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  1. Pretty sure that page never worked.
  2. Pretty sure one sold for $400 already.
  3. May wind up being a larger pressing and not very difficult to get. We shall see. Keep your eyes on other retailers.
  4. I've never had problems with the BM packaging. They have my favorite CS as well.
  5. Nah, good for them. They wanted their twitter followers to get first crack at it. Sadly places like here and Reddit are swarming with lurking flippers that snatch up anything that's posted. Obviously those people can be on social media too, but at least followers are typically staying loyal to that vendor.
  6. I posted a hint above. The vendor is asking for the link not to be shared.
  7. Fuck yes. You rock my world. This makes me feel better about missing the splatters for the previous releases.
  8. Yes but please delete the link in your post
  9. The huge variance in order times makes me believe (hope?) that everyone who ordered a Limited will get a CD. I'll keep this part cryptic, since they're asking for some secrecy... if you're a BM regular, I'd check their website or Twitter feed for a BN-related tidbit.
  10. There is no "very" limited. Thank our talented VC jackasses for starting that rumor. Bundles:1 x Fifth Album - Very Super Duper Extra Limited Vinyl @ $45.00Items:1 x Brand New's Fifth Album - Very Super Duper Extra Limited Vinyl (Bundled)1 x Brand New's Fifth Album - Kinda Limited Relevant Media (Bundled)
  11. Agreed -- I can't imagine 5000 individual orders got through during that time frame when you consider the sell-outs and system crashes. 500 seems much more likely.
  12. It was longer than an hour, but it sold out a couple of times in between and the site would continually crash. My receipt shows 2:20 PM eastern, I was one of the last few to get one. So with it being so finicky I suppose I could imagine that only 500 got through the system. Who knows. Still assuming a CD won't be showing up for me.