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  1. I'll take that chance as well. Also heard back from Jerry from The Same Ghost, he stated all US orders should be delivered by the end of the week and International order would be ~7-21 days.
  2. Hopefully they can combine shipping for my orders once the vinyl hits. I can wait.
  3. I've asked them about it. I'll post if I receive a reply. I'm still waiting on them, Hot Wax, and Fuzz Club.
  4. Weird. I get this notice for each item in my cart. Sorry, but this item can't be shipped to your selected address. Learn more. You may either change the shipping address or delete the item from your order. Wonder if they just can't ship to Kentucky lol. Edit: That's the case. I just changed shipping to address to my inlaws in Ohio and it was fine.
  5. Says they don't ship to US, bummer.
  6. Thanks. I was looking for a different label name.
  7. @ethereal Are there Discogs entries for your two variants yet? I couldn't find any among the 137 versions lol.
  8. Damn, got some listening to do...
  9. Per Fuzz Club email. UPDATE ON OUR PRESSING OF KING GIZZARD'S "POLYGONDWANALAND" We're psyched to finally be able to share the details for our pressing of King Gizzard's 'Polygondwanaland' LP. The album will come with alternative artwork and housed in a heavy, tip-on gatefold jacket with printed inner-sleeves -- glued inside the gatefold will be a 16-page booklet of illustrations and lyrics. As well as that, for all you audiophiles out there, we got the disc mastered at half-speed by Miles Showell over at Abbey Road Studios. As for the individual variants: Option 1 is ultra-clear (/100), 2 is sea blue (/100) and 3 is black (/300). They're going to look and sound f*cking wicked! Shipping in four weeks. BUY 'POLYGONDWANALAND' LP/CD/TAPE
  10. SEIZURE "LSDETOX" CS (Limited to 25 avail).

    I'm confused, do the 9 tracks actually total 2:32? Is that the entire album?
  11. Record Store Day 2018

    Thanks for the info. I'll have to check out Plaid Room next time I'm up there.
  12. Record Store Day 2018

    This sounds great. I've always been up to something else on RSD but am thinking about hitting it up this year. What's the best store to get to in Cinci, and Louisville for that matter; these are the two places I'll most likely be on that day.
  13. That's awesome! Really excited about this set. Got my Jan 7" today and I'm loving it. They've got a full length coming out this year on MOMR right? Definitely gonna check out their older stuff when I get chance.
  14. So basically, quadruple amputees are out of luck?

  16. Is it too late to get in on this?
  17. Waxwork Records Thread

    This was a great movie! How does it sound?
  18. Stumbled upon this accidently while looking for Acid Bath stuff. Fuckin' stoked!! http://www.shop.rottenrecords.com/product/agents-of-oblivion-lp-180-gram-vinyl