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  1. So mixed on this album, but they're doing a release day party/show at my local UO if I buy it there... So... Maybe I'll get it and go to the free show?
  2. Got it, thanks for that, 3rd time striking out on Distillers but I guess that's fine it felt a bit overpriced anyways.
  3. Anyone order from Dr Strange before? I put my order in the moment they went up, got the conformation email, but they've charged me only $12.99 vs the $37 for the order. Seems weird but I've never ordered from them and I'm not sure if that's a goof or if they've canceled one of my items.
  4. Thanks for the Dr Strange heads up, my Dimple order got canceled but I got the same stuff from Dr Strange. Here's to hoping they don't cancel my order either!
  5. Just got Coheed from SRC, they also still have Space Jam! Edit Marcy Playground and The Distillers are there too.
  6. Fingers crossed my Dimple order goes through, if so I got The Distillers (and Against Me) which is all I could want and ask for.
  7. Damn that's a lot, all I wanted this year was that and Against Me but if it's that much I'll just keep hunting for Against Me. First year I've wanted almost nothing, it's a weird feeling to have slept in and not care much for the day, I did take advantage of online sales though.
  8. Kinda late to posting for this but if anyone can get me a copy of the Against Me release I'd be pleased as punch. Between a family event and work I can't make it out today and that's the only thing I'm excited for.
  9. Does anyone have a list of which stores are supposed to carry that 7", I live in LA and called 2 of them near me and both didn't have it/don't have it in their system.
  10. Amber Pacific?! Count me in, like others said hopefully this will encourage them to press the other album and EP.
  11. Went into my local UO today and there was nothing on sale, even the LPs that are banged up and missing shrink-wrap are at full price. I checked in their weird little sale room and it was just clothing and knick-knacks, kind of bummed out as I would have loved to get that Charli XCX vinyl for cheap.
  12. I really wanted to go tonight but I couldn't find someone to switch shifts with me.
  13. Got my 7" from Wax Bodega yesterday, Gatherer is a great song and I hope it gets a digital release eventually. After the new track that went up today I don't think I can get any more excited for this to release on Friday.
  14. Finally got me pre-order in the other day, went for the Wax Bodega option since it says you get the Palm Dreams 7". Anybody know when they'll send the 7", it could come with the LP and I'd be happy, but I know they way it'll ship before that.
  15. I'm mixed on this, I'm excited for these unreleased tracks... But it feels like we JUST got Black Parade on vinyl. I guess that's the way it goes and I'm a sucker who'll buy this reissue regardless.