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  1. I facebooked messaged Flightless on April 6th regarding this. I asked them if there was a repress coming or could Amazon have old stock? Flightless read my message and never responded. That's poor form Flightless, poor form.
  2. He said he saw the record, I'm under the impression it's not in his possession.
  3. Up to this point, here's how many copies Flightless has left. Altered Beast = 724 Floating Fire = 973 Vomit Coffin = 1084
  4. That's the ticket, right there. Thanks!
  5. Joyful Noise said today that their Anal Trump 5" "To All The Broads I've Nailed Before" Will be delivered to their office on March 20th and will ship straight away. They also said "no more coming from us, unfortunately!" When asked if there would be a repress. Just thought some of yinz dudes would like to know.
  6. Wild Vagina - "Wild and Wonderful...Wild Vagina" lathe cut 7" Only 50 were made available. Velocity of Sound sells all our releases at cost. Thank you.
  7. I'm enjoying mine too. Very nice pressing.
  8. Here's some more Buckethead vinyl for ya kids. Viggo Mortensen double vinyl LP "Seventeen Odd Songs" SEVENTEENODDSONGS Viggo Mortensen A compilation of remastered tracks for vinyl. with Buckethead and Travis Dickerson on selected tracks. USA customers, their only shipping option is Priority Mail for $10.
  9. Just cancel the red vinyl. Right? If you just want the rarest copy.
  10. From Bullmoose... "LANEGAN,MARK/GARGOYLE (WHITE VINYL)@INDIE EXCLUSIVE Has been delayed until Apr 28, 2017. It was previously scheduled for Mar 24, 2017. We’re very sorry about this!" I wonder if the Euro release will be pushed back also?
  11. Oh here we go. Ordered.
  12. It's all on Rise Records twitter feed. They said the bone/beer variant (the first variant MerchNow had listed and was advertised as 500 pressed) sold out. When it sold out they intended to immediately start selling a different variant, bone/black bone splatter, but they botched the transition. The item switched but the discrimination of the vinyl stayed the same. I'm sure they sold 100 copies before it was fixed. It also used the same link as the first variant, which added to the confusion.
  13. Just talked to Rise Records. They said the bone/beer split color most certainly IS limited to 500. The old link is now leading to a new variant. It's now bone/black splatter.
  14. Unfortunately, I doubt it. Seems all his 7"s come from United Record Pressing.