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  1. Vinyl probably won't be out till the end of the year, that's just me basing this off of most of TDE's vinyl releases.
  2. Lmfao, I just got a shipping notification for Childish Gambimo's Camp which I apparently ordered in January of 2016. Amazing.
  3. Oh shit, I didn't know it's been available that long, he posted on Instagram he updated his store and I saw it there. How much was it after shipping?
  4. Really good R&B/Trap artist, if you're into shit like early Weeknd, 808s Kanye, Future, and other dark stuff, I would recommend.
  5. God I love Vince Staples, I hope that track opens some eyes to the white Coachella goers who have no clue what goes on in this world.
  6. The fact that Kali Uchis, Danny Brown, and Vince Staples are on this makes me very excited, 3 of the best newer artist out right now, really happy the Gorillaz decided to get more underground artist when they could have easily went and gotten Kendrick, Chance, or a singer like Rhianna.
  7. Please tell me Show Yourself is better in the context of the album.
  8. That UGK is priority, everything else, we'll see, I'll probably end up getting Marcy Playground, AIC, B&C, maybe some others. I kinda want the Danny Brown so I can rip the acapella for a remix, but I feel like it's gonna be 20 dollars.
  9. For me, I was really young when this album came out, I think I was 8 or 9, and Feel Good Inc. and DARE were all over the radio, and it was wild. I remember being memorized by all the videos they had to all of these songs on this record. It wasn't until years later I really understood what this group did with this album, they made a very well rounded, organic sounding album, that could appeal to rock fans, hip-hop fans, electronic fans, just music fans. This album played a part in my childhood personally and helped me find enjoyment in Hip-Hop when I only liked rock music, and later a fan of electronic music. If people don't like them or this album, then that's fine, since music is subjective, but that's what this album means to me, personally. Oh, and the Gorillaz website during this era was lit af.
  10. My guess for next month is Portishead, probably the S/T, which I would be stoked for.
  11. So I went for the 3 month, if next month's release is trash, how do I tell them I want something else, and what can I choose, cause I still need the Fugees and I could add the Four Tet or Beck in my collection.
  12. if you're in LA: Also not sure if it's been posted on here but there's gonna be a pink copy as an Urban Outfitters exclusive and you'll need to purchase it to get into the signing. Edit: Don't know why the links not clickable but he's doing a signing at Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood on Wednesday, March 22nd for the first 200 people who buy Malibu at UO.