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  1. Buckethead Thread

    Good to know. Maybe my orders are a day or two behind each other.
  2. Buckethead Thread

    I got a shipping notification today, but I'm not sure if it's for Aug.15th's 'Shadows Between the Sky' or Sept.15th's 'A Real Diamond in the Rough'. Maybe both at the same time??
  3. The Third Man Records Thread

    I'm surprised to see a retail TMR variant for the new Margo Price LP. It sold out in about an hour. I didn't see any mention of it from Third Man. http://www.bullmoose.com/p/25779212/margo-price-all-american-made-indie-exclusive-limited-to-750-copies

    I also was 100% under the impression it was a LP. He probably rip it. His discription is very vague. No wonder he's willing to pay $25,000 for legal fees. He's all ready for a lawsuit. I cant imagine he's honestly expecting a smooth transaction.
  5. I give up. Ive tried on my phone and PC and all I get is a message that says "Oops! We experienced a problem processing your order."
  6. I think they're gone already (yellow)? My transaction was declined.
  7. Buckethead Thread

    Side note. Ive emailed the Pike service twice over the last couple months asking about press counts. Ignored both times.
  8. Buckethead Thread

    Spinning my CSS now, sounds amazing. Quality pressing. Mine is #36. I guess bubble wrap is a step up from tissue paper!
  9. Buckethead Thread

    Ok. I got my tracking. Apparently it needs to sit in Bell Gardens, CA for a while. Ugh!!
  10. Buckethead Thread

    Ugh. I hope it's ok, especially with no evidence of LP fillers being used. I haven't received any notification.
  11. Buckethead Thread

    I have not heard of any shipping notices. By the looks of his website, I'm thinking not, lol.
  12. Buckethead Thread

    Im concerned about packaging. I saw a video of someone unpacking their Slunk Scene deluxe, and there was no cardboard fillers. The only protection was what looked like two pieces of crumbled up tissue paper. I also don't know what's going on with the numbered editions. The two copies I saw were just numbered #11 and another one numbered #6.
  13. Buckethead Thread

    I'm officially out. Ten preorders is my limit, plus I'm not big on live albums. I'm throwing in the towel.
  14. PO: Dead Cross (Mike Patton)

    I'm wondering if Ipecac will keep this in print? They're drying up fast. I don't see any on Amazon and Bull Moose has like one copy left. Ipecac had no problem letting Mike Patton's 'Mondo Cane' LP go out of print for years.
  15. Buckethead Thread

    Press counts would be helpful too. Its wild that all these releases keep coming and he still doesn't have a mailing list or an official social media page. Do you guys think that more than 1000 of each release is being pressed? Maybe 500? Its also weird that some get the deluxe treatment and other releases do not.