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  1. only do this if you want ring wear on the rest of your records (or take them out of sleeves - but you still could get ring wear this way)
  2. funny how this has demanded a reissue for years, and instead of one we get 3 unannounced and staggered releases all within a month of each other.
  3. btw guys molly burch came out with a superb rock album this year. check it out. Should be in my top 20 at least by year's end.
  4. Just a good morning 4/20 referral link for vinyladdict and others, spark up and chill down bros
  5. it actually mildly reminds me of old busta rhymes covers, like a not great super-up close photo and bland coloring. kind of cool if it is an homage to old-school hip hop albums, but I doubt it was intended to be. not nearly as worried about the cover art as I am about the "Sweetest Thing" remix on track 11.
  6. before the defense attorneys for lord kendrick swarm in, id just like to say please listen to Freddie Gibbs' new album You Only Live 2wice, it is very good.
  7. a sample is vastly different from a feature, and bono seems to leave a noticeable (unfavorable to many people) mark on any track he sings on. This combined with the current trend of mainstream rappers pairing with mainstream singers from a completely different genre, makes me think bono will be singing, and I won't like it. Sadly, just another sign kendrick is going over the edge to total mainstream sellout. Some people will not like that or agree, but it is what it is. i doubt the artist would be featured on the tracklist if it was just a sample.
  8. Bono earns our ire.
  9. Honestly that restaurant stand up was pretty comical to me. But the vinyl review vid seems like under developed satire. Some people in here are just pissed at you now cause they thought it was genuine for longer than they should have.
  10. bono and kendrick? sheesh
  11. woah newbury going hard on the com truise exclusives: Looks like around 300 for each in the store now, so expect pressings of at the very least 750.
  12. do the bros from ghostly want to give us a lil more incentive to buy from you guys......? like a coupy code perhaps?
  13. Com Truise is up on ghostly and kings road x/3000 split color