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  1. Very best of luck with the opening! Looks great, sadly I won't be over from the UK any time soon as I've just returned from a trip state-side. However, I'll hit you up if there is any must haves that I see on IG. Let us know how the opening goes! Looks forward to hearing of success and seeing some store photos.
  2. Damn shame that S/T isn't on MerchNow - just went for LN as paying for shipping from both sites is crazy. Still, pleased as punch to have it.
  3. It's ridiculous. £10.32 shipping. This becomes an almost £40 record.
  4. Received this and it sounds great. Sadly the stoned & striped isn't quite as good as the picture above but it sounds solid. Good work!
  5. Finally got round to ordering this. First Vault so pumped to get it.
  6. Cheers. Grabbed that. Not bothered about the numbered aspect - just want the music! Says that it's open until midnight and will still contain a signed photo.
  7. Ah ffs. This is one of my white whales - completely missed it. Gah!
  8. Well, we are due something good happening over here! It's been a while.
  9. Well, my Louder Now arrived from Amazon on Friday - that was nice!
  10. Awesome - can't wait.
  11. Spanks me for £25 delivered to the UK - might pull the trigger...tough to do it though.
  12. First LP is a new stereo mastering of the original. It sounds superb, a really really solid job - well worth having on the shelf. The second is the same tracks but different takes of them, apparently previously unheard. I believe there is chat on there too about how to make the song sound etc - looking forward to spinning it...might stick it on now. Well worth the purchase I'd say - one of the all time great albums.
  13. Welcome to VC! The new stereo master is outstanding. I was hearing things I have never heard on the original presses. I've yet to listen to the additional LP but am looking forward to hearing some different cuts.
  14. Ouch. I'm waiting on a delivery for the same sale and same delivery. It's been a while since ordered which is why I noticed this thread...! However, my Welcome10 didn't apply during the order and they promptly replied and refunded that - so I hold out hope! Sorry you had such trouble.