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  1. I'd prefer a 4xLP deluxe Alien over some liquid gimmick. Maybe both soundtrack versions, an Alien print, Covenant print, and some pins?
  2. Liquid-filled Alien on Wednesday?
  3. New single tomorrow (twentyfive)? Please!
  4. Definitely harder to find that I thought it'd be. I saw 4 copies pop up on Discogs today for ~$20, so maybe keep your eye on there.
  5. Sorry I should have specified - the Space Station single disc LP. Thanks though!
  6. Has anyone seen Flaming Lips pop up anywhere? Wasn't awake for Amoeba earlier.
  7. Sounds right. Most of the titles seem to have exactly 6 copies remaining. Seemed a bit odd.
  8. When We Parted is the first part.
  9. Anyone able to get a spare Flaming Lips or The Cribs? PM me!
  10. http://www.lakeshorerecordsshop.com/product/before-the-flood-trent-reznor-atticus-ross-gustavo-santaolalla-mogwai-signed-vinyl-pre-sale
  11. I'd pay monies to see you visit a convention and projectile vomit onto Star Wars: Clone Wars Background Voice Actor and Retired WWF Never-Was.