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  1. U2 - Songs of Experience

    The big deluxe vinyl box set version of this U2 album keeps dropping in price. Down to $41.30 new with free Amazon Prime shipping: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B076MMYNCG?tag=mfconvert-20
  2. Harold Budd's 'Luxa' reissued on remastered 2-LP 180G vinyl - limited to 500 - be forewarned: it's expensive. https://www.curiousmusic.us/all-products/luxa-vinyl
  3. I have honestly bought dozens of 'Acceptable' condition LP's from Amazon Warehouse. Truly, some have been brand new and perfect. A couple of them were cracked or scratched but were easily returned. Most of them, truly, just seemed to be opened and resealed - I had the sense they might have been returns from customers for one reason or another. A common trait seems to be that tape was used to seal the open LP side shut, either by the original customer or by the warehouse, so the tape has to be carefully heated and removed to prevent tearing the cover. In general, I have been quite pleased, but I only buy when I can get a good 30% or so off the best Amazon Prime price for a new one.
  4. Record Store Day 2018

    I stopped going out for RSD a couple of years back. I get the same 'rush' hanging out online here, and on other message boards and waiting for shout-outs for availability of scarce items online. I can't think of a single thing that I missed out on that I didn't get online quickly and fairly-priced within a few days of RSD.
  5. Porter Ray's 2-LP 'Watercolor' hip hop project on Sub Pop from 2017: $8.12 with prime shipping, only 3 available. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N21KVDX/sr=1-3/qid=1518973851/ref=olp_product_details?_encoding=UTF8&me=&qid=1518973851&sr=1-3
  6. It says here that Sigur Ros is releasing four new LP's of unreleased material. Each is limited to 100 "colour-coded" pieces each, and is only available at their upcoming December festival in Iceland. (Unsold copies will be available online. Good luck with that ...) https://thevinylfactory.com/news/sigur-ros-jonsi-announce-four-limited-lps/
  7. Amoeba in Hollywood has the Johnny Jewel LP for sale in their bins (at 24.98). I did not see Lou's EP there. I wrote to Holodeck this morning to see which version of Lou's EP they have stocking. ==================================== Here is the reply I got from Holodeck: We printed two variants of Lou’s EP: one on black and one on translucent blue/green. The Holodeck store(s) have the black vinyl in stock and the colored variant is available exclusively through Italians Do It Better. Thanks, Adam
  8. Two sellers offering the Being There on Amazon.com now below $40.00 plus shipping. FYI. https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B075VMW5Z
  9. UK vinyl deals

    Amazon.co.uk are running a 1-day sale: 10 POUNDS off off 50 POUNDS with code 'bigthanks'. Today onl, UK time, so it ends early in the USA.
  10. https://thevinylstore.tmstor.es/cart/product.php?id=36319 "Moby releases a super limited one off coloured vinyl pressing of ‘Play B-sides’, via his Litttle Idiot imprint’. First time this has ever been pressed on vinyl. Featuring tracks from Moby’s multimillion selling ‘Play’ era. ‘Play B-sides’ includes some lost treasures and some of Moby’s Best works, including the global hit Flower. Pressing of 1000 copies only. A1. Flower A2. Sunday A3. Memory Gospel B1. Whispering Wind B2. Summer B3. Spirit C1. Flying Foxes C2. Sunspot C3. Flying Over The Dateline D1. Running D2. The Sun Never Stops Setting"
  11. Rogue Wave is re-issuing their covers album in a new Deluxe version with splatter vinyl and a bonus 7". It says only 300 were made. Be sure to choose the Deluxe version ($22.00 plus shipping) from the dropdown menu: http://www.easysoundshop.com/products/rogue-wave---cover-me-12-lp-2/
  12. Thanks for sharing this, I was not familiar with this artist. I can't figure out: is the 10" included with the limited LP going to be 'Slow Fade', or will it be something else completely?
  13. No love for Rogue Wave a year ago, but perhaps things have improved? There's a new Rogue Wave reissue Lp coming out of 'Asleep At Heaven's Gate' : this one has a splatter vinyl limited edition version (200): https://slowdownsounds.com/products/rogue-wave-asleep-at-heavens-gate-10th-anniversary-reissue-bonus-songs-vinyl-pre-order
  14. The Decemberists store is open and an orange vinyl variation (Decemberists.com only, limited to 1500) is up for sale now.
  15. Stereogum had this page up early today. It has been removed, but you can find it through Google's cache. It said: Decemberists Hear The First Single From New Decemberists Album Inspired By New Order And Roxy Music Peter Helman @_peterhelman | 3:43 am EMAIL SHARE TWEET PIN IT REDDIT For their new album, the Decemberists are looking beyond bookish folk-rock. I’ll Be Your Girl, their first LP since 2015’s What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World, finds the indie veterans working with indie superproducer John Congleton for the first time, and he helped them chase a whole different sound. “We were talking about music and our references,” Meloy says in a press release. “It kept coming back to Roxy Music and early glam, and we dove in with that in mind. The Decemberists are a record-collectors’ band, we’re all fans and scholars of music, so there a lot of touch points that we all get, but they don’t always come through. So we were trying to embrace that Bryan Ferry aspect, that kind of set the tone.” Lead single “Severed” was originally written as a punk song, but “wasn’t really working,” Meloy explains. “Jenny set this arpeggio throughout it, and it became like an early New Order song. And I had forgotten that when we made the demo, I also started a file to turn it into more of a Depeche Mode song — I actually wanted it to be a synth song all along.” Listen below. embed tk I’ll Be Your Girl tracklist: 01 “Once In My Life” 02 “Cutting Stone” 03 “Severed” 04 “Starwatcher” 05 “Tripping Along” 06 “Your Ghost” 07 “Everything Is Awful” 08 “Sucker’s Prayer” 09 “We All Die Young” 10 “Rusalka, Rusalka / The Wild Rushes” 11 “I’ll Be Your Girl” Tour dates: 03/22 Fox Theater @ Pomona, CA 03/23 Arlington Theatre @ Santa Barbara, CA 03/24 Innings Festival @ Tempe, AZ 04/06 Palace Theatre @ St. Paul, MN 04/08Riverside Theater @ Milwaukee, WI 04/10 Chicago Theatre @ Chicago, IL 04/13-14 Ryman Auditorium @ Nashville, TN 04/15 Coca-Cola Roxy Theatre @ Atlanta, GA 04/16 North Charleston Performing Arts Center @ Charleston, SC 04/18 Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheatre @ Charlotte, NC 04/19 Durham Performing Arts Center @ Durham, NC 04/20 The National @ Richmond, VA 04/21 The Anthem @ Washington, DC 04/23 Smith Opera House @ Geneva, NY 04/24 Agora Theatre @ Cleveland, OH 04/25 Peabody Opera House @ St. Louis, MO 05/22 Red Rocks Amphitheatre @ Morrison, CO + 05/23 Uptown Theater @ Kansas City, MO 05/25 Hill Auditorium @ Ann Arbor, MI 05/26 Artpark @ Lewiston, NY 05/27 Boston Calling Festival @ Boston, MA 05/28 MTELUS @ Montreal, QC 05/30 Sony Centre for the Performing Arts @ Toronto, ON 05/31 Benedum Center @ Pittsburgh, PA 06/02 Murat Theatre at Old National Centre @ Indianapolis, IN 06/05 Iroquois Amphitheater @ Louisville, KY 06/07 Mann Center for the Performing Arts @ Philadelphia, PA ^ 06/08 College Street Music Hall @ New Haven, CT ^ 06/09 The Green at Shelburne Museum @ Shelburne, VT ^ 06/10 State Theatre @ Portland, ME ^ 06/13 BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival at Prospect Park Bandshell @ Brooklyn, NY ^ 06/15 MASS MoCA @ North Adams, MA 06/21 Paramount Theatre @ Seattle, WA ^ 06/22-23 – Edgefield @ Troutdale, OR ^ 08/04-05 Travelers’ Rest @ Missoula, MT ^ with M. Ward + with Whitney I’ll Be Your Girl is out 3/16 on Capitol Records.
  16. Decemberists have announced a couple new concert dates in Southern California in March. Mar 22 Thu 9 PM · Fox Theater Pomona · Pomona, CA Mar 23 Fri 8 PM · Arlington Theatre · Santa Barbara
  17. Taylor Swift's latest 2-LP pic disc set in 'Acceptable' condition from Amazon Warehouse: $24.45 shipped. Taylor Swift in Amazon Warehouse
  18. This forum has changed a lot since I first joined. When I joined, the first several links I posted here of deals I that I saw carried the smile.amazon charity link I support with my own purchases there, and you guys went ballistic on me with downvotes.
  19. RSD Black Friday 2017 thread

    The Chris Bell box set might be a mis-pricing of some kind, but it's the correct Amazon code (B072PWP5JS). Just $33 shipped from Amazon UK, or similar from Amazon Spain. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Complete-Chris-Bell-Looking-Forward/dp/B077DB73ST
  20. Is this really coming out on Rough Trade? Because Roughtrade.com is still not accepting pre-orders, which leads me to believe they have an exclusive or colored vinyl or something in the works ...
  21. Sadly, avant garde / noise artist Z'ev has died. Here is the obituary from Boyd Rice of Non: http://musicktoplayinthedark.tumblr.com/post/168634682001/sad-news-from-boyd-rice-facebook-just ============================== ANOST appears to still have stock on his very limited cassette set, mentioned in the obituary: https://anost.net/en/Products/S-Weisser-Wordworks-1975-1982/
  22. Cool reissues of early Album Leaf titles, including a gold-colored package limited to 100 copies. Album Leaf reissues on PledgeMusic
  23. Here's a new download code that I do not plan to use. I think this one will work - the last one didn't. http://www.caveandcanarygoods.com/a/downloads/-/d1805e0716aa160c/a60e1588ae95d00a
  24. I buy a lot of stuff from Amazon's overseas divisions. Here is a link to a third-party search engine that compares prices across many Amazon sites at once. Just plug in the Amazon code (in this case, it's B076MB7731 for the latest U2 album) to see the price across the different sites. It doesn't make much of a difference on this LP of course, but on box sets and higher priced items there are often big disparities between countries. https://www.heidoc.net/amazon/amazon_global_check.php?asin=B076MB7731
  25. The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    TemporaryResidence.com: 15% off everything, including pre-orders I believe: Code is MOGWAI15 Expires 12-31.