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  1. This is very good news definitely going to be waiting by the computer for this one
  2. YES TO FLEET FOXES!!! Wait so these are going to go up for may?
  3. haha. already on ebay, huh? VMP sent out an email saying "Things are back up and running and you can head over to our site and sign up before we sell out again, which we are close to doing even with the site crash." so sign up before you have to deal with assholes like this!
  4. okay this is about referral codes so i apologize in advance. but i keep clicking the link to these codes and nothing is happening! am i doing something wrong? (got my answer! disregard!)
  5. wait is the waitlist already full for the next VMP release? i thought the "we're sold out" was reffering to April's AOTM?
  6. I just hope this means that idler wheel will also be getting a reissue soon...
  7. I know this isn't a good enough reason to delay everything but recent tweets from warren have shown that he's dealing with really bad depression and that he's just not passionate about the label anymore. So keeping that in mind i feel less annoyed because depression is real and hard to shake off. That being said he should stop promising things that are not going to happen.
  8. Oh crap! Thanks for the link! Last I checked on amazon it was sold out!!!!
  9. Has anyone seen a copy of thee moonlight OST in store? It was on their website but it sold out now which sucks because I really wanted that!
  10. You guys need to listen to her most recent album idler wheel. It's my favorite by her. I wish they would repress it. Definitely going to need a referral code if it's tidal!
  11. I just ordered the gold alone because I can get the 7" at my work! free shipping too!!! Such a good deal! Still regret not getting the red copy of masterpiece hoping I find a reasonable seller someday!
  12. Yesss! Thanks for the heads up!!!
  13. The new alex g song is SO GOOD
  14. the oxblood is beautiful!!!