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  1. Yeah, I can't call myself a superfan. The major albums for me were Broken, TDS and FDTS. I picked up The Fragile for shits and giggles and had basically written off Deviations. Now I think I'm to the point of trying to collect all these damn things, which sucks for my wallet.
  2. https://store.nin.com/collections/music/products/the-fragile-deviations-1-2017-limited-edition-4xlp-hi-res-digital Oh shit. 359 left.
  3. Swapped the last three months, looks like I'll be keeping this one!
  4. Holy shit dude. Have they responded with any kind of resolution? If this is the case, I just blew my load prematurely. Oh well, hoping for the best.
  5. I just ordered Broken, TDS and The Fragile today. They're down to 37 copies of The Fragile if anyone is on the fence. I'm really excited for the Quake OST to go live, whenever that will be.
  6. Not sure why that was quoted, but I'm kinda mad I didn't get my email notification until after I checked the thread...lol.