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  1. BUMP! I want to get some of these records sold!
  2. Hey guys, Anyone that is going to see Circa Survive and has a VIP ticket, I will buy the wall flag off of you for 30$. Thanks.
  3. Pm me an offer and I'll consider it haha.
  4. Have fun at their show, they are great live. PM me. I could do 25 shipped for that.
  5. I could do holy ghost for 22$ for the purple HT exclusive, I could do sports for 34$. Or both for 50 ppd.
  6. Hey guys, I am looking to make some money, as I am a college student who can ALWAYS use some extra cash. That being said, most of my records (with a few acceptations) will be up for purchase. I do have quite a few test presses and more rare hand numbered things. Please message me if you have any questions or offers. Listing all of my records would take too long, so here is my discogs: PS: I am not looking for lowballs. Yes, I would love some cash. But I am not extremely desperate.
  7. Personally, I think there isnt enough in this anniversary edition for me to spend 50$ (64$ shipped) on this. I bought The Black Parade on vinyl for like 20$ a while back. Unless me paying 64$ is going to make the band get back together, I think I may pass on this. EDIT (Dantheriver beat me to it): Also, here is the PO link because OP didnt include it:
  8. Alternative Press brings up a great point that it could be The Black Parade 10 year anniversary tour. ( but if it is a tour, I really hope they get back together officially and not just for an aneversary tour.
  9. I just assumed that everyone that would be reading this thread would be interested, that's why I stated everyone.
  10. Hey guys, not sure if it's an album coming soon, or a tour. But I thought everyone would like to know, My Chemical Romance is most likely returning! They haven't announced anything yet, but they did post this video on Facebook: