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  1. Yeah, I got an Isbell from there as well haha.. They had very fair shipping prices so it only came to like $26-27 after conversion. Now, let's just hope they actually have all these copies.
  2. Just in case anyone sees this that is contemplating ordering from the site it finally came to a conclusion. 5 months later (was supposed to be 3-5 days ha) and tons of emails I finally got the record randomly in an odd shaped box that was way too big with no protection. Luckily it only had a few corner bends (I was just happy to end this). I am 99% sure the only reason I even got it in the end is because I contacted another artist who knows The Grouch and Eligh and bugged them TWICE for me. I still never got any messages back from neither The Grouch or Eligh besides the one I got months ago so needless to say I still lost a ton of respect for both of them with the zero fucks given attitude. Hands down the worst experience I ever had dealing with an independent artist. Pretty much every other time it was a complete 180 experience.
  3. I ordered around 11pm on Saturday night and my order shipped out on Tuesday. It is taking 5 days to get to me and I only live 3-4 hours from the shop so I will update once I get it and hopefully everything is all good. In the 1-2-3-4 thread on here a page or two back there were a few other people who had there orders shipped already as well so hopefully yours goes out soon.
  4. Damn, missed Isbell again! It does seem like aftermarket prices are creeping down more and more as well at least. There are still some people dropping 100+ on it though.
  5. I got a shipping notification for all 3 items I ordered on Tuesday as well.
  6. Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. That def. makes it a little easier if I need to drop a bit more then retail for it.
  7. If anybody notices any of the live Jason Isbell somewhere I would appreciate it! It is the only thing left I was hoping to get right off. I underestimated his fan base I guess because I have not seen any remotely close to retail. Also, anyone that did grab it, how does it sound?
  8. Once you get the emails it usually takes a day or two to actually show up on your account page. I did not get any referrals this month so I cant say for sure but I wouldn't be surprised if things are taking a bit longer then usual with the crediting as well since everything was down for awhile. If you do not notice them after a few days I would contact customer service just to make sure everything is good.
  9. It is def. a clusterfuck for sure.. Especially after just doing the Gorillaz release. They will get you situated and taken care of though I have zero doubt. The one thing I can't complain about whatsoever is there customer service.
  10. Because many deals are third party sellers where you need to add the usual 3.99 shipping fee. Putting Prime just shows that it can be free shipping.
  11. Yeah, if you are really wanting the Fiona I would grab the subscription because there are already a good amount of people that seemed to be hyped about it then you have a massive amount of people who signed up for the Gorillaz that are probably giving it one more month or still on a longer plan so I would say this sells out as well it will just take a little longer.
  12. Has anyone heard anything about when the site is supposed to be working again? I am not real active on chasing referrals and following the updates but because of this I probably got screwed on the 1-2 referrals I had a chance at getting. Tidal wave of disappointment splashing me in the face today.
  13. You are telling me the self proclaimed "Green Tea Papi" is not that bright? They need to go back and do some more research because green tea was supposed to be the brain beverage last I heard, either that or the Papi is buying that bootlegged green tea which would make sense why he is just willy nilly proclaiming random record releases are also bootlegs.