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  1. any legal way to watch the first few eps without signing up and paying for an overpriced and otherwise completely meaningless to anyone in the world Showtime sub? I guess that was their whole point to getting the TP revival
  2. I was waiting for the onslaught of bigotry claims, but it appears the white knights are taking a very subtle approach to combat the sheer intolerance of this devastating fat joke
  3. Man, am I sick of hearing this one. People have simply lost the ability to have honest, open, emotionless debate.
  4. Yeah, but this part (the entire rest of his post) is true:
  5. Going through the exact same thing with "carly" right now.
  6. This is the advice Americans need but never heed.
  7. This is the advice Americans need but never heed.
  8. Thread update: 10 pages later we have reached the Bull Moose Circle-Jerk Phase. Even when Bull Moose does wrong they get tugged. Not even in SRC's wettest dreams could they aspire to that status (and for good reason). But for real, BM is usually great and all, but something like this is no reason to be celebrating them. You can criticize but still approve of them.
  9. songs are fine to listen to, not disagreeing. also not saying there is anything wrong with liking music for the sound alone. but just because someone has "punk roots" does not mean they have ever been political, lyrically. i was making a comparison between artists who have always been political, and those who have never been but suddenly found the courage in 2017 (its not courage at all). Others might disagree, but I would argue 2017 has seen the biggest wave of artists-gone-political than the start of any year in recent memory. There is something to be said for that, and its not just the recursive "#dumptrump". joining a million voices already saying the same thing is not political courage, and its definitely not punk rock. end rant, sorry i just completely lose some of my formerly favorite artists when they start writing this stuff i dont care about.
  10. thats very new-fashioned, in fact. to care only about what sounds good and not at all about the message an artist is sending through lyrics literally defines pop music fans and what makes pop music popular now.
  11. im tired of many artists that I listen to, who managed to stay admirably apolitical for decades, finally finding their political "courage" when it has never been easier than to be anti-Trump in 2017. boring. not courageous. feigned political acumen. I might not agree with many of the views of anarchist punk bands that have been political for decades, but they have far more say than Gorillaz and James Murphy in my book. anyone else miss music about real life? politics isnt real life
  12. ^^ Thats bold AND italic. Take it as you will.