluxe is gold and tbe standard is a black/white marble. New song is really good, I have high hopes for this album!
  18. Open Your Heart by The Men is an amazing album, 'Candy' is one of the best rock songs of the past decade. I can't justify buying a second copy right now but I highly recommend it to anybody who's been sleeping on this band.
  19. Salt is one of the best Alex G songs. I really enjoy Brite Boy a lot too. I actually just love everything he does. Is Beach Music underrated? I think so
  20. I subscribed for DD and stayed subscibed for Tidal. I was under the impression you couldn't do swaps if you are only a monthly subscriber. I think you have to be at least signed up for 3 months to be able to swap.
  21. hmm I'm on a one month, so I cant swap, but Im pretty unsure of dishing out $29 for this. But I also don't want to lose access to the store altogether. Im sure the resell value is gonna be in the $15-$20 range for this at best so if I stay I'll proably end up losing money, best case scenario is me actually enjoying the record and keeping it, but there are many other $29 records I would rather buy. This has been my problem with VMP, I end up subscribing and then cancelling every couple of months. At least I got Fleet Foxes before it sold out.
  22. According to bullmoose's website the deluxe is limited to 700. Can anyone confirm or deny? I picked one up at my local store easily and find that kind of hard to believe
  23. I saw the stereogum live performance kevin morby did, and he was wearing a VMP sweater. Coincidence? I think not. I think this mystery is solved.
  24. Definitely one of the best releases of the year so far. Powerful Man and Proud are some of his best songs. I hope I can finally see him when he tours for this album.