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  1. Anyone actually get a shipping confirmation on this?
  2. PO: Avenged Sevenfold - The Stage

    Listened to their live acoustic Grammy set and loved it. Came back to see what the deal with this album was and I think there's a price mistake on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Stage-4-LP-Deluxe/dp/B076BK4SYG/ref=sr_1_1_twi_lp__1?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1512755920&sr=1-1&keywords=The+Stage+Deluxe+4-LP+Vinyl BM and the official A7X store still show $70+, this came out to a more palatable $24.89 shipped.
  3. Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Naw, sneak peak on his Insta story. He usually sends out an email then site gets updated.
  4. Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Never mentioned, just said "first press." Didn't see anything on their twitter either.
  5. Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Showed sold out prior to pre-order, then available, then sold out, now coming soon. I think their site is dying. I managed to snag one about 20 seconds after 2:00 CST.
  6. Thanks for sharing! Kind of reminds me how Hot Topic used to bang out a lot of variants, including Panic albums. Glad to see this get a pressing. Edit, live now: https://store.panicatthedisco.com/products/all-my-friends-were-glorious-vinyl Probably going to get this at my local store since it doesn't seem to be particularly limited.
  7. The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    I sort of felt the same way when I bought my copy, however they did a wonderful job packing and mailing it. Doesn't completely make up for some of the issues you brought up, but at least you'll get your copy in perfect shape.
  8. Valid point. Between this and 2814 I'm calling this genre: The Birth of a New Delay I'll go ahead and leave now.
  9. So one random person got this a week ago and that's it?
  10. New Trivium P.O.

    Album is an absolute screamer. Streamed it twice and my pre-order arrived today. Can't wait to spin this today.
  11. PO: Trivium - The Crusade

    Also I'm assuming the Amazon, BM, and MOV links are all for the same release based on UPC, no?
  12. PO: Trivium - The Crusade

    I could kiss your feet right now. My discogs alert has been nagging me every day but I've been apprehensive about buying from Europe. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Video Game OSTs v2.0

    ODST for sure would be a fine pressing.
  14. Just got the email from bandcamp. I'm guessing the bundle is the first vinyl release of the self-titled 2814. Gonna check it out to see if the bundle is worth it.
  15. Official Newbury Comics Reissue Thread

    Yeah, saw that $7 or $8 and thought maybe I can add in another record to break $75 for free shipping, then decided it wasn't worth it and committed to just the two releases.