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  1. Got Co&Ca, Sorority Noise, Andrew McMahon, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and NFG in the next two weeks. I'm getting exhausted just thinking about it.
  2. Metallica - Hardwired to Self Destruct Thursday - Kill the House Lights Against Me! - 23 Live Sex Acts Touche Amore - Is Survived By - Valentines Deluxe Box Set Kanye West - MBDTF DRAM - Broccoli - Picture Disc - RSD 2016 Pinegrove - Cardinal Childish Gambino -Camp
  3. https://www.plaidroomrecords.com/collections/rsd2017/products/b-various-artists-b-br-i-space-jam-music-from-and-inspired-by-the-motion-picture-i putting 24 copies of Space Jam up tomorrow at 8am EST
  4. Hopeless needs to put the colored ones up for sale already.. jeeez
  5. I'm definitely getting all 3 of these plus Licensed to Ill with the pin
  6. What variants are the Mae and Thursday albums? EDIT: I'm emailing you this question. (I can't read well)
  7. ‪ https://www.reddit.com/r/KendrickLamar/comments/659lr8/guys_i_figured_it_out_this_album_only_makes_sense/‬
  8. Just got an email saying the Fat Beats variant is clear. It reflects that in the description on their site now.
  9. New single 'Reptiles(We Woke Up)' streaming now. Bundles with limited red variant and there's also a test press available: http://floggingmolly.com/
  10. fun fact: Jack Antonoff was born today, 3/31 in 1984, same as Tony Yayo of G-Unit (1978), and Angus Young of AC/DC (1955) liking the new song as well.
  11. Technically all the older albums aren't purchases because my dad gave them to me but whatever.