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  1. He's on my list of people I need to check out.
  2. Virus Popups on Mobile Site

    Just snagged the Walmart variant, it was a touch choice between that and the Amazon, but I don't know, I really like how the Walmart one turned out.
  3. PO: Black Panther The Album

    Just a guess, but if anyone else has an exclusive it'll probably be FYE. Urban Outfitters and FYE were the only people to have an exclusive pressing of SZA's CTRL.
  4. Heyyy yoooooooooo!

    No harm no foul, I honestly laughed at your first comment. But seriously, GatorPride is the most interesting person I believe I've ever witnessed. I gotta say though, the weird laughs he did in that video made me really uncomfortable.
  5. Heyyy yoooooooooo!

  6. I Think I'm Gonna Quit The Hobby

    Wow we're on the 3rd page, might as well speak my mind for now since I think I've gotten everything I needed out of the thread. First of all, thank you to all who made thoughtful responses, I really appreciate a lot of people in the VC community. You guys have helped me come to the conclusion that I needed. I believe I'm gonna take a break from collecting until I get a turntable, at the end of the day, I love the music I buy and the joy it brought me back when my turntable worked was immense. However I know I don't have money to drop excessive funds on a great set-up, so I think I'm gonna just stay posted on Craigslist for a good deal on something entry-audiophile level. I might just end up with an Audio Technica AT-LP120, unless I can score a nice Technics. Either way I just need something to hold me together until I'm making the money I'd like to at a job I love. Though to help with funds, I believe I'm gonna start selling off some things I'm not gonna be listening to. If I do, I'll come up with a list of stuff and put it in the STWs section of VC. Definitely gonna sell everything at fair prices, and hopefully that helps with buying a new turntable. But if anyone sees anything on my discogs and wants to buy something, lemme know, only things that are off limits (that I can think of right now) are TON stuff (Though I'll sell the black Slow, Deep, and Hard), SOAD stuff, Frank stuff, Kendrick stuff and Vince stuff. Just PM me. As for my shipping issues, I'm gonna experiment and have everything sent to a friend's house. I'm very much convinced it's my post office. Anyways, I'm gonna leave this thread alone now, thanks again to everyone who helped.
  7. I Think I'm Gonna Quit The Hobby

    But you care enough to comment, interesting.
  8. I Think I'm Gonna Quit The Hobby

    I've enjoyed the show, but definitely not a huge fan.
  9. I Think I'm Gonna Quit The Hobby

    I would never sell my collection to a fan of The Office.
  10. I Think I'm Gonna Quit The Hobby

    One of my favorite records I have is Minor Threat's S/T, Red cover. Paid like 25 and it has seam splits and bends and everything. If it's a good old record, I don't care about condition, I'm more upset about fresh out the factory records coming in rough shape.
  11. I Think I'm Gonna Quit The Hobby

    No, as I said I've bought records with bends, it didn't bother me till it consistently happened, and I'm not talking about corner dings, I'm more upset at seam splits. And I don't know what your problem is, I'm just asking for advice and you're in here being a dick for God knows what reason.
  12. I Think I'm Gonna Quit The Hobby

    I'm not sure why you see this as an argument, definitely not trying to argue with you over such a silly matter, I'm just saying more mail comes through Los Angeles than most cities, this having a higher chance of mail getting damaged, though other major cities definitely get their fair share. Sorry if I came of as arguemntive.
  13. I Think I'm Gonna Quit The Hobby

    Yeah I've definitely noticed certain distros or labels have more consistent shipping, I've noticed I almost never have issues when I order from metal labels, I feel like they know how to package records. It all just depends I guess.
  14. I Think I'm Gonna Quit The Hobby

    Talking to other people in the LA area, not too many people have issues as bad as mine except one other person. I'm convinced it's just my post office, if I continue I might just have them shipped somewhere else, like a friends house, to see if that helps.