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  1. Oh yeah wasn't blaming you, just kind of exclaiming that rhetorically, because after digging deep into what (I think) are some of the themes of TDAG and their previous work, I initially thought the song was more likely to be genuine than satirical (not the right word), which obviously baffled me due to the directness of the lyrics. Was thinking "good thing they have their own label" if the lyrics were genuine, cause divergent political views are a death sentence in this industry.
  2. I agree with how you've classified the song, but it in no way explains how Brand New wrote it. The lyrics simply do not fit any of their previous catalogue, in any way (style or substance). the most blatant lyrics theyve ever written, and the only song of theirs that reminds me what year it is when listening to it (references to "bleeding hearts" etc). very out of character
  3. "American Attraction" song is absolute trash. i think thats pretty objective after just a cursory listen. Man, i miss how they sounded on The Terror State. Slightly more honest lyrics back then too, but any punk band who claims to be anarcho-/anti-imperial/whatever and still telling you to vote does not know what they are talking about, or is just lying.
  4. James Murphy approves this message.