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  1. Any chance you've got a spare splatter variant knocking about?
  2. That's really helpful. Thanks very much for the help. I'll take a little look around this weekend and see what I can find!
  3. That episode was dire. Absolutely dire. How have they managed to turn this into such a snooze-fest? I've got high hopes for the final episodes - however I'm not confident.
  4. Can anyone offer any advice?
  5. Is this on their eBay store or other?
  6. Just love a gamble! I grabbed the Black Numbers bundle recently and got fantastic titles. I've done it a few times with success most the time.
  7. Any new songs been released from this yet?
  8. Gah. Looks like they're gone
  9. I can try to grab a tour variant if anyone can me whether they'll be available in the U.K.?
  10. Cheers, I'm on a preorder spree currently. Single is fantastic!
  11. Thanks for this, preordered a blue signed edition. Love the first album (thanks @Dave Grohl) and enjoyed the new single.
  12. Afraid not - it's just gatefold black. Knew it was too good to be true and sadly missed the blue.
  13. Sorry, been away for the weekend. It's arrived...but sat with a neighbour who is now away for a few days too! So I haven't had hold of it yet. As soon as I do I'll let you know what it is.
  14. I've really got to stop making my way home when these things typically drop - it never ends well.