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  1. Repress on black wax is up: http://trevorsomething.bandcamp.com/album/synthetic-love-lp
  2. These shipping yet?
  3. Listened on Friday. Wonderful album and the physical package is great, too.
  4. The markings on my copy didn't match Mannequinn's previous black pressing. The jackets were thrown together by the label owner. The shady Italian record shop owner that flipped one to me claimed that the guy gave a couple of copies to all of his favorite Italian shops, and that not all of them actually included the belly band. This exchange was an important "what the fuck am I doing" moment for me and this hobby.
  5. Despite those Discogs stats I've seen it sell for $100+ several times in the last year. With only 50 copies in existence I wonder if some of those cheaper ones were listed in the wrong place. I bought one that was crazy expensive last year but the seller was shady and the cover didn't have a belly band. Returned it.
  6. "...housed in a cloth-bound, foil blocked 54-page hardback book of Gorillaz artwork by Jamie Hewlett"
  7. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B06XSKTG6V https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XSKTG6V
  8. The deluxe from Amazon UK was around $50 ppd to the US until they raised the price today.
  9. They don't. Their releases are all over - I typically wind up buying via Light In The Attic.
  10. It's a terrible lack of any type of effort for this release. It's almost like they got lazy and said "F it." And they didn't change/alternate cover art, yet the inner gatefold art is different for each one? What in the F? $$$$ is their only incentive, as I see nothing new (liner notes lol) about these.
  11. Yeah I think I may just grab both of Lakeshore's new colorways. I see no point in ordering from Invada instead. For what, an extra fold-out poster?
  12. So... cool that they finally announced this, but... wtf? So both Invada and Lakeshore are essentially just releasing new variants, but Invada's come packaged together? I don't even see a picture of the "box" that would house both of them. And I really think the colorway they chose for the box is pretty ugly. I like this Lakeshore one:
  13. Can we hear their demo?