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  1. Shoot, they cut that coupon off right at 8:00:00 PST. I had a full cart loaded 5 minutes before but I was just double checking a couple of things.
  2. Washed Out playing The Wiltern in Los Angeles on Tuesday, August 15. Tickets on sale now using presale code 'Lyric'. https://www.livenation.com/events/684867-aug-15-2017-washed-out
  3. WTB

    The Editors re-issue LP is just $26 shipped from Amazon.co.uk. FYI.
  4. I got this set from France. It really is a handsome set! If you are a gambling man, there is an Amazon Warehouse offer for $116 with Prime Shipping today: U2 Joshua Tree Super Deluxe on Amazon USA
  5. Amazon Warehouse has marked down the price on hundreds of vinyl items that have been there a while. Here are some, but there are many more: Lakes 'Fire Ahead' $3.03 SEALED with Prime Shipping Lakes Neil Diamond 'Acoustic Christmas' $3.11 VERY GOOD with Prime Shipping Neil Diamond Boyfrndz 'Impulse' $3.91 VERY GOOD with Prime Shipping Boyfrndz Millencolin 'True Blue' $4.29 SEALED with Prime Shipping Millencolin Meat Puppets 'Out My Way' reissue $5.49 VERY GOOD with Prime Shipping Meat Puppets Los Lobos 'Gates Of Gold' $5.84 LIKE NEW with Prime Shipping Los Lobos Deron Miller x CKY 'Acoustified!' SEALED $6.05 with Prime Shipping Deron Miller Districts 'Flourish' $5.99 SEALED / acceptable with Prime Shipping Districts Daughn Gibson 'Me Moan' $6.05 GOOD on Sub Pop with Prime Shipping Daughn Gibson White ARrows 'In Bardo' $6.80 VERY GOOD with Prime Shipping White Arrows Aaron Lewis 'Sinner' $6.95 Acceptable with Prime Shipping Aaron Lewis D.R.I. 'Crossover - Millennium Edition' $6.99 SEALED with Prime Shipping D.R.I. Of Mice And Men 'The Flood Deluxe Reissue' ACCEPTABLE / SEALED $ 7.38 with Prime Shipping\ Of Mice And Men Buffalo Tom 'Skins' SEALED/Good $7.70 with Prime Shipping Buffalo Tom Ingrid Michaelson 'Make Sense' Acceptable $7.78 with Prime Shipping Ingrid Michaelson Smegma 'Live' VERY GOOD $7.80 with Prime Shipping Smegma Parachute 'Wide Awake' VERY GOOD $8.12 with Prime Shipping Parachute Parkway Drive 'With A Smile' SEALED $8.20 with Prime Shipping Parkway Drive
  6. Has anyone looked at the new Target cube units with legs? I like the idea of easily getting my stuff off the ground but I wonder if the unit can support 800 records or so. The unit is made of 'wood laminate', not wood. Target Cube storage with legs
  7. Juno in the UK has the orange 12" in stock. I have always had good experiences with them shipping to the USA. Cost is $15.74 including shipping to the USA. Arcade Fire Orange 12" from Juno UK
  8. I hope this is OK to post here. The big Kraftwerk 3-D Catalogue 8-LP Box is available for $106.03 shipped from Amazon Warehouse. It's on backorder in 'acceptable' condition. Quantities are available. Last time I ordered a backordered 'Acceptable' condition Amazon Warehouse item it arrived in perfect, brand new, sealed condition. I am hoping this turns out similarly fine. Kraftwerk Box $106 from Amazon Warehouse
  9. Yes, Deluxe Edition. Why do they even BOTHER sending an email like this one? " Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for your recent order. Unfortunately, we are not able to fill the item(s) below. Since this was cancelled from your order, your credit card will not be charged for this. If you pre-paid your order using PayPal we will issue a refund shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We encourage you to consider another item from our product selection and to shop with us again. If you have any questions about your order, please send an e-mail to our customer service department at: cs@deepdiscount.com "
  10. My pre order for the black vinyl was just canceled by Deep Discount. Grrrr...
  11. Slightly off-topic, but all of the Arcade Fire USA concerts are on sale now, and ticket sales look very slow to me. I am shocked really, I expected this to be a hot-selling ticket, but it looks like fully half the tickets for my Los Angeles show are still available (and tickets have been on sale for over a week now with pre-sales). New York's Madison Square Garden is another big venue only half sold. Link to L.A. tickets at ticketmaster: zoom in to see available seats. Arcade Fire at L.A. Forum My point is: maybe 2,000 isn't that scarce an item for this band anymore?
  12. The Day Version of the Arcade Fire is listed by importcds on Ebay for just $18.20 with free shipping. It is also part of their "20% off when you spend $60" sale, so the cost drops to $14.56 with free shipping if you find other stuff to buy from them. Arcade Fire cheap on Ebay
  13. Signed LP for $40 ("color not yet determined") Luna on PledgeMusic
  14. One-day sale today at Nuclear Blast's Germany site (I do not know about the USA site): 10% off all items today (except concert tickets): Code : AUFALLES10
  15. I see pre-orders from the various Amazon Prime locations and from Bullmoose. The prices I saw: Bull Moose $38 Amazon USA $36 Amazon Germany $28 shipped to the USA Amazon UK $29 shipped to USA Amazon Italy $35 shipped to USA