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  1. I emailed Backbite and they said they have to rework the screen print and will be shipping it out this weekend. Most probably the same typo.
  2. The preview on itunes on one of the track, with the sound of Sumac just jamming featuring some flute is really interesting.
  3. I think this is just a one-off collab, since it's stated this was recorded in Tokyo. Sumac's recording session they posted few months ago was in Robert Lang Studios in Washington.
  4. http://www.thrilljockey.com/products/american-dollar-bill-keep-facing-sideways-you-re-too-hideous-to-look-at-face-on No song premier so far. Collaboration between Japanese multi-instrumentalist Keiji Haino & SUMAC. Pressed on red 2xLP. Release date February 23 2018
  5. Splatter for me too. Enjoying the single.
  6. Loving my Thousand Of Miles Between Us boxset even more now after listening to its song namesake.
  7. I'm from Malaysia so maybe because of my location/timezone?
  8. A Single Tear is up on spotify. So freaking good. Friday can't come soon enough.
  9. Looking to buy a reasonable priced copy of Protomartyr - Relatives In Descent on pink/white starburst variant. Was holding out on buying it as I was tied on other commitments. Only to realize it was already sold out by now, when I have the cash to spend.
  10. Thanks for the info Dom! I guess my best bet is to secure the ticket first thing when it's up for purchase.
  11. I'm thinking of making a pilgrimage to the States for the first time ever, and go to the Santa Ana show while visiting my friend in Orange County. Does anyone know if the tickets at Constellation Room usually will be sold out quick or not?
  12. Someone uploaded this on youtube, and it's on spotify as well.