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  1. WTB: Brand New tour posters

  2. FS: Brand New tour posters

    The guy does not answer to this post or his PM sadly, no feedback as I look to buy his posters too
  3. WTB: Brand New tour posters

    nice I do not have this one, I've got the other orange green one. I PM you regarding price thank you for your time.
  4. WTB: Brand New tour posters

    I upload my pics taken with a smartphone on imgur https://imgur.com/ no need to log in, just select "new post" then it gives me a link where they are hosted, quite easy. you can PM me if needed
  5. WTB: Brand New tour posters

    Thank you for the information, I'm mostly looking for prints please, so when you say "poster" it is indeed a poster and not a print? If the electric factory one is the green "giving tree" made by lamour suprem, SuburbanAvenger is the chicago one? Which one do you have? 3 differents from 3 differents show? sorry for all these questions, thank you for your time
  6. FS: Brand New tour posters

    dude check your Pms please I'm looking to buy !
  7. please I'm in for any poster you have PM'ed you on that jellyfish!
  8. WTB: Brand New tour posters

  9. Hi, I've already got a few prints in my collection but looking to expend it, so don't hesitate even if what you propose is damaged or scratched. As I'm new here you can check my discogs and ebay profile regarding feedbacks that are all 100% (>50 trades). Classic transaction expected: paypal for customer protection, tracking number, nothing too fancy. Thank you
  10. WTB

    double post please delete this admin
  11. FS: Brand New Your Favorite Weapon TP

    Curious to know how much you sell the first one to see if I can do it on the second one. thanks for the information
  12. do you have picture please?