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  1. I'm seeing them play in a month or too, so maybe I can try to snag one for you then.
  2. Gotcha. Is the artist also featured in the store, or do they serve as like teasers for future releases?
  3. Can someone fill me in on the secret 7inch? I got a copy with my Biggie order. Does everyone get one or is it random? I guess I'm just asking what the method to their madness is.
  4. PO: Vince Staples - Big Fish Theory

    Man, Vince vinyl never ships on time. I had to wait a while for the last EP, so hopefully I'll be able to spin this before October comes around.
  5. Technically not a film, but it made more sense to post it here then to start a new thread, Bojack OST is up for preorder. It's a picture disc, so that kinda sucks, but I couldn't pass it up. http://www.lakeshorerecordsshop.com/product/bojack-horseman-music-from-the-netflix-original-series-picture-disc-various-artists-pre-order
  6. PO: Pearl Jam reissues

    Didn't lightning bolt have a bunch of warped records?
  7. PO: Pearl Jam reissues

    A man can dream! I want the run out groove to be "hellllooo tom; come ouuuut toommm"
  8. PO: Pearl Jam reissues

    Hot diggity damn! I was about to post in this thread because I hadn't heard anything in a while. I preordered all three of them. I'm holding off on the reissue of Ten since I already have two copies of it . Now I just want them to reissue Lost Dogs, Merkin Ball, Live at Benaroya Hall, and Live at the Gorge.
  9. Same. Perhaps my memory serves me wrong, but ill take a tote
  10. Excellent! I have the RSD pressing, which in my opinion is kinda subpar, so I ended up rolling the die and reupping my membership solely for the chance to get UGK later in the month. Would you happen to know if it has the correct samples for "Ready to Die"?
  11. Oh hell yeah! You're all good my dude! Hopefully some other kind soul can hook me up.
  12. So according to this link http://forum.vinylmeplease.com/index.php?threads/september-17-member-store-picks.4950/ UGK's Underground Kingz (3LP, Wood Grain ) is being release. I know I am jumping the gun, but if anyone could pick this up for me, I will make it worth your while!
  13. PO: Vince Staples - Big Fish Theory

    What's a GBR?
  14. The former RSD pressing has all of the samples but two. I was going to get this because I would want to have all the samples, but until they tell me the difference between this VMP and RSD, I'll just wait.