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  1. Andy has copies of the first and second press and the live CD on tour with him right now.
  2. Wax Bodega said they had something special coming for this release.
  3. I already have the all I have to offer test press so sorry guys gospel will be mine
  4. My local record store has this on blue with piano for 45 dollars if anyone wants me to pick it up.
  5. Po: http://www.triplecrownrecords.merchdirect.com/products/58588-you-blew-it-abendrot New song: http://www.stereogum.com/1898657/you-blew-its-tanner-jones-talks-new-album-abendrot-shares-lead-single-autotheology/franchises/interview/
  6. Extra long po that some how is still late.
  7. Maybe like a pay after delivery situation?
  8. Hope there is a heavier vinyl option. My og press is paper thin. Would love some 180 gram.
  9. Looks like they pulled it.
  10. No t shirt bundles? I was really hoping to get that awesome album artwork on a shirt.
  11. http://lightwemade.com
  12. I pulled the trigger on this because I have no self control and will buy anything that involves Andy Hull.
  13. 100 dollar bundle of stuff I'll never use to get the color and color. Seems legit.
  14. I like how it's 6 dollars to ship a record into the USA but 20 dollars to ship it out.