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  1. The State? Will agree, that's a good song, I prefer the acoustic version.
  2. I believe it's the latter, did not see any mention of actual vinyl being red. Edit: Thanks Marc!
  3. Same facebook post mentions the splatter as a tour variant.
  4. Same here, just found this band. Awesome stuff!
  5. DAMMNNNN!!!!! Missed it again! Of course they would stock right when I go to lunch...
  6. My Record Exchange order for The Sundays ended up cancelled and I missed the TTL a few posts up. Still lookin', it's last on my list!
  7. Any other sample pages you can throw at us?
  8. Interestingly enough, Devialet is an anagram for Ted Lavie, a French soccer player. Coincidence? Probably. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Lavie
  9. Ah, once you add to cart, there will be a popup that says code applied or something like that. Edit: Looks like a different code per email, so the link I posted won't give you the discount even if it says applied.