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  1. No problem man! You learn the little tricks real quick when you miss out on things a couple times and see the crazy aftermarket prices haha
  2. Product Sku: 41301565; Color Code: 001 There you go.. Got it from the cached UO page on google.
  3. If you want the info from the limited purple pressing you can get it from discogs. https://www.discogs.com/Solange-A-Seat-At-The-Table/release/9530988
  4. I was seconds too late on that grail test pressing they were selling too since I tried to use the discount. If you plan on spending more then 40 you can use the promo code RESIST for %10 off as well.
  5. Yeah, I ended up giving my copy away to a friend awhile back. Horrible quality for sure which is a shame for such a classic album.
  6. I am not talking mid level turntables compared to high end I am talking about trash like Crosley. It absolutely causes people to say something is wrong with a record when in reality there isn't at all or at least not a big enough issue to affect people with even a somewhat decent table. I by no means have some super high end setup. Crosley's lack of anti skate with a heavy tonearm is a horrible combination to start and if that record is warped even slightly it is going to cause some problems real quick. They also use ceramic cartridges and a plastic platter which is known to produce bad sound not to mention destroy your records. There are videos out there from studies where you can literally see dust forming on the record as it plays which is actually the needle digging into the record and shavings of the vinyl record which obviously causes a good amount of surface noise lol (some of the worst times was mostly due to a bent needle but it is actually not nearly as uncommon as it should be due to absolutely god awful quality control).. Those couple of issues are only the beginning, there are many many other issues as well. I remember my cousin had one and she complained about the majority of the records she bought would skip and getting replacements would just do the same thing. I played several on my table with no problems whatsoever. I then played a few of them back on hers again and the skipping was so bad and unbearable I can see where so many bad reviews come from. So basically if you are talking about a mid level setup as crappy and a higher end as a good system I agree but the low level players cause all kinds of issues which is why you see so many bad reviews of the Kendrick record mixed with a few people saying they do not have the same problems. It is mostly the extremely popular records where you see this polar opposite review thing going on. It is on amazon though so even if you do not like it you can just return it for free anyways.
  7. Honestly, I believe a lot of the people that complain about it being really bad just have shitty setups. It sounds solid I thought, it is not going to be anywhere near the best sounding record in your collection but I have spun my copy several times and enjoyed it. I would say listen to it soon after getting it because like chuckrock said there could be quality issues with some here and there as well with so many being made.
  8. Good to hear! I will probably grab this at some point for sure then. I have not even started season 2 yet but I just finished re-watching the final episode of season 1 last night so I am looking forward to it! Also, that entire Bobby Charles album is an underrated classic imo.. I actually just posted it a few days ago in the recently purchased thread. Light In The Attic did a fantastic job as usual with the reissue.
  9. It was about 10-15 exclusives and then another 5 or so that were autographed. Most of it I was not too interested in but there were def. a few solid releases as well. I believe I bought Band Of Horses signed, Leon Bridges and a couple warehouse deals along with winning a signed copy of the new 1975 album.
  10. I was expecting this to happen so I was stockpiling my cart the last while here and there for the sale and I ended up getting a good 7-10 albums and some other stuff. Surprised this is not getting more attention, there was some great deals to be had for sure. There is no way to just search for eligible items but if you click on something it will tell you right on the product page which is kind of frustrating but I think it also turned a lot of people off making many deals last longer.
  11. The early copies were autographed as well which probably helped justify the higher price for big enough fans I guess. I was not feeling the few tracks I heard from it honestly besides the new Cage verse. I will say the packaging and artwork look awesome but even at 35 I am going to pass.
  12. Yeah! I was shocked to see it at that price. The extra gatefold content and explanation of the album from Brian Wilson is a nice addition to have as well when I play it now.
  13. I can now say The Holland pressing of 36 Chambers is MUCH better then the us re-issue you see for dirt cheap everywhere. The Pete Rock along with the CRB album in another picture got there jackets damaged in the mail from amazon so they both ended up being free so can't complain too much about it. Top left is the Test Pressing for Snoop's Malice N Wonderland album which I got for like 10. Below that is a pre-order gift from Eligh (Living Legends) a verse I picked hand written by him with a little note at the end which came out pretty awesome I thought. The Sturgill was on clearance for $11 at fyes of all places. Jack White was a super lucky find from a 3rd party seller on amazon for 13-14 shipped. Got lucky on Bullmoose one night as well and found The Beach Boys double lp for 13 along with the orange Ryan Adams for like 6-7.
  14. The majority of people that ordered it seemed to get the cd as did I yesterday but a quick chat with support has the correct version shipping to me soon so you should be good regardless just might be a few minutes of extra effort put into it.
  15. I got in on a free 6 month trial a few months back and was not expecting much but I ended up loving it. It is my go to streaming service on my phone and computer now. If you do not have any other premium memberships and stream music a good amount it is def. worth $5 a month imo.