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  1. #729 off amazon.ca Can't beat $27 CAD and free shipping.
  2. A new split with Less Art, awesome! Also really want that Funeral of God press to come through, hopefully everything works out.
  3. I'll be keeping an eye on my inbox for that confirmation now! Thanks!
  4. PO Now: Code Orange - Forever.

    It's part of the Adult Swim singles series. They typically put out currently unreleased songs from bands in digital format only. I wouldn't expect a new release, its just a digital single. It may end up on a future release down the road but don't give your hopes up.
  5. PO: Hot Snakes - Jericho Sirens

    Kind of glad the Loser Edition is on black, it keeps with the trend of all the black Swami releases in my collection. As happy as I am to have this band back together, I would still love a little more touring from Drive Like Jehu, at the very least.
  6. PO: Hot Snakes - Jericho Sirens

    Not a single word anywhere on Sub Pop's website or social. I cannot wait to hear this thing, I'll be stalking their site until it shows up for North America.
  7. Glad to know I'm not alone. My shipment notification has been in "Shipping Label Created" status for about 5 days now.
  8. That green is awful pretty, but I still have my RSD yellow that I'm satisfied with.
  9. Just announced on the Wear Your Wounds Facebook that new WYW is in production for 2018.
  10. Celtics immediately. It fits the updated artwork better.
  11. I'm noticing some people have five digits on their numbering and others only had 4 digits. Possible that the numbering was done in two waves? First round cut off at 2000 and the others were left open with five digit numbering? EDIT: It could also explain the double numbering that people have called out.
  12. Checking in to say I received #1531. I was unsure when this was going to arrive, since DHL tracking cut off 5 days ago, Canada Post had to play with it for a while it appears. Since I had to head straight to work, I'll be able to open and listen tonight, can't wait!
  13. DHL's tracking says mine should be delivered today. I'm highly skeptical considering it's an international order and I've never had a smooth delivery using DHL.
  14. There are a few of them now. One for 500, another has the buy it now option set at 1,000.
  15. Wow, what a shitty setup for their store.