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  1. FYE Exclusives

    New We Came As Romans is up: http://www.fye.com/s/product/4824089/#.WhUXmlWnHIU
  2. WTB: Ipod for my kid

  3. The official Horror fan topic

    I haven't watched a movie on Shudder in a little while, so tonight I went with a German film called The Nightmare. I thought it was absolutely brilliant, not really scary but still a great creature feature. I'd recommend checking it out.
  4. I don't feel like making a new thread, but No Time To Bleed and The Black Crown are getting repressed! http://merchnow.com/products/263391/the-black-crown-red http://merchnow.com/products/263392/no-time-to-bleed-red
  5. The official Horror fan topic

    Oh I forgot I wanted to watch this. Thanks for the reminder!
  6. Each record comes with a download code, and is expected to ship two days before the release date of February 16th. Metallic Gold /250: http://merchnow.com/products/v2/263613/dispose-metallic-gold Translucent With Red Smoke /250: http://merchnow.com/products/v2/263614/dispose-red-smoke-translucent Single:
  7. Game Of Thrones: Season Seven

    I’m not sure if this is already posted in the OST thread, but here’s the soundtrack for season seven. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075LFTGHX/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_awdb_c8JdAbBRYR76M
  8. Apparently there is a half clear / half black tour LP floating around. If anyone is going to a show in the next few months and spots one, I would love to buy it. Edit: Nevermind. I found them on Banquet Records haha. https://www.banquetrecords.com/pvris/all-we-know-of-heaven%2C-all-we-need-of-hell/awkohalnoh
  9. This is getting repressed. The splatter is the same as it was before. http://merchnow.com/products/v2/220804/the-upsides-deluxe-edition-clear-w-rainbow-splatter-vinyl-2xlp
  10. Recent purchases

    August Burns Red | Phantom Anthem | First Press | Swamp Green With Black Haze | /300 Eden | Vertigo | First Press | Black With Alternative Cover | /500 Eden | Vertigo | First Press | Clear | /Unknown Killers, The | Day & Age | Second Press | 180 Gram Black | /Unknown Killers, The | Direct Hits | Second Press | 180 Gram Black | Unknown Killers, The | Sam’s Town | Third Press | 180 Gram Black | /Unknown La Dispute / Koji | Never Come Undone | Test Press | Black | Numbered 13/20 Silent Planet | Lastsleep (1944-1946) / Come Wind, Come Weather | First Press | Clear With Black Splatter | /1000 Story So Far, The | Out Of It | First Press | (A) Grimace Purple / (B) Mustard Yellow | /500
  11. PO: EDEN - Vertigo (19/01/2018)

    If you shoot them an email I'm sure they'll fix that for you!
  12. Jonathon Ng's follow up to the EP I Think You Think Too Much Of Me will be released January 19th, 2018. Preorders were not working for me on mobile, but it seems fine on a computer. Every preorder includes a code for presale tickets for his 2018 tour. Both records below are autographed. Regular LP /???: https://shop.iameden.eu/collections/vertigo/products/signed-vertigo-vinyl-album Collector's Edition /500: https://shop.iameden.eu/products/signed-collectors-edition-vertigo-alternate-vinyl
  13. PO: August Burns Red - "Phantom Anthem"

    I would bet on more of the Hot Topic exclusives going up soon. Give it a couple days
  14. To all those who ordered from merchnow, I just received this email.