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  1. Wu-Tang - Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) $11.22 Prime Foo Fighter - Greatest Hits $13.44 Prime The Roots - And Then You Shoot Your Cousin $12.94 Prime Can anybody that has bought 36 Chambers comment on the quality, is it as bad as some reviews state? I have been waiting forever for a proper 2lp release but that does not look like it is happening.
  2. Playing Guitar The Easy Way was also part of the sale for only $9 but it sold out within the first few hours of the sale so I missed it as well. I am also on the lookout for most of his other stuff now as well! And to answer your above question I have not got any shipping notification yet but with the sale they are probably getting a lot more orders then normal so I would say give it until next week. I am sure you are good though. Here is an album I ran across on Amazon from this sale I could not get into but it is ridiculously cheap at only $4.74 from the Amazon Warehouse Morley Look - Northland My Land (Used-Like New)
  3. That is awesome considering the ridiculous normal shipping costs to Canada. Yeah, that was the first time I had heard of Chapman as well! I was sampling a bunch of stuff in the sale and that one def. stood out the most by far. It was too bad his other album had already sold out in the sale or I would have grabbed that as well.
  4. Light In The Attic Spring Cleaning Sale Pretty solid sale! Some stuff is sold out already but the majority is still available it seems. Shipping is free over $100 but for 3 albums it was only around $6 so not too bad. There prices are extremely weird because when you put an album in your cart you never really know for sure what it will be.. I could not figure it out because some albums were a dollar or two cheaper when I added them and then one was even 25 cents more haha Here is what I got.. Wet Hot went down 2.50, Bobby Charles went down 3.49 while Window stayed the same when added to my cart. That pretty much covered the shipping so it made it a pretty great deal imo! V/A - Wet Hot American Summer (Original Soundtrack) (LP) (1) @ $7.50 = $7.50 Michael Chapman - Window (White Wax) (1) @ $10.00 = $10.00 Bobby Charles - Bobby Charles (LP) (1) @ $8.51 = $8.51
  5. Zero interest in the pineapple express soundtrack and Peter Tosh at 30+ haha.. At least the Big L and Sublime is decently priced and looks like the Brother Ali is 3k instead of 1.5 so I will just wait on that as well. The good news is I probably will not be spending too much at least after seeing most of the prices now. I hope anyone that buys that RTJ tote bag for 23 fucking dollars has it rip on them causing substantial flipping injuries to all the records inside.
  6. Actually found way more then I was expecting, I would love to get all these if the price is not insane. I would put the Biggie on my must get list but the way they absolutely butchered the Ready To Die release a few years ago makes me want to see other people gamble on it first. Big L – Devil’s Son EP (From The Vaults) [12”] (150 Gram, limited to 3000, indie-retail exclusive) Brother Ali – The Undisputed Truth (10 Year Anniversary Edition) [3LP] (Colored Vinyl, download, spot gloss finish, 12-page lyric & photo booklet, limited to 1500, indie-retail exclusive) Czarface – First Weapon Drawn (A Narrated Adventure) [LP] (gatefold, 24-page comic book, limited to 2000, indie-retail exclusive) Sublime – Badfish [12 ” EP] (first time on vinyl, 45RPM, expanded art, photos, insert, limited to 3000, indie advance exclusive) Then a bunch of others I probably will not get unless I can find a deal on them or are surprisingly priced decent. Slick Rick – The Great Adventures Of…Children’s Book [7”+CD+Book] (limited to 1400, indie-retail exclusive) Peter Tosh – Legalize It [LP] (Pot Scented Red/Yellow/Green-Striped Colored Remastered Vinyl, limited/numbered to 2500, indie-exclusive) Notorious BIG, The – Born Again [2LP] (Gold Colored Vinyl, limited to 5000, indie-retail exclusive) Jason Isbell And The 400 Unit – Live From Welcome To 1979 [12”] (limited, indie-retail exclusive) David Bowie – Cracked Actor: Live Los Angeles, ’74 [3LP] (limited to 5000, etched side, indie-retail exclusive) Curtis Knight feat. Jimi Hendrix (some sites have this listed under Hendrix instead of Knight) – Live At George’s Club 20 [2LP] (150 Gram, gatefold, limited to 3000, indie-retail exclusive) Various Artists – Pineapple Express (Soundtrack) [2LP] (first time on vinyl, limited to 1000, indie-retail exclusive) Wolfman Jack & The Wolfpack – Boogie With The Wolfman [LP] (Picture Disc, limited to 1000, indie-retail exclusive) Actually found way more then I was expecting, I would love to get all these if the price is not insane. I would put the Biggie on my must get list but the way they absolutely butchered the Ready To Die release a few years ago makes me want to see other people gamble on it first.
  7. Yeah, that community is super quick about making anything limited sell out quick especially now with more members then ever. I can see anything remotely good being gone within a few minutes.
  8. Alright, thanks. It def. feels like a good time for a sale to get rid of a lot of stock with so many new members once they have a chance to buy things at full price for a bit first of course haha
  9. Do they have certain days where they add things to the sale section or is it just random?
  10. I clearly underestimated you guys haha.. That's awesome though that so many people are finally getting it at a decent price and I look forward to letting it grow on me since I def. like the production.
  11. The Weezer and Fugees albums are both considered classics by many and are still there a year later. Honestly, I have never been a big fan of the gorillas so I just never even knew this album was that big of a deal at all. Obviously the fact that there has been no recent pressings of it and the originals go for so much is the majority of the reason it sold this quick but still pretty surprising.
  12. Same, especially considering the majority of even there bigger ROTM titles are still available a year later.
  13. I agree, I was annoyed at first too and finally just said fuck it. It should be done by tonight at least though.
  14. They have about 35 releases in the current swap choices so it is a decent amount. I actually wanted the Main Source album which was not on the list so I messaged them and they let me choose that instead. I joined for 3 months as well, I think I can come out happy every month at that length but anything longer and I think it would start becoming slim pickings for sure.
  15. Sit down and breathe Derek, if you want a referral just ask! Check the sig : 3