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  1. PO: Seaway - Vacation

    Saw these guys last night they have the mint splatter and the tricolor vinyl on tour with them I picked up one. I know a lot of people didn't like the singles but I think this is a really solid album!
  2. I also ordered the smoke and received everything else in my bundle except the vinyl so I'm assuming it's just delayed?
  3. I agree 100% i almost teared up at how beautiful the instrumentals are using that harp was the best thing they could have ever done.
  4. PO NOW : PARAMORE - After Laughter

    my paycheck was also late so there goes my complete variant collection
  5. What Test Presses do you own?

    This is kind of odd to ask but I just found out that unfd possibly put up hands like houses test presses at one point and if anyone has one would they be willing to part with it.?
  6. For Halsey? It's complete as soon as the webstore preorders come in.
  7. Just a fun fact I noticed listening to this today during the good morning interlude to lie. There's a reference to castle in the instrumental part.
  8. dammit someone got it before i could , but thanks for trying!
  9. sad i missed out on that test press , but snagged both variants so excited for this album!
  10. Record Store Day 2017

    anyone in the uk know if banquet still has the London grammar 7"?
  11. PO: The Maine - lovely, little, lonely

    so it looks like they sold out of all the vinyl they brought on tour was waiting to get my press tonight so if anyone has an extra of any press they want to sell me or trade some other records let me know. Also just letting anyone else looking for the tour press know.
  12. Pure Noise Test Presses

    I really, really, really want that Jule Vera test
  13. The Maine- Stay up, get down

    You my friend are a beautiful human
  14. It looks like The Maine is selling 1,000 copies of stay up , get down on vinyl only available at the 8123 pop up shop in downtown Arizona. the 19,20th, and 22nd of this month. just a heads up but if anyone is going and can pick up an extra copy i'm paypal ready.