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  1. Woke up and blue was gone, so I decided to go with the /500 for the EU store. Thanks for posting this thread!
  2. Hey man, thanks! This was a big deal to find today - just had a shitty morning cleaning up a leak and pulling apart my AC unit to deal with the source of the problem. Searched Fred's name here to see if anyone was selling the early bird and found this post. I can finally stop streaming the album on Youtube, while I wait to buy the LP. You're my hero for the weekend, thank you.
  3. Complete this collection yesterday. The artist is Hayden, a Canadian mopey folky indie singer/songwriter from Toronto who has flown under the radar for nearly his entire career (seemingly by choice). I'm torn between thinking he has never received the attention he has deserved and thinking he's gotten exactly the attention he has wanted. Everything by the last three LPs are OOP. Each album title is a link to a great jam from each album (albums with multiple pressings feature different songs in each link) The big ones: Everything I Long For - Original press - 1996 Everything I Long For - 20th anniversary reissue on white (1000) - 2016 Everything I Long For - 20th anniversary reissue on teal (500) - 2016 Moving Careful 10" - 1996 The Closer I Get (500) - First vinyl pressing for RSD 2014 Skyscraper National Park - Original press - 2001 Skyscraper National Park - Repress on clear (500) - 2013 (Supposed to be hand numbered, but I bought it off a friend of Hayden's who run's a record shop, and it's apparently an extra from the run so is un-numbered). Elk Lake Serenade - 2004 (somehow bought this in 2015 from discogs, sealed, for $17CAD) In Field & Town - 2008 (After a bunch of digging and googling, I found a US online retailer in 2015 that still had sealed copies in stock and got two copies for $11USD. Pleased) The Place Where We Used To Live - 2009 Us Alone - 2013 Hey Love - 2015 The little ones: Mild and Hazy - 1996. I have two copies., one has a matte glued sleeve while the other has a glossy folded sleeve. I don't believe they are two distinct pressings, but when I saw one was different than what I had I bought it anyway, just because. Lunar Landing Confirmed - 1996. A split with Poledo. Carry on Mentality - 1997. The newest addition and currently my favourite two Hayden songs. Took forever to find this at a reasonable price and luckily someone a few hours away posted it on the 'bay last week and no one else felt like bidding on it. Nowhere We Cannot Go - 2015. All the sleeves are handmade from maps of around the country, no idea about pressing numbers .
  4. First time I have ever felt compelled to post in this thread. $39 Brand New 7" and a $19 tough to find Hayden 7" both arrived today. Found out my favourite Hayden songs were put out in 1997 but I had never heard them until today.
  5. Hi, welcome. You have signed up for a message board for people who really value purchasing, talking about, collecting and most of all listening to vinyl. Hopefully you'll be able to join in on the conversation. Very few people here have the time or tolerance for the fetishization of vinyl for aesthetic purposes, so be aware of this before you throw yourself under that bus.
  6. Surprised this hadn't been posted yet... Noyes Records out of Truro, Nova Scotia has just issued the first vinyl pressing of The Holy Shroud's 2005 album Ghost Repeaters. 300 pressed on white, apparently 1/3 already sold when I found out it was live on the 6th of June. Great album, great band, woo!
  7. Give them a google and the contact information should be available through there too
  8. I haven't asked Rotate or Kops, but I buy all my inner sleeves from June (cheapest price I can find for MoFi). I buy all my resealable outer sleeves from Sonic Boom and I don't think they have boxset sleeves listed on their little sleeve menu on the counter downstairs - so I'll stop by Rotate or Kops and ask next time I'm in those areas, thanks for the suggestion. I only stopped in to Dead Dog yesterday for 2 minutes to grab the boxset and didn't look around. Haven't been in any other stores since before RSD. Sorry.
  9. Picked up a DMB boxset from Dead Dog Records here in Toronto yesterday and they had a few copies of MP left on the shelf. $49.99CAD I believe. They sometimes ship, look them up on facebook and get in touch - might be in luck. Edit: also, since I'm posting in here anyway - where the hell do I find some good boxset outer sleeve in Toronto? Only need 2 and don't want to go in for a pack of many from online. Thanks in advance.
  10. because in 1995 if I wanted to listen to all the Gob songs, I needed to buy some 7"s. Kind of just grew from there.
  11. Unrelated to the boxset - just in case the RA fans haven't watched this series of videos yet - they're pretty wonderful: Ryan Adams: The Great Songwriters Interview
  12. Guilt Show came out when I was 21 and completely unable to relate to an album that I perceived to be about divorce. Picking up this reissue has allowed me to see how strong and wonderful this album really is. Holy crap I've spent the last 12 years missing out. Still not their best though.
  13. Based on the speed at which they are selling, it sounds like we might have to wait a significant amount of time to find out; though I suppose loads of resellers might just list them in hopes that dumdums over pay anyway. Is it possible that these could end up lower than retail on the secondary market since it isn't selling out any time soon?
  14. Man, I wish this wasn't 270 Canadian dollars.