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  1. Just got my refund from the US store for the deluxe version. Looks like I'm sticking with BM unless something cheaper this way comes.
  2. Same. I haven't heard anything from them, and I too emailed them last night. Hopefully something happens soon.
  3. I emailed the store to cancel my order and went ahead to place a new one at BM. Worse case, if the Warner store doesn't cancel, I can just cancel the BM.
  4. Looks like this includes the book, too? If that is the case I might cancel from the official store and go for BM.
  5. There are cheaper versions that will probably show up in the US Amazon store from the looks of it.
  6. That's how I saw it. edit: also, looks like the deluxe and book is sold out in US
  7. So, it seems that the Signature Version has alternative versions/tracks for each song, but the Deluxe is just a booklet? What's interesting is that the 2X CD has six bonus songs. I hope the deluxe at least those six extra tracks. I would love to get those alternative versions on wax, but I'll have to settle for downloads. Edit: And I thought Ryan Adams was really milking the deluxe editions.
  8. Copped a Deluxe because I don't have 400 bucks laying around for records. Congrats to those who picked one up!
  9. Looks like the signature is gone from the store completely?
  10. Ohhhhh Randy, that sounds wonderful.
  11. Andre 3k Marcy's Playground Space Jam UGK Iron and Wine Thats all I want. Nothing I really need probably other than UGK.
  12. Yup! Thanks. I figured this would cause a surge of people to subscribe/re-up their membership, and I was curious to know if that had ever been the case. To my knowledge they have never pressed something that has such a high demand for it. Granted, I'm sure they understood that demand for the record, and probably pressed with that in mind.
  13. It's been a while since I used VMP, but is it possible for them to "sell out"?
  14. Hot damn! I signed back up! If anyone has a code, lemme know (Assuming it will work since I have already used one the first time I signed up for Weezer all those months ago). Edit. Looks like since I used a code when I first made an account, it won't work for me. Thanks to those who PM'ed me!