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  1. Pretty disappointed in this, honestly. Would have expected a lot more from Tong, conceptually.
  2. In good news for you, the gold pressing (online version) sounds like shite. I will probably go for a retail black version myself.
  3. Did you bid on the signed Fountain TP at MC? I went as high as $120 and tapped out. Curious what the final price was on that.
  4. This version won't be limited, so shouldn't be any issues at all. I could see it being open edition and on the site for a month+
  5. Should be /500 Ace Hotel & MC and /100 tri-color
  6. Still have the Mad Max Fury Road test pressing by chance?
  7. That was interesting. Figured the online drop would have just been remaining copies Have heard that there are some MC variants left over though that they will hold for future events.
  8. Oof...just worse than the guy who got his copy signed on the shrink wrap
  9. Edit: There is apparently a small stack at the Mondo booth
  10. Fountain sold out. Not sure if they are holding any for online, or will just go for the pre-order version in November.
  11. Remaining copies from the screening will be sold to MC attendees until gone.
  12. Highly doubt this will sell out at the con. Will probably be a reasonably easy online drop after the weekend...
  13. I wouldn't wait on the twitter notification. Just be logged in by 1030 or so and start refreshing the main page for the drop. This one will most likely sell pretty fast