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  1. Anyone have EWAF for either trade or sale? Trying to track down Curry Pennywise and Jigsaw!
  2. Ordered an hour ago. Glad I didn’t sleep on this variant.
  3. Fuck. Im nervous about MN and a screenprinted poster. They can’t get the basics right half the time...
  4. ML version is up. https://www.merchlimited.com/products/senses-fail-if-there-is-a-light-it-will-find-you-bundle
  5. And they just refunded me....
  6. They’ll offer a label for a return. Just did it to me.
  7. Just emailed them about the issue. We’ll see what happens. I have a good track record with MerchLimited help, so hopefully that happens here.
  8. It wasn’t it. Just the regular edition.
  9. Will do. I’m an hour away from them so I should know soon.
  10. Deluxe gold had the /100 cover. I’m convinced. I picked up a copy. MerchConnectionInc is legit. They run MerchLimited if that helps.
  11. /300 PN exclusive is OOS already. Considering it was only in bundles, they must have a bigger fan base then we all thought for that to sell out in less than 2 days.
  12. The Third Man Records Thread

    Are all vault packages the same price? Missed the last one (friggin forgot...) and now kicking myself. See one new for $100 and wondering if that’s a decent aftermarket price.