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  1. WTB Emery Test Pressing

    Picked up YWNA! Anybody looking to part with any of The Weak's End run over pressings??
  2. Hey everyone! Willing to buy Attack Attack! Someday Came Suddenly. I'm really bummed I missed this release from Rise. I managed to pick up the self titled and This Means War, but I'm just missing that freshman release! I've seen it on Discogs for $80, but thats a little steep for me. If you want to help out a fellow collector please send me a message!
  3. PO: August Burns Red - "Phantom Anthem"

    Has anyone received their 7” box set yet?
  4. That’s one thing that solid state could fix but refuses to.
  5. WTB Emery Test Pressing

    Picked up the test press for The Weaks End! Still looking for You Were Never Alone, and any of the runover variants of The Weaks End.
  6. Not sure if I just come across as just a asshole online, or what the deal is. I'm just a dude working his ass off at a shitty job to buy vinyl because I love music. I used to really like this forum because I could connect with people who had similar mindsets and opinions. And sometimes chat with artists and labels releasing cool stuff. Lately I feel like it's just more and more shit with people bashing on each other for a silly comment. Not trying to troll. Just trying to enjoy music and conversation. Don't take what you read on a forum personally, because it isn't. Love As Cities Burn, have always supported Broken Circles and their artists, and I love vinyl because it's fun. Probably just going to stop posting on this site. Read only and DM's from here on out. Thank you very much gentlemen. It was fun while it lasted.
  7. Oh and a message board assbaggery is enough to treat people like complete and utter garbage and cancel any future order they may make because you were offended? Get thicker skin you baby.
  8. Wow, just wow. You have problems man. All I made was a sarcastic remark to get some info and you all blew it out of proportion. You're now claiming to cancel any future orders that I make? Are you serious? I've been in retail and customer service my entire career. Take a joke.
  9. Awe thanks! I really value the opinion of someone like you! Us whiny entitled bitches really need to be put in our place.
  10. I totally disagree on most points made about HOHW. If I'm promoting a product like Brent did with As Cities Burn on twitter last year, and I announce it's going to be released in December. I don't just go radio silent when December Rolls around. Regardless of how complicated it is. You post something saying, hey guys it's taking longer than anticipated. Instead he just ignored anyone asking questions about it and replies sacastically when someone puts you in a corner. I dont have a problem with his response to me. I thought it was funny in a sarcastic way. Hence my sarcastic reply. I've been a long time Broken Circles fan, and I purchase a lot of their music. But you can't promise a date that you're going to be there at seven, show up at 9 and say, well just be glad I showed up. If Brent can't handle my sass then oh well.
  11. It would be cool if they pressed Hell or High Water. Broken circles said they were going to release it last Christmas but that didn't happen. I messaged the guy from broken circles on twitter last week and he was a total ass.
  12. Hey I'm looking to pick up a couple pressings from the Classic Crime! What Was Done Vol. 1 (any variant) Phoenix let me know if you're looking to sell!
  13. Already picked up my tickets! Bryce always does a great job on his vinyl pressings. Super stoked!
  14. WTB Emery Test Pressing

    I'm looking to buy any test presses or run over pressings from Emery. Trying to get my hands on the Test press from You We're Never Alone that they released during their Indiegogo campaign. I know its a long shot, but if you have a test press from The Weaks End, that would be killer too! Or run over variants with the screen printed covers! PM me if you're looking to sell!
  15. Already ordered mine! Not sure if I can pull the trigger on the (m)(a)(e) pressing though.