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  1. Jealous! That's great news about the album though. Cannot wait.
  2. Not wax, but Newbury has an exclusive Crack-Up cassette: https://www.newburycomics.com/products/fleet_foxes-crack-up_exclusive_cassette
  3. Seriously. It's like ATCQ's white label release of their last album.
  4. Still 24 TP's left. This site is so targeted, selling quite slow.
  5. I foresee myself paying a pretty penny to obtain this someday.
  6. Sorta. Ties into to memorabilia and how many people were selling autographed goods. I believe they now require a COA to be established for anything to come in/out of there, which is a massive pain in the ass. So people just avoid shipping there.
  7. California residents cannot legally sell or purchase autographed materials. Yep, weird.
  8. I'd imagine canceling would just end the auto-renew at the end of your sub period, but not credit any money back to you. Could be wrong.
  9. One month members can't swap.
  10. Women and children first, the children first until my head comes off.
  11. It's built right into his name, so thankfully he's already aware.
  12. And here I thought that the lackluster Morby announcement would stop the referral link thread lubrication.
  13. I would encourage you to look through the previous months' archives to see that there are far more instances of Morby-caliber artists being featured versus ones on the level of Gorillaz and Fiona Apple: http://www.vinylmeplease.com/archive/