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  1. Is this mould?

    I think it's black plague, you should always be careful of black plague.
  2. The Official 'Vinyl Me, Please' thread.

    Living Legend's Classic and Madlib's 420 Chalice All Stars are the next Hip-Hop/Rap subs after Common.
  3. I didn't expect to see this on vinyl, gonna order Friday.
  4. First post has been updated with pressing info and linked to where you can get them, I'll keep updating it throughout the day.
  5. http://www.metalblade.com/cannibalcorpse/
  6. The Official 'Vinyl Me, Please' thread.

    Well I didn't get it, but I do have money, just not in my bank account.
  7. The Official 'Vinyl Me, Please' thread.

    It's sold out now, thanks though.
  8. The Official 'Vinyl Me, Please' thread.

    43.50 after shipping, priority is the only option, ugh I also have 43.48 in my checking account currently so this is gonna be depressing if I miss it. Edit: Decided to go overdrawn for 2 cents, but as I went to buy it, it sold out, fucking RIP.
  9. The Official 'Vinyl Me, Please' thread.

    I'm pretty confident UGK will be there in a month, since practically every release they've done hasn't sold out from members.
  10. Is it numbered like the 2 chainz store version says?
  11. Man, I hate to be that guy, but if someone can pre-order an extra copy of the purple /300 I'll be eternally grateful, and obviously pay you as soon as I can.
  12. VC Forum Software Updates

    Came here to nag about the blue theme, but looks like y'all got that covered.
  13. Whats New on VC

    So there's clubs now?
  14. These Death pre-orders always happen when I have no money, fuck.