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  1. Looking for these variants of these albums: The current will carry us (Clear w/ Black smoke /100) Tragedy will find us (Simpsons screen print cover /100) If you have a copy you'd like to let go of, I'd love to buy it
  2. I have 13/25. Feel free to shoot me an offer if you're interested
  3. Title says it all. Any variant will suffice. I just wanna lose mah mind spinning this. Hit me up if you have a copy for sale Thanks
  4. All good mah dude. I've been after that smoke variant for seems like forever now
  5. If that current will carry us is the clear w/ black smoke I'll buy it right now
  6. I just sent him a text asking about it for you and mah gawd I am so envious of your rosetta collection. I'm trying to variant collect them but what left I need never pops up
  7. Looking for the Clear/Green/Black splatter /300 variant. If you got a copy and want to let it go, please message me. Thanks
  8. Hump this bump
  9. Stupidly slept on this album and now I'm really enjoying it. Looking for any of the following variants: Clear/Transparent Blue split /301 Light Blue/Black mix /474 Electric Blue/White mix /501
  10. Taking a shot in the dark but if anybody has this album on 180g White w/ Teal haze /100 for sale. I'm your man
  11. I'll take instant grat right now if you reply to mah message