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  1. Pressed on 180 gram colored vinyl:Disc 1: Alien Egg Olive GreenDisc 2: Face Hugger BrownDisc 3: Chest Burster White with Red SplatterDisc 4: Xenomorph Black
  2. They tweeted at me that the 2xLP will be up for months
  3. For a 4xLP with a Stout screenprint handbill? Seems like a good deal regardless of The Thing
  4. I know they're dropping the Turbo Kid repress next week, wonder if they've got something else in store...
  5. I've got Paramore's Brick by Boring Brick and Ignorance. PM me
  6. Yikes...I wonder if that shipping price is a mistake?
  7. Just got my Reptilian variant from Flightless here in NYC. Sounds great, but slightly disappointed in the overall packaging. Sleeve is hardly reflective and isn't a gatefold. Just feels lacking considering how much it cost
  8. Don't even have shipping confirmation yet. Apparently even the first batch were pre-orders scheduled to ship 3-4 weeks after ordering. I thought they stopped pre-orders after the Krampus and Goosebumps fiascos, but I guess not
  9. Would love both of those White Stripes releases...sigh...
  10. Which variant? I ordered the blue in purple and MerchNow told me on Friday that they hadn't even received them yet. And still no shipping yet
  11. My copy from KRM EU still hasn't shipped. Kind of a bummer since I'm sure it won't make it to New York for at least a week after it does ship
  12. Bump
  13. This version also has Change Your Mind listed on it....
  14. Hi there, I've got a test pressing of Mud from Mondo's test pressing sale that I'm looking to trade for another Mondo TP that I'm more into. Would also consider selling it, but would much rather trade. Thanks!