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  1. Bucketh{r}ead

    I reached out to Pike Services regarding estimated shipping dates on the rest of the albums. I also asked them if there were anymore vinyl reissues coming. “We expect to ship the signed Rollercoaster Track Repair and signed Decaying Parchment albums in a couple weeks. Inbred Mountain and Live From Bucketheadland are still in production, so as soon as we receive those albums we will ship them out. We don't have any information on future vinyl releases. Buckethead Pikes Service”
  2. Bucketh{r}ead

    Nice, good eye! I noticed the cover art for ‘Crime Slunk Scene’ is a little different too. The chickens are in different places on the LP. No, I didn’t order the deluxe packages for these. “Roller Coaster Track Repair” I ordered the signed copy and the hand drawn cover. For “Decomposing Parchment” (AKA “ Performances of the Bloodless Guillotine”) I ordered the signed copy. Im still dying to see the mold of Buckethead’s teeth with the “Inbred Mountain” deluxe package.
  3. Bucketh{r}ead

    Anyone else still waiting on ‘Roller Coaster Track Repair” and or “ Decaying Parchment”? I know that it seems there is no rhyme or reason to when these get shipped, I’m just irritated because my buddy got his signed copies three weeks ago and he ordered his records MONTHS after I ordered mine.
  4. Bucketh{r}ead

    Is he on the Poseidon cover??
  5. Looking for a copy of Buckethead’s ‘Somewhere Over The Slaughterhouse’ 2x LP, Trade or buy. Thanks!
  6. Bucketh{r}ead

    I’ve asked Pikes Services on more than one occasion, both times I’ve been ignored.
  7. Bucketh{r}ead

    Sorry to ask on the tread but.... Does anyone have a signed copy (regular cover with autograph) of Poseidon they would be willing to trade for (choose one): signed 5 13 10 31 signed Clockunwise (Albino Slug) signed Ghost Host (Decoding The Banshees Tomb) or a regular copy of Poseidon & a Guitar Magazine with Brian Carroll’s personal bio ad. Thanks!
  8. Bucketh{r}ead

    I think you’re right about that.
  9. Bucketh{r}ead

    Holy shit. Looks like there’s more vinyl pressed. I found this one eBay. I’m gonna hold off and wait for an official Pikes Service store update. Good to see “Roller Coaster Track Repair” is ready to go.
  10. Bucketh{r}ead

    I got my Albino Slug along with Poseidon. It’s happening fast now!
  11. Bucketh{r}ead

    I had higher hopes fir that cover art. The art for 5 13 10 31 and the upcoming live album blew me away. This cover does nothing for me. But I’m seriously looking forward to spinning it!!
  12. Bucketh{r}ead

    No, I regret not buying the deluxe on this one. I went with the deluxe for Inbred Mountain.
  13. Bucketh{r}ead

    I got 05 13 10 31 in the Mail today!!
  14. It was a big party, a fun party, but pound for pound, I still think Polygondwanaland is their best release to date.
  15. Bucketh{r}ead

    That’s horrible. The lack of communication is the worst. I had to exchange my Sparks In The Dark because the pressing was straight up bad. Pikes received my returned copy back on February 19, but I haven’t heard a thing about when I’ll get my replacement copy. I guess I’ll reach out to Pikes after one solid month has passed unless it shows up before then.