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  1. Maybe a bad time to share Amazon Warehouse Deals, but here are a couple I saw: Widespread Panic 'Wood' 3-LP set (next cheapest is $48): VG condition for $11.89 Prime Shipping: Widespread Panic ============================================ The XX's new album: Box Set version (I bought one of these a few weeks ago from Amazon Warehouse and it was basically new, but I might have just got lucky): $32.50 Prime Shipping: The XX Box ============================================ The Wedding Present 'Take Fountain' 2016 (next cheapest is $29): $6.76 with Prime Shipping: Wedding Present ============================================ Gorillaz 'Plastic Beach' sealed for $9.22 with Prime Shipping: Gorillaz ============================================
  2. Bump! (first bump since September!)
  3. 1. Amoeba variant shows /250 on the order page. 2. Use Amoeba coupon 'CLIPPERS' for 10% off.
  4. Don't forget Collectors Choice. Their 20% off coupon (minimum $75) still works: feb1775. (www.ccmusic.com) So, for example, you could buy 4 x 'The Fly' at 22.98 each plus shipping = $84, or $21 each including shipping.
  5. If anyone is interested, Drab Majesty played with Cold Cave and Black Marble in Los Angeles last week. A guy filmed all 3 performances in full and uploaded to YouTube: Drab Majesty live at the Regent 2017
  6. Clear Vinyl copy of Polysemy is on Amazon Warehouse deals (VG) for $8.93. Mestis
  7. Amazon Warehouse has a 'very good' condition Placebo box for $36.69: Placebo Box
  8. That's a tremendous price on the Beatles set. Free Shipping too!
  9. ADVERTISEMENT: I must sell an extra VIP Weekend Pass for the Big Ears Festival in Knoxville next month (Gavin Bryars, Carla Bley, Wilco, etc etc). I will be flying in buy my wife will not. It cost almost $600 with fees. Willing to take a small haircut since I must sell. It is a will-call ticket package, so you would have to meet up with me in Knoxville. Thanks, JS http://bigearsfestival.com/ /ADVERTISEMENT
  10. Lumineers first album with bent corner: $8.33 plus shipping Lumineers ========================= Also on Amazon: Ryan Adams 'Gold' 2LP $8.49 plus shipping new (Camel3 says this is the lowest 3rd Party Price ever)
  11. I have received all of my oddbanana buys from last week now. All were in new condition, all were LPs and not CDs. I'm a little ticked off, though: for my Day Of the Dead set they used the nice printed white 4AD pizza box as the outside packing box: it is covered with the mailing and tracking labels and packing tape. Grrrr!
  12. Man, those are top-dollar albums you are asking for, and most of us bought the Day Of The Dead set last week on EBay for cheap. Good luck.
  13. Thank you for your post, but I respectfully disagree. I believe emphatically that the customer can end up with the money and the LP. Perhaps your different experiences were Paypal transactions that went through EBay first? The policies for Ebay / Paypal transactions are different. It also matters HOW the customer funded his Paypal payment. If he used a credit card, and he is complaining through a credit card chargeback, I think he actually has greater leverage over the seller than I suggested earlier.
  14. I think you are just putting yourself in a weak position. As it stands: 1) If you stop communicating: you lose the case, you lose your money, he keeps the LP. 2) If he stops communicating: the case expires, you keep your money, he keeps the LP. He doesn't sound like he plans to stop communicating, so all you are doing is forcing him to provide proof of damage. The photos he sends you will be sent through by Paypal and reviewable by them if called upon. You are creating a situation where the customer might consider damaging the item further and then sending photos to prove his point. The customer's photos, regardless of what they show, will not help your case get resolved. 1) The photos show the item is clearly damaged (whether by you, the customer, or the post office: it doesn't matter): Paypal will probably resolve the claim in the customer's favor: he gets to keep the item and the money. 2) The photos do NOT show the item is clearly damaged: I think Paypal will side with the customer regardless and ask him to return the item to receive a refund. You can accomplish the same result right now without forcing the customer to photograph, and potentially damage, the LP. He will return the LP, perhaps in perfect condition, for a refund. Or, as I expect might happen, he gives up, keeps the LP and you recover your money after the complaint expires. There are no photos that the customers can provide that can win your case for you. You do not have the option of cancelling the complaint if you feel the photos prove you are right and the customer is wrong. All it does is help you decide whether you will require the customer to return the item before he gets his refund from you.
  15. "Ask for pictures"?? Seriously? As a Discogs buyer I would stop communication at this point in the conversation and demand my money back from Paypal and use your message as proof that you are not negotiating in good faith. I think you should just authorize the customer's return. He will be responsible for return shipping and providing proof of delivery back to you. He has a certain time limit to do so, I can't remember how long he has. Paypal has already taken the money from your account anyway so you have to do something to get the process of recovering the money under way. In my experience, you will shake out 50% of the buyer complaints at this point in the process. They will be unhappy but will never complete the return. On Amazon or Ebay, where customer's feedback is an issue to consider, I might recommend something different, but on Discogs I don't have the sense that feedback numbers matter so much. All IMO.