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  1. Anybody with any leads on a vinyl copy of "Cloud Cult - The Seeker," hit me up.

  2. Need to get a squatty potty for work. Shit's just not the same.

    1. curator


      I want one of these.  Big difference?

    2. rransomm


      Heavens yes...I wasn't kidding, having one at home will force you to buy one for work. Like anything else, when you finally realize that something makes sense, there's no going back to  pre-enlightenment.

  3. From what I've read, the sound is arguably better; the gold one being riddled with problems. I had pre-ordered it on Amazon just over a month and a half ago for $35. I think it's still listed, they charge and ship when they get them in.
  4. Got my black copy of The Fountain yesterday and listened to it last night. Side A was very quiet until I weighted it, but sounded great thereafter. Side B sounded fine without needing a weight. A few pops here and there, but overall I'm still happy to finally own this after ten years of waiting. Gonna listen again, watch the movie, and probably dust off the graphic novel tonight.
  5. Orgy/PM5K this Sunday, Cloud Cult next Friday, A Perfect Circle in April...looks like the only thing that can musically make this year any better is a new tool album...

  6. Huh. Swear I saw the gold, must just be what I wanted to see. Or they read my post and removed that picture really quickly lol. Well damn.
  7. Gotcha. I'm happy to have it either way, but if it is retail black, then it is mis-advertised.
  8. Pre-ordered The Fountain from amazon last Wed for $40 (with hope that it isn't too good to be true), but with only 500 copies made and the fact that I haven't found it anywhere except for ebay for ~$100, I'm waiting for the "sorry we f*ed up" email. Amazon listed it as a Dec. 16 release and now it says Dec. 23. Anyone know anything about it?
  9. Aw, I like The Exit...
  10. Everyone else keeps getting older, but Jonny Greenwood just stays the same age...
  11. Everyone else keeps getting older, but Jonny Greenwood just stays the same age...
  12. Looks like Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz is set for a June 10 vinyl release. Hope that happens!
  13. Huh. My Light Grenades vinyl has two "side 3" stickers._.

  14. Huh. My Light Grenade

  15. Is this tool year?

  16. They played Opiate with a "goofy bass intro."
  17. If for some reason you still haven't opened it in a month, I recommend opening it from the right side as I did, which allows it to be slipped into a plastic sleeve with the opening on top. Also, just saw tool and primus on Halloween in Tempe, and both were incredible! Tool's setlist was unexpected and hugely satisfying.
  18. Record labels will inflate prices if they want to inflate prices, regardless of whether a dude on a forum says he would pay more or a thousand people on forums say they wouldn't. Bands I truly love can have my $25 without even sending me a vinyl for all I care, just keep up the art!
  19. Dino asked the crowd if anyone wanted to play a song. Low and behold. I regret not seamlessly transitioning into Of the Room or something at the end...just make em play a bunch of things I want to hearhear lol
  20. One of the coolest things ive experienced https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LeSq1XE93mE
  21. i hope the force awakens

    1. abovetheearth


      thats what she said

  22. Tool tonight! Happy Halloween!

  23. Anyone else going to Monster Mash next weekend in Tempe?