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  1. I preordered this earlier today. http://www.bullmoose.com/p/25472876
  2. Can really say I was really that into their last couple releases, but I really love this one.
  3. I feel the last two songs released were ok. I wouldn't categorize them as shitty.
  4. Thanks for this code: Captain, We're Sinking - The King Of No Man
  5. I really like Blue Dream but my 7" sounds terrible. I wasn't sure if the pressing in general is bad or just the copy I have.
  6. I cannot wait! It is the most anticipated release of the year.
  7. Just wondering. I have purchased a couple of things in the past with no issues, but I purchased a record on May 31 and haven't received any updates on my order. In the past I usually would receive a shipping notification three days after purchase. I sent an email onTuesday and I haven't heard back. It' s not a big deal, I just wasn't sure if there was something I was unaware of.
  8. Does anyone know what is going on with Broken Circles are they still an active Label?
  9. The Green Hell variant is avaliable here: http://www.greenhell.de/katalog/hardcore_mosh/detail_15463.html?page=1&searchstring=poison the well&bezeichnung=band_album&searchmediatype=-1&listcount=15
  10. I really enjoyed the record so far. I like this record better than Beach Music. I think his music is evolving.
  11. The retail preorder is Translucent Gold https://www.plaidroomrecords.com/products/b-as-cities-burn-b-br-i-son-i-loved-you-at-your-darkest-i-br-release-date-07-14-2017
  12. Look for Shirokuma-Sun Won't Set LP
  13. Thanks! For the download code.