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  1. I did indeed and almost felt guilty paying for it but I needed that shit. It was on 1234 go records this morning / last night. Might still be a few left, i'm not sure
  2. they're up at 3 AM EST? or when
  3. definitely agree that vomit coffin will look the coolest, it's a blob plus splatter, i'll take that over another tri-color split or standard yellow / red splatter any day, and certainly prefer it to the US variants, but really they're all gorgeous. considered the smoke but honestly I'm always underwhelmed by clear with black smoke records in person...
  4. Presuming that you want one of the others or don't already have all the ones you do want, which is not the case for me. Either way, you don't have to sell me on an AOTM subscription. If you read what I wrote, I was already willing to switch over for Demon Days. My problem is with VMP deliberately shafting crate subscription members this time by not reserving stock as they always have in the past, and not even informing us of this change to the formula.
  5. It's not about not wanting to "pay the cost", with a crate subscription, the price is the same. You're not saving yourself anything except the option to essentially opt-out for a month for $4. If Demon Days hit the store and sold out and i missed out on it, I'd be a lot less annoyed. My problem is that VMP purposefully opened up extra full subscription spots to deplete their stock, which shafted crate subscription members. They made a conscious decision to grab the extra money and sell more subscriptions rather than reserve a predetermined amount for their store, which they have literally always done up until now. The least they could've done was clearly communicate to crate members that Demon Days would never even be hitting the member store, but by the time they responded to my emails and confirmed it wouldn't, it was gone. VMP never promised me that "album of the month" releases would be easy to get from the store, but they did explicitly tell me that they would always at least hit the store - so I didn't even think to try and switch my account over. Why would I?
  6. I've emailed VMP and requested that they cancel my account. I've been paying for a crate subscription for years and buy from VMP frequently. I was told firsthand by staff that every record of the month would go for sale on the member store - that's why I opted for the crate subscription closed beta in the first place. After several back-and-forths showing screenshots of this, VMP just forwarded me around from staff member to staff member, each sending copy and pasted condescending "sorry - join the wait list!" emails. Fuck that. I'm done paying for the chance to purchase a record just so that VMP can retain its fundamentally hypocritical business model of "we're bringing back records that need to be widely available - so now join our propriety and restrictive platform to get them!" I love the work put into their selections and packaging, but their platform is so shamelessly anti-consumer it completey blows my mind. As customers, here are our two options: A ) pay a flat, high monthly rate to get whatever VMP wants to sell you, which is bound to inevitably include records you don't actually want B ) pay monthly for the chance to purchase those records a month later by struggling against their constantly crashing server for up to two hours as you try to even add something to your cart without crashing the fragile servers on their member store. Oh, and apparently every once in a while, VMP decides it can make more money off one of its "album of the month" releases. Tough shit - you don't get those, or any sort of heads up that you won't have the chance to.
  7. I'm so bummed, I never realized Demon Days wouldn't be available in the member store and I've had a crate subscription since it was open beta. It never even occurred to me to switch my account over. Emailed VMP and they told me I'm shit out of luck.
  8. I am really surprised that more people haven't picked up on the fact that that quite clearly seems to be the entire theme for this record, considering every single track save for one and four "interludes" have features and the damn album is called "Humanz".
  9. after a short hiatus, BLUD-06 is announced! here's the album trailer: "BLUD-06: w u s o 命 - "Hold It Together" is out on cassette & digital February 24th via Bludhoney Records. Following his acclaimed debut "Lonely Streets", w u s o 命 delivers a monolithic sophomore LP that envelops listeners into its grimy, dystopian universe with muted, pulsating synths and brooding orchestration. "Hold It Together" is composed with the fine-tuned detail of a rich film score, paced carefully to be experienced as a whole - "Suppression" pulses with the intensity of a neon-soaked night club before gradually slowing to a crawl like a dimming heartbeat. "Ride Home" begins with the pattering of rain, the flick of a cigarette lighter, and a car accelerating - taking the listener along for a journey of solitude and reflection set to its dark, urban atmosphere. "Hold It Together" is a ambitious step forward for w u s o 命 in both scale and execution - and it fits perfectly among the ever-expanding BLUD collection of hypnagogic synth."
  10. good lord, how did i possibly miss this??? my favorite horror movie of all time no less!! if anyone happens to grab an extra deluxe you'd make my week - i'm going to refresh in shame and defeat
  11. for anyone who missed out the "Hyper Light Drifter" cassette bundles by Disasterpeace, we've just added a handful more to our store. last chance to snag one!