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  1. XL seems to have deleted their Tweet from earlier about working on a site fix.\ What a bumblefuck, I just read through all of the replies in that Twitter thread... yikes.
  2. You may be good, then. Some people received e-mail receipts a while after they noticed charges. I'd let that baby keep spinning though.
  3. That may not have been the full re-stock. It certainly wasn't many.
  4. Yeah, they briefly popped back into stock on XL but sold out in a couple of minutes. I'd keep your eye on there and maybe even set up page monitors like I did. My order went through without a single hiccup since I wasn't fighting anyone else for em.
  5. I'm still pessimistic about these RT orders being honored. We'll see!
  6. Mine spun into oblivion for 15 minutes earlier before I called it quits. You may want to just leave it open - pretty sure someone on Twitter said they just eventually got a receipt as it kept spinning still. Weird stuff.
  7. The vinyl is back in stock. Just got a full set.
  8. I want the Erased Tapes box really bad but can't justify that list price.
  9. Worth a try. Untitled appears to be disabled from preordering but I just took a chance on Route One.
  10. Nice. Hopefully they can sell via another damn cart system, Magento + their servers = NO NO NO
  11. They must be so proud of you, Nicholas
  12. Sigur Ros all sold out. I was able to get a copy of All Animals.
  13. Just got a copy of All Animals, not sure if the rest sold out or not...
  14. They're still on the site and can be carted. With a lot of hard work. My checkout page has been spinning on Processing Payment for a good 10 mins now...
  15. The XL cart is fucking horrible. It auto-crashes every time during checkout when it attempts to calculate postage rates, as it tries to run new processes through its already slow and shoddy system.
  16. Deluxe: https://lorde.store/products/melodrama-deluxe-vinyl Standard: https://lorde.store/products/melodrama-vinyl
  17. Two new albums coming in early June, one a collab w/ Kid Cudi https://consequenceofsound.net/2018/04/kanye-west-announces-new-album-due-out-in-june/
  18. Still unable to find Sufjan anywhere. Pretty weird for a 10,000 edition.
  19. Will these be on the site before the 2019 RSD releases? Asking for a (sleepy) friend.
  20. Soooooo any minute now? 1... 2... 3... 4... GO??
  21. You’re the saint that this board doesn’t deserve.