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  1. Why does this happen when I'm so broke?
  2. Trying to make up my mind between tri color and deluxe. Think I'm going to grab deluxe.
  3. Relapse might throw a couple more copies up in a day or two.
  4. Well yeah. But I would guess around noon tomorrow based off of that's when their last two preorders that I grabbed went up.
  5. So per the pinegrove and captain we're sinking pre orders I would guess these would go up about noon.
  6. Looks like they found a couple clear copies and put them up for sale
  7. I have no self control and love everything Andy Hull touches so I bought the bundle.
  8. I'm trying to decide if I should go ahead and grab this off Amazon or wait until the preorder. Knowing MO there won't be any different variants. Maybe a boxset situation though?
  9. Homesafe and Heart Attack Man
  10. See u @ the dome
  11. Imagine being the guy who is like "hell yeah let me grab this. I wonder when they will repress silver side up."
  12. Didn't this band drift and die?