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  1. Edit, just saw a billboard article from 2003 announcing the immediate leave of DC from the Beck tour. Claimed financial reasons, but maybe it was the booing.
  2. PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    The album he was producing for her? Looks like there's been no additional info since it was announced he was recording her, so who knows.
  3. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    This is just LOL now... so limited.
  4. Interesting! If I hear of anything I'll let you know.
  5. Sounds like the Newbury exclusive from last year. See them often on eBay.
  6. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    What do you think happened to the people who post on r/brandnew to make them the way they are? Christ.
  7. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Kids over on the reddit website have begun getting tracking numbers for the limited preorder, I assume many of you will too. Very much wishing I splurged for the quick shipping to Canada right now.
  8. I use discogs because I want my collection to be catalogued in a useful database. Using Google docs seems as useful as writing it down on a napkin you keep in your shirt pocket, at least use Google sheets.
  9. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Also from the reddit: Expect discrepancies and damage upon arrival.
  10. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

  11. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    My friend and I were charged within days of ordering our special edition mystery limited very limited extreme limited copies - not sure what took so long for you to be charged. But - hopefully shipping soon.
  12. RSD Black Friday 2017 thread

    If anyone needs me I'll be wearing cargo shorts, frosting my tips, and listening to Dave and Tim all weekend.
  13. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    It was revealed that Vinnie wrote this song 12 years ago at a concert recently. Maybe it's from Vin's POV about Jesse?
  14. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Emails go to a fulfilment company who didn't design or order anything, they just house and ship inventory. It makes sense that they don't know much, but I'm surprised they are so candid about it.
  15. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    It's just a sticker. PMT have included them with the last few releases.
  16. Yup, pushing $60CAD after delivery and exchange. Absurd to spend that on this album. I'll just wait and see if this makes it to stores/shows. I have a feeling "limited edition" will still be +5000.
  17. Fair enough. Maybe the degree of issues I have heard of this has been repeatedly overstated. Fell in love with this album in 08, would love to have it and the big plastic format - maybe this will be the juan I get. Thanks for the vote of confidence.
  18. So from what I have come to understand, this should sound bad? Unlistenable bad? I've put off buying this because I keep hearing the pressings are (all?) remarkably bad. Have I been mis-informed?
  19. Good album! There is a thread for this repress though.
  20. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Yes, bought a retail copy yesterday. Sounded fine to me. No skipping, one section of ticking that I didn't investigate but will today or tomorrow. I'm satisfied.
  21. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    I was wondering what the CAD price was going to be. Picked it up from a shop in Alabama and after shipping and exchange it's just below $40CAD. $54 is absurd!