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  1. I liked it, too! Really, really hoping they go all-out on an eventual Antics reissue. I want ALL THE FIXINS.
  2. Ah its gorgeous. Try to get one someday. Something tells me they wont do an anniversary edition of self-titled... ha
  3. Doesn't seem like it's limited but not sure. I jumped on the limited color because my original press is sorta in terrible condition. Even though the price of this reissue makes me want to gag.
  4. https://thesoundofvinyl.us/interpol-our-love-to-admire-exclusive-color.html (ltd /500) https://www.amazon.com/Our-Love-Admire-LP-DVD/dp/B0736FYM8Q (lp / dvd combo)
  5. Same.
  6. Orange sold out. Guessing it was /500. Edit: back in stock
  7. From where? My orange copy from Kings Road showed up the day before release and it came with a digital download (via email).
  8. Pretty sure he only sold half of the stock for preorder.
  9. Can't wait for that tape. Damn.
  10. Did it sell out previously? I know it went up for sale in mid-March.
  11. A lot of times you don't choose the std - the std chooses you.
  12. Hmm the US store had the items yesterday at 7pm EST (box set, std vinyl, etc). Maybe they just didn't appear on the category page, but they were selling em.
  13. Yeah S/T early bird /300 Vs new LP's /1500
  14. UMe has been repressing tons of stuff on color wax since early this year, I forgot what they called the campaign but they've been doing a couple per month. I'm guessing the gold edition will be exclusively available soon through UDiscoverMusic.com (US) and MusicVaultz.com (CAN) if pattern holds. Usually /500 or /1000 runs.