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  1. I'm gonna watch it tomorrow to freshen up. No way! Way too shy for any of that.
  2. Going to How Did This Get Made in Austin on Saturday, they're doing Timecop.
  3. $10 plus shipping?
  4. Think you'll be open by mid August? Heading to Boston/NY around then and would fit a visit here into my agenda.
  5. I do, depends on how much you want for though
  6. Figured this was a long shot, but does anyone have the red Restorations coffee cup with the white sideways house logo that was for sale a few years ago that they wouldn't mind parting with?
  7. So I'm going on vacation with my girlfriend to Missoula for the Decemberists festival in August and from there we are going to be flying to Burbank, CA and staying in LA for a week and then flying to Boston for a week and going to a Red Sox game, staying a night in Salem, and down to Flushing, NY for a Mets game and staying the night in Queens. Any suggestions y'all? For LA, we have: Disneyland (Wizarding World of Harry Potter) Escape the Room Museum of death Boston/NY: Red sox game Mets game Salem Freedom trail
  8. Orange County Soundtrack
  9. Ugly variants should get its own thread
  10. Not pictured: New Found Glory - Makes me Sick Picture Disc
  11. That's an excellent description.
  12. I kind of want that grill