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  1. new album is good too. give it a try, in my top 10 of 2017 so far
  2. I keep wanting to side with Battra then he keeps reminding me this argument has no winners.
  3. Biggest waste of oil since BP circa 2010
  4. ...the fall came out after plastic beach, which is why i said "their last album". and yes, the fall was reportedly recorded entirely on an ipad. but ill try to give plastic beach a try though
  5. On vinyl? their last album was recorded on an ipad, theyre not exactly daft punk when it comes to analog hi-fi.
  6. the spark in perceived relevancy of Gorillaz thanks to the recent VMP reissue hype is staggering (and impressive)
  7. Support Indie Record Stores, Not Flippers. Support Direct From Artist Releases, Not Record Store Day.
  8. its definitely not $13.50, but not quite $25. More like $21.38 for anything under 2 lbs..... how are you getting $13.50? you have to do first class large package minimum
  9. the delay was caused by a plant worker falling in to the vat of previously black splatter (now red splatter) dye
  10. Yeah... If only they had slow-burned "like blood from a stone" from the track list, it would have been next-next level.
  11. PREMIUM referral url (better than all the rest you've seen - might even get you $11 or $12 instead of $10)
  12. Hey, if you want to give me your email address, I'll PM you a referral code.

    1. rogeoa8


      i was offering a referral code, but if you need one:


    2. sinatra.45


      sorry, I though you needed one.

  13. pm me if you want a referral code. ill be online
  14. Absolutely incredibly, indeed.