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  1. that song & artist is such a gem please don't tell me that the Fully Qualified Survivor album was part of that LITA deal?
  2. looks like everybody picked up some nice stuff
  3. cool!
  4. same here my other hobby of collecting sneakers pays for my vinyl addiction.if you don't mind me asking what are some of your pick ups?i bought a lot of Jazz & '90s MOV releases that i needed in my collection.
  5. i have it's hit or miss it's usually all good but if they do come damaged it's a very minor ding or corner bend but at these prices i can't pass these deals up
  6. same here but i'm so insanely broke it's not funny.i was actually doing pretty good in not ordering any more vinyl till i saw this extra 15% off promo.i said i will not order anymore vinyl till i finish listening to all the vinyl i already purchased from this deal, that did not work out so well.
  7. ebay is having a flash sale $15 off $75 or more when you checkout via PayPal using promo code CSAVE15OFFMARCH ( Offer is only valid until today, March 20, 2017 at 8pm PT.) when combined with ImportCDs save 25% off when you spend $60 or more promo you can save a nice amount of money. ImportCDs save 25% off when you spend $60 link
  8. Extra 25% off when you spend $60 or more includes free shipping a lot of good stuff including some Music On Vinyl & Mofi releases
  9. deal back up
  10. nothing special but Gorillaz - Plastic Beach is on sale for 8.99 shipped with promo thaw10 at merchandiseoutlet
  11. Ryan Adams Heartbreaker Deluxe does any else have static on thier pressing? album over all sounds really nice but my copy does have various amounts of static throughout.
  12. cool to hear can't wait to get mine in the mail
  13. so the real question is how is the sound quality on those ryan adams box sets?
  14. for those who haven't had luck with getting a copy of heartbreaker (deluxe edition) four LP/DVD here is a live link with 4 available
  15. thanks for the info i would be beyond pissed if i received this didn't even know a non English version existed lol