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  1. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Emails go to a fulfilment company who didn't design or order anything, they just house and ship inventory. It makes sense that they don't know much, but I'm surprised they are so candid about it.
  2. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    It's just a sticker. PMT have included them with the last few releases.
  3. Yup, pushing $60CAD after delivery and exchange. Absurd to spend that on this album. I'll just wait and see if this makes it to stores/shows. I have a feeling "limited edition" will still be +5000.
  4. Fair enough. Maybe the degree of issues I have heard of this has been repeatedly overstated. Fell in love with this album in 08, would love to have it and the big plastic format - maybe this will be the juan I get. Thanks for the vote of confidence.
  5. So from what I have come to understand, this should sound bad? Unlistenable bad? I've put off buying this because I keep hearing the pressings are (all?) remarkably bad. Have I been mis-informed?
  6. Good album! There is a thread for this repress though.
  7. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Yes, bought a retail copy yesterday. Sounded fine to me. No skipping, one section of ticking that I didn't investigate but will today or tomorrow. I'm satisfied.
  8. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    I was wondering what the CAD price was going to be. Picked it up from a shop in Alabama and after shipping and exchange it's just below $40CAD. $54 is absurd!
  9. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Hamilton, Ontario?
  10. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Someone in the Facebook group asked someone at the show and was told no, apparently.
  11. Hopefully you weren't the guy who spent the entire show trying to push me over with your entire body weight for absolutely no reason. Great show though, other than that. Really happy I lucked out and got last minute tickets.
  12. I'm in Toronto, I assume they are too.
  13. Yup - Got the invoice the day after the concert where they were selling the EU colour for $25CAD. Fuck. To be fair half the invoice is for duty and HST, which I can't argue with.
  14. Yeah, the booklet had some great old photos and interesting background explanations for each song. That's a shame, but I'm still stoked.
  15. Good update. I got my shipping notification late last night, I assume two weeks until Canadian arrival. How is the insert/booklet?
  16. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Same thing happened on reddit yesterday. I will presume it was the same person, and they either didn't properly read the shipping email and notice it wasn't for the vinyl, or they're just looking for delicious internet karma by being a dipshit. Edit: nevermind, I missed your original post, but think your post was about the reddit post? Ignore me.
  17. Ok, so I just ordered Ups and Downs. Now that it's done and I paid $18 shipping for a single lp, I expect all other variants to be put up online sometime today.
  18. Mine is at the Fedex depot (not one home yesterday), so I'm going to go grab it in a few minutes. I've been listening to the digital files for the last few days and oh shit this things is great. Cop Just Out Of Frame, Lower Order (A Good Laugh), When All Your Fears Collide, and Nigredo are at the top of the list for me. Also, there are so many sweet bass licks throughout this album - someone mentioned they were disappointed with where the bass is in the mix. I find it cuts through nicely on the digital files. Really impressed with Todd's playing. Going to spin this all day while wasting my day playing my new SNES like a straight up child.
  19. THIS ALBUM IS LIT AF. Can someone tell me who the best drummer is and why is it Jord? King's Road EU vinyl should arrive to me in Toronto on Tuesday, gonna rip it loud. Well done Propagandhi.
  20. If anyone in Toronto can't wait to hear this thing when it's released on Friday, the CD is on the shelves at Sonic Boom right now.

    So this worked out pretty well. Sleeve and vinyl were a bit grimey, but played remarkably well other than a little click for a few rotations on side b. Also, in the same spirit of my initial message, I seem to have a knack for landing 2003 Vagrant emo at good deals: In Reverie, $20 BIN, $4 shipping. Hopefully condition is as good as described. Deals exist if you're a deadbeat and can check ebay frequently.