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  1. Can't bite the bullet for the LPs or the bundles, but I will definitely get the blu-ray set, I can't get to shows that much anymore so I'm a sucker for live concert footage.
  2. Got a shipping notification earlier this week but it's just the "label has been created" thing. Hoping these ship out soon, I can't wait to hear the demos.
  3. Stoked, grabbed a Celtics, like someone else said it fits the updated artwork well.
  4. Never going to happen, No Sleep used to be amazing, I had such hopes for them. Then their big bands moved on, they moved offices, and suddenly the label has all but ceased. What a bummer.
  5. Oh hell yes, pre-ordered with quickness, hopefully they press III next.
  6. PO: Comeback Kid - Outsider

    Got my clear copy in today and it sounds great, I'm really liking this album a lot. Also of note, they tossed in a free poster for the album with my order (I'm a sucker for that stuff so I'm very happy). I've never ordered from Nuclear Blast before, is it normal for the album to not come with a digital download, I've considered emailing them but if that's standard practice I'll leave it be.
  7. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Y'all think this will last until tomorrow morning? If not, did anyone snag a spare copy or would be able to that would be great. Direct deposit from work won't hit until 3 AM or so and I'd like a copy, I'll pay you for record/shipping and a little extra for the trouble.
  8. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Of course it went up the day before payday, of course it sold out so fast... I love this band but this is ridiculous.
  9. Got my Amazon on Friday, it's standard black.
  10. I'll probably pick this up since I own everything they've released, but I wish we got a track to hear for now. I just hope there's still some copies available on Wednesday when I get paid (not picky about what variant).
  11. PO: Bleachers "Gone Now"

    I've been checking my email and don't see anything, were pre-orders from the webstore supposed to have a digital version emailed on the release day? I pre-ordered the LP and the DTTM 12" and I realize the order won't ship till the end of the month because of DTTM, however I'd still like to listen to the album outside of streaming it, am I just stuck finding another way to listen it until then?
  12. The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    That Dresden Dolls set is a steal, got it a week or so ago from their last sale. Only bummer is that disc 3 is too warped to play, sent an email and hopefully they can replace it.
  13. After a week of back and forth with SRC customer service (who were surprisingly apologetic and super nice) and opening a PayPal claim for a refund my Coheed And Cambria RSD is on its way to me (with faster shipping as an apology for the delay). Apparently they sorted out their warehouse and have a few copies to send out, so if you still have an open order with them check in on it because you might get lucky.
  14. So mixed on this album, but they're doing a release day party/show at my local UO if I buy it there... So... Maybe I'll get it and go to the free show?
  15. Got it, thanks for that, 3rd time striking out on Distillers but I guess that's fine it felt a bit overpriced anyways.