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  1. Space Jam when i ordered mine they had plenty instock according to the site anyone get any items refunded from bullmoose?
  2. bullmoose refunded me i didn't get a shipping confirmation yesterday & the order status on site says order received no email of cancellation but when i checked my bank account this morning money was refunded.
  3. can somebody help me out with Deee-lite Groove Is in the Heart 12" for retail kicking myself in the ass for not picking that up when i had the chance, also has anyone received shipping confirmation from BM yet?
  4. i wish i could find a copy of bangerz & Santana Woodstock for around retail.somebody posted a link for Santana yesterday but it was all the way from Sweden i don't do mail purchases of vinyl internationally.
  5. i don't know i didn't order from them the price of shipping on each record canceled out the discount imo
  6. anyone else have items in cart but just can't check out? both check out links won't work
  7. i have items in cart checkout button just does nothing
  8. took a nap & i missed out on the store that had 61 copies of space jam dammit! i just need 1
  9. i got both first time got out of stock error 2nd time added to cart with flat rate shipping options
  10. i need that UGK - Hard to Swallow for under $35 got cark jacked a little while ago on amoeba