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  1. Same, didn't get any tracking unfortunately.
  2. They have specifically stated that it will only be available on the website unfortunately for those who are hoping to save on shipping.
  3. The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Usually towards the end of the month to boost sales, I’d imagine one would come out towards the end of January.
  4. Still hard to believe nobody is offering this stateside.
  5. Link: https://www.hhv.de/shop/en/item/smif-n-wessun-dah-shinin-deluxe-edition-555251?p=SHkCxH Strongly limited edition of 500 copies worldwide on Nervous yellow wax. The deluxe edition contains a bonus 45 with the classic "Wrekonize" remix on the A and the re-edit version of "Sound Bwoy Bureill" on the B. Another milestone of Hip Hop's Golden Era gets an all official vinyl re-release through hhv.de. Smif-N-Wessun's debut album "Dah' Shinin" is an early Boot Camp Clikk release with features by Black Moon, Heltah Skeltah and the Originoo Gunn Clappaz and entirely produced by Da Beatminerz. Essential pick!
  6. Order link: https://edsawesomesounds.com/products/goblin-suspiria-40th-anniversary-box-set-2-lp-red-vinyl-cd-dvd-cassette-ltd-300-new-preo Limited to 300 copies Original Suspiria (1977) soundtrack pressed on black wax with gimmick pop up cover Full LP containing rare and unreleased material pressed on red wax Suspiria orange compact cassette Suspiria CD containing 9 bonus tracks not available on the LP DVD – Suspiria – Behind the soundtrack (Exclusive interview with Dario Argento and Goblin) Fabio Capuzzo – Suspiria: Great sails of irrationality and delirium (64 pages black & white book in english) Fabio Capuzzo – Suspiria: Grandi vele di irrazionale e di delirio (64 pages black & white book in Italian)

    Certainly over, I'd imagine 500 euro.

    This is going to be hundreds or even in the thousand dollar range retail, YSL stuff is stupid expensive, the aftermarket will be even more bananas.
  9. I don't order from Amazon a ton, what about all the others listed from other sellers, do you think its black?
  10. I wish I could tell, if it's blue I want to be all over it.
  11. I was at Mondocon and to be honest I didn't see much of anything worthwhile minus the Paranorman that I picked up.
  12. Red Suspiria, green Fifth Element and Puella Magi Madoka, today is a good day!