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  1. Yeah I don't really understand why people are complaining about this month, my whole plan for VMP was to wait for something really worth getting a membership (Demon Days) and then swap the next two months since VMP is usually for random exposure of music to people who can't find music on there own, and no disrespect to anyone who loves VMP, that's just what it feels like. Only thing I was ever interested with was Fugees and I can live without everything else they've done, but that being said I'll be happy with swapping Morby for the Four Tet album.
  2. Another 5", proceeds go to RAINN. I appreciate how the last 3 records they've done have all been for charity.
  3. No I had a 3 month sub.
  4. If I cancel do I get my money back right away?
  5. Debating if I should cancel or just swap, only thing I'm interested in is Four Tet and maybe Weezer or Beck. My main concern is if I cancel now and they do that garage sale thing I heard they do every once in a while, I want to see if there's a chance I can get any copies of JT or Earl Sweatshirt that may be lying around.
  6. Wait so you're saying hot sandwiches means no cheeseburgers? Fuck, I guess bye-bye Jersey Mike's delicious Jersey Shore Specials.
  7. I'm seriously speechless... RIP.
  8. I wonder if we'll get another super special edition like the glitter and glow in the dark vinyl they've done in the past.
  9. Got a shipping confirmation for this record this morning.
  10. As long as it gets repressed and it sounds good, I don't care who does it, I'm just excited to see it happens.
  11. I mean only time will tell, but they managed to repress Demon Days which I'm sure generated a ton of revenue and they strive to give their releases a good sounding pressing, it makes sense to me.
  12. Sounds like VMP.
  13. Really digging this album, only complaint is that we have Juicy J telling us to kill ourselves and then we got a song named after the Suicide Prevention Hotline. I'm not offended or anything, but I would like some consistency, lol.
  14. Has there ever been a coheed thread that didn't get locked?