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  1. They only put up a certain allotment for swap. These come and go as people change swaps. It may very well be the case that the allotment was gone when someone asked if it was available. For example, Deviations was available for a handful of users SWAP this month but was quickly gobbled up... Bottom line, if you want to swap, your best bet is to jump on as soon as the ROTM is announced and check your options and lock in one you are happy with. Then go back periodically throughout the month to check if inventory has changed.
  2. I mean... the point of this website if for people who want to find vinyl information and deals. Why click into a thread you don't care about when.... y'know, you can just not click.
  3. Just to add to this, they also mentioned they plan on getting another 500 copies (repress) that will have all the bells and whistles of the first VMP release (e.g., obi, foil stamp, etc.) in the store at some point down the road. It is part of a 2000 repress of the album (1500 to telephone with standard packaging; 500 to VMP with the goods).
  4. Or they just wanted to start a... war Had a friend from Ottawa also say he got a Chilly Gonzales record with just a mailing label slapped on the outer sleeve. So it's a trend?
  5. I second @stl_ben on the Turbo Kid comment... while not a Mondo aficionado at all, that is the one pressing I don't think I would part with from Mondo given the pressing quality + music. The Fountain may be my favorite music... but the splatter pressing is filled with blah.
  6. New A Perfecle Circle 10"

    Nice! Great catch for us floppyheads... I'm so-so on the songs but maybe I'll warm up to them.
  7. AVALANCHE!!!!!! That is all... Still holding off on BM and Under in the hopes they pop up for under $30 but I'm not sure they ever will.
  8. There are almost 90 options, including past ROTM and older exclusives (nothing that came out from the Dec store), so that's a bit much to just copy over. However there is NO 'Demon Days' there but it is in the store to purchase.
  9. And people wonder why the cost of vinyl is going up...
  10. Right... but you are assuming people read and abide by a line of text on a god damn internet. As seen, even here, people can order them without any express purpose of picking them up or now trying to get someone else to pick em up for them. Say 15 people do this... that's 15% of the run, gone, on hold for someone not even attending or going to be thrown back up online AFTER the festival. I can only assume that wasn't SIgur Ros's intent, but what was supposed to be a nice treat for those willing to make the trek to Iceland, became a bloody internet preorder with no checks and balances that sold out in 24 hours. I'm not really interested in these releases, but given the vinyl lovers out there, I expect some very disappointed fans during the fest when they are told they needed to preorder the festival exclusive and can't buy it on-site while they see a stock pile of sleeves behind the merhcant.
  11. HAHA, this is a clusterfuck... So not only did they make a /100 exclusive for only people attending these show... they sold them online FIRST so that people who aren't going have them on hold and blocking those from going from getting them. It's like they want to watch vinyl collectors burn.
  12. A run of 100 each, sounds about right for what appears to be a bunch of meh... All Animals would be nice with a larger release, but I have no idea is the Somers LP is decent and the two Ros inspired LPs feel more like bonus discs. I'm just happy they choose these side pieces for limited pressings and not something substantial like the new album.
  13. Mondo's in the game of collectables. So while some items may not sell out as quickly as others, they can wait until something like the Box of Souls slowly sells out as any of those costs can be offset by the number of 30 second sell-out drops that consistently happen. Holiday shopping is coming... they already change upwards of $150USD on "11 figures... will have a boatload of cash after Mondocon... There is no lesson here.
  14. FYI - Simple black is on sale for $15.... https://www.dinealonestore.com/collections/music/products/alexisonfire-2lp Justin, love visiting the Dine Alone booth at Beau's Oktoberfest every year! Those children's colouring books are top notch.
  15. Love this album, but not $200 worth. Considering the Daft Punk Alive boxset was ~$100 (4xLP), this just does not feel worth it for only two discs and a set of fishnets (Obviously there is more, but outside the book, the rest is fairly trivial to me). Will see what other variants pop-up. As others have mentioned, this is primed for a VMP or Indie exclusive...