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  1. I keep wanting to side with Battra then he keeps reminding me this argument has no winners.
  2. Biggest waste of oil since BP circa 2010
  3. ...the fall came out after plastic beach, which is why i said "their last album". and yes, the fall was reportedly recorded entirely on an ipad. but ill try to give plastic beach a try though
  4. On vinyl? their last album was recorded on an ipad, theyre not exactly daft punk when it comes to analog hi-fi.
  5. the spark in perceived relevancy of Gorillaz thanks to the recent VMP reissue hype is staggering (and impressive)
  6. Support Indie Record Stores, Not Flippers. Support Direct From Artist Releases, Not Record Store Day.
  7. its definitely not $13.50, but not quite $25. More like $21.38 for anything under 2 lbs..... how are you getting $13.50? you have to do first class large package minimum
  8. the delay was caused by a plant worker falling in to the vat of previously black splatter (now red splatter) dye
  9. Yeah... If only they had slow-burned "like blood from a stone" from the track list, it would have been next-next level.
  10. PREMIUM referral url (better than all the rest you've seen - might even get you $11 or $12 instead of $10)
  11. pm me if you want a referral code. ill be online
  12. Absolutely incredibly, indeed.
  13. One of the most underrated (and my current favorite) dream-pop group is TOPS. Their album 'Picture You Staring' was my album of 2014, and this lead single is promising for their new album 'Sugar At The Gate', out June 2nd. Pre-order now on standard or limited 'sunshine yell-o' vinyl. I would also recommend listening to 'Picture You Staring' in full, it is excellent.
  14. just to clarify, i wasnt talking about the band sports but the album sports by modern baseball. there is a decent pop-punk band called "sports." there is and i think a better dream pop band called "sports" (check them out) but this is a good point nonetheless about opinions. for those critiquing sports as a "great album", I'm talking about it as yes, an album i listen to often, but also the reason I appreciate it. modern baseball are what blink were to me in my teens right now, pretty much. regardless, to throw joyce manor or sorority noise (maybe until this album) in with modern baseball at this point to me is questionable at best.
  15. its all good, man. people seem to agree with you, but i still like sports and will say it was a great album, song for song, in my book. i agree there are jokes in rot forever, but i think a lot of people would take the tone of that album - if only based on vocal delivery - as very different than a typical moba/joycemanor/sororitynoise album. im just saying, there were a lot of great songs on rot forever, but there were also a few i would have left out, and that matters to me when assessing an album as a whole.
  16. To me, that's a little unfair. Yes, Sioux Falls take a more "serious" rather than playful tone than these bands, but that doesn't equate to better. I admit I am a huge Modern Baseball fan, I don't think many albums have come out in recent years that are better than Sports, but yes, Rot Forever was something special for sure. And I would absolutely agree Rot Forever is better than anything Sorority Noise and certainly Joyce Manor have put out, so yeah i guess i pretty much agree.
  17. Oh I love that album. I wouldn't group the genre quite with modern baseball/joyce manor/sorority noise though. dont know how to describe that album but it is spectacular, lyrics especially.
  18. Joyce Manor was the other band i was trying to think of besides MoBa that does this haha. if just one of these bands came out with a 107-minute double album it would be hailed as the holy grail of "modern hipster pop-punk" or whatever we're calling this genre
  19. I like that song as well. I actually don't mind Where Are you? either, it just kind of annoys me on a 10-track 31-minute "full-length" having basically one really drawn out, weak song (leave the fan on) and an acoustic bedroom recording on the end. felt like it ended the album on a rather weak note. its weird, i feel like at least one of the last two tracks on every modern baseball album is the same way. But to clarify, No Halo and A Better Sun are by far my two favorite tracks right now, which altogether makes the first half much stronger than the second half to me
  20. You should finish the album. 2nd half is much weaker but still overall better than joy, departed. competitive with forgettable, i'd say (which in my opinion is much better than joy, departed)
  21. bullmoose is up now but says "Out of stock rare item. We will try to get it for you. "
  22. "Limited". Your guess is as good as mine.
  24. migos has a limited cupcake pressing out EDIT: Wow, that was originally a joke, but looking at your profile, I guess I was serious... RE: Migos