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  1. after a short hiatus, BLUD-06 is announced! here's the album trailer: "BLUD-06: w u s o 命 - "Hold It Together" is out on cassette & digital February 24th via Bludhoney Records. Following his acclaimed debut "Lonely Streets", w u s o 命 delivers a monolithic sophomore LP that envelops listeners into its grimy, dystopian universe with muted, pulsating synths and brooding orchestration. "Hold It Together" is composed with the fine-tuned detail of a rich film score, paced carefully to be experienced as a whole - "Suppression" pulses with the intensity of a neon-soaked night club before gradually slowing to a crawl like a dimming heartbeat. "Ride Home" begins with the pattering of rain, the flick of a cigarette lighter, and a car accelerating - taking the listener along for a journey of solitude and reflection set to its dark, urban atmosphere. "Hold It Together" is a ambitious step forward for w u s o 命 in both scale and execution - and it fits perfectly among the ever-expanding BLUD collection of hypnagogic synth."
  2. good lord, how did i possibly miss this??? my favorite horror movie of all time no less!! if anyone happens to grab an extra deluxe you'd make my week - i'm going to refresh in shame and defeat
  3. for anyone who missed out the "Hyper Light Drifter" cassette bundles by Disasterpeace, we've just added a handful more to our store. last chance to snag one!
  4. We've added a few of the sold out "Hyper Light Drifter" reissue bundles to our store: Grab 'em here and not for a ridiculous price on Discogs!
  5. It'll be reissued on Chamber 38! you can follow @C38CONTAINMENT for the announcement. However it will have new artwork and tape shell colors
  6. thanks for the support! Bunny Boy really is something else. We'll have more from him in the very near-future!
  7. just got my "woodland camo" Troll 2 OST in the mail - looks and sounds awesome. the sleeve is a die-cut and you can reverse the inner sleeve to display either the "they're going to eat me!" kid or one of the goblins. plus it's got an art insert and an interview. nicely done stuff
  8. I found a copy of Building Nothing in my local Newbury Comics without realizing it had even been released and spontaneously grabbed it. The sky blue vinyl looks gorgeous in person, perfectly matches the artwork. So yeah, uh... if anyone's looking for the european red import press, I got one up for grabs
  9. R23X is an insanely talented producer who's been releasing albums in the form of soundtracks to games that don't exist for a while now - can't think of anyone more perfect to tackle a project like this. I wish I was heading to MAGFest, would definitely pick one up for anyone curious, R23X's latest album is on sale on blue vinyl at dream catalogue:
  10. guess i'll hop on the bandwagon here, got lots of mondo prints, LPs, soundtracks, posters, and stuff from my label if anyone would be down to trade for a Drive print
  11. I am not sure I would assume that the BM variant is the buttercream splatter unless the label confirms it. I can definitely see this thing having an indie exclusive
  12. Same. Very few artists hit a "the price literally does not matter and never will" level for me, but Madvillain is one of them. So stoked on this track.
  13. copped! one of the best DC albums IMO
  14. these are out now! the fluorescent green sold out pretty much instantly, but there's still blood red copies available: