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  1. Here's a place to discuss the ONLINE aspects of Record Store Day 2018. I think it's OK here to discuss things like: 1) Online dealers and their on-sale times and offers; 2) Ebay and Discogs listings and completed sales; 3) Short Wants Lists in case other VC members spot them. As for me, I have spent the last several RSD's online. Each time, I usually have 3 or 4 items I want. I have found it just as fulfilling (if that's the right word) to shop and interact online as opposed to standing outside in the cold dawn hours and wait in a line. This year is a little different for me: I had 22 wants on my list, but 8 of the 22 were UK items only (including the four scarce Sigur Ros LP's, which are going to be made available to USA customers at the XL Recordings website at 10:00AM EST on Monday, April 23). I decided I had to go out and wait in line with that many items on my list, but I have already found four of my USA wants at attractive near-market prices on Ebay and Discogs and so I have bought those online. I think I am going to stay home again and do the online thing! Amoeba.com has already posted their online info: they plan to offer their unsold RSD product online at 8:00AM EST on Sunday morning, April 22.
  2. This big dealer from Italy has put his extras up on Ebay now. EBay Seller from Italy
  3. Record Store Day 2018

    I had NO IDEA it would be so confusing trying to buy stuff for other people. It was hard because the store was packed with people and I kept going back and forth with stuff. I think I screwed up at least one person. I see I told Lethal Enforcer I had a Sufjan Stevens for him but I do not. I'm sorry, I don't know what happened. It must have slipped out of my hands somewhere. Here is what I bought for VC people today. If I made a mistake please let me know as soon as possible. I have sent PM's to everyone below. National 'Boxer Live' to batman (2) Ben Kweller to tackman Ben Kweller to Ranch Cat Sufjan Stevens to multiverse Sufjan Stevens to fuzzywuzzy Survive to axotyl ============== Also, I seem to have an extra National 'Boxer Live' here. I might have missed someone. Does anyone still need this? And can someone help Lethal Enforcer out with a Sufjan Stevens?
  4. Ben Kweller to Ranch Cat

    24.99 plus 2.37 tax + 3.50 USA shipping = 30.86

    (Please add an extra 35c if you are funding payment with a credit card).

    Send money via Paypal or VenMo to:  [email protected]

    Include your VC ID and the shipping address for me.

  5. Rogue Wave is re-issuing their covers album in a new Deluxe version with splatter vinyl and a bonus 7". It says only 300 were made. Be sure to choose the Deluxe version ($22.00 plus shipping) from the dropdown menu: http://www.easysoundshop.com/products/rogue-wave---cover-me-12-lp-2/
  6. Record Store Day 2018

    The store I just left had 4 of these but not the Touche Amore, and I bought the last Ben Kwellers. The other 3 were still there. The store is in Whittier Californi
  7. Record Store Day 2018

    Ok I am done shopping here.
  8. Record Store Day 2018

    Yes, I confirm that to you several minutes through a pm.
  9. Record Store Day 2018

    OK, one Sufjan d for lethal enforcer rce or. 2499 plus plus. Last call!!!
  10. Record Store Day 2018

    Ol I got a Ben kweeller 4 tack man. No teenage bottle rocket No more kweller, sorry fuzzy.
  11. Record Store Day 2018

    National 2999 plus tax plus shipping!!!
  12. Record Store Day 2018

    No Noah. No Black Moth. 1 Kweller and 1 Sufjan, thats it right???
  13. Record Store Day 2018

    Chainsaw! Hillbillies! Eno!
  14. Record Store Day 2018

    National! Taylor swifts!
  15. Record Store Day 2018

    No vapors. Wilco!!!
  16. Record Store Day 2018

    24.99 plus tax plus shipping. Ok??? Kweller also 24.99 ++.
  17. Record Store Day 2018

    Survive here! Sufjan! Kweller! Who needs what!!!
  18. I had a real rough time with Bengans a couple of years ago. At that time at least they were really not keeping track of their inventory at all. I think I ordered 6 items and three were cancelled over the course of the next three days. And, they don't speak (much) English.
  19. This Ebay seller is putting up some RSD items at prices near-retail, including Flamin Groovies 2-LP $32, Tad LP $17.50, Dicky Betts 2-LP $32, Nazz $32, and Curved Air's picture disc $24. Shipping is reasonable. https://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?_ssn=rowche-rumble&_sop=10
  20. Amazon's customers have given Marvelio a 97% positive feedback rating. That's not as good as some Amazon third-party sellers but it is good enough for me.
  21. I have gone ahead and ordered the Jeff Buckley Live At Sin-E 4-LP box set from Amazon seller 'Marvelio'. Cost to me in California is $64 shipped. Link to Amazon's page: https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B07C4W5Y2V Link to worldwide Amazon Search page (ex Canada and ex USA): it shows the Jeff Buckley set is selling for $80 - $90 in other countries, so $64 looks pretty good to me. I think the USA price at most stores tomorrow is $81.98 or so. https://www.heidoc.net/amazon/amazon_global_check.php?asin=B07C4W5Y2V
  22. Discogs.com is slowly building up their RSD 2018 inventory list. I would expect most of the 2018 releases to be online by tomorrow morning. What I am doing going through the list and adding the titles I want to my Discogs My Wants List. Here is the link to the RSD 2018 list. The list is growing by the hour. www. discogs.com/rsd Once you've added your wants to the Discogs My Wants listings, you can look for new offerings of your specific wants here: www.discogs.com/sell/mywants
  23. Record Store Day 2018

    Are we going to have a separate thread for ONLINE Record Store Day 2018? Here is an EBay seller who has put up a number of 2018 RSD items at prices in the general vicinity of their regular price: https://www.ebay.com/sch/beetlejorts/m.html?_trksid=p3692
  24. The new super-limited 3-LP box set from 1631 Records is for pre-orders now on their Bandcamp page. The description reads: It's expensive, but what can you do? https://1631recordings.bandcamp.com/album/box-set