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  1. Wow. That’s gonna be an issue for some labels that already ‘sold out’ of the copies they planned on getting pressed. Or at least slow things down.
  2. The price couldn’t be better, but I feel switching the press count after the fact is poor form.
  3. Did Needlejuice advertise a 250 press count and then switch it to a 500 press count?
  4. I can’t wait to sit back and dig through the Discogs profile for this release. What a brilliant campaign.
  5. PO: Ryan Adams Live at Rough Trade

    I got one because of YOU!!
  6. Did this come shrink wrapped? If so, was the 7” packaged inside the jacket? Thank you.
  7. Buckethead Thread

    Unfortunately no download codes.
  8. Buckethead Thread

    That'd be great. I got a tracking number today too but I think it's for one of the drawings i purchased.
  9. Buckethead Thread

    I finally got to hear the interview and I feel way better about the news. I wish I had time to listed at 8am when I read the article. The news really bummed me out all day, but I feel better now. It sounds like Big B has things handled.
  10. Buckethead Thread

    " Guitar master Buckethead has revealed in a new interview that he was diagnosed with a life-threatening heart condition. The shredder underwent surgery in an attempt to correct the problem, but continues to struggle with simple tasks like walking across a room. " I havent listen to the interview, but I did read the article. Sounds pretty serious to me. I cant listen to it right now, does Big B say he's OK? I was/am also concerned that he Brian Carroll actually broke character.
  11. PO Now: Wilco - A.M. & Being There Deluxe Editions

  12. Buckethead Thread

    Well...this is beyond depressing. http://loudwire.com/buckethead-life-threatening-heart-condition/
  13. Buckethead Thread

    I'm wondering if the releases are slowing down because he's on tour or fill he's had his fill of vinyl reissues?