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  1. Yeah, ever since my last reply I noticed the seller on Amazon was actually the label so I was checking out some of the other stuff and it all seems to be pretty cheap right now. Sadly, neither of those are available because I would probably snatch both up if the tracklisting was good! It also seems like most are up on Juno to sample as well. Pretty sure they are just using FLAC files or something from random live shows posted on the internet and throwing it on vinyl but for the price there are a few i'm thinking about now. https://www.amazon.com/sp?_encoding=UTF8&asin=&isAmazonFulfilled=1&isCBA=&marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DER&orderID=&seller=A1KA2DAN3PSXYK&tab=&vasStoreID=
  2. https://www.juno.co.uk/products/the-beatles-help-in-concert/652859-01/ Can preview pretty much the entire album in 30 second sections to get an idea what it will sound like. I noticed a few of these live shows from the Czech republic dropping in price lately on Amazon there was an elvis, johnny cash and last night I seen a Rush one as well and they all seem to get pretty solid ratings considering they are unofficial live releases.
  3. The reason I personally can't stand Walmart is there store is a complete fuck show. From the employees being completely useless and many times rude to the actual normal customers walking through the door not being much better. Amazon on the other hand I can shop from home and they have excellent customer service which is the polar opposite of Walmart.
  4. It would have to be some amazing prices for me to even entertain that idea but they're trying and I have been seeing people post walmart pricing all over more and more lately.
  5. Yeah, Walmart is heavily price matching Amazon on everything lately. I think they are starting to get a bit nervous with Amazon catching up.
  6. Yeah, I have seen copies of this in the 10-15 range but probably with a grade of G to at best VG with a jacket that was also beat up. Anytime I seen it in great condition they were above 20 so to have a perfect well reviewed copy for 20 is a very solid deal imo as well.
  7. Mine got cancelled from Bullmoose too which sucks since I pre-ordered the same day it was announced and could have ordered it from 3-4 other places since then. Sounds like it is mostly on thirdman and there ridiculous limited restrictions on big releases not to mention waiting until the last second to let all the stores know they will be getting even less then expected. It just screws everyone and makes that variant impossible to buy for the majority of fans.
  8. RSD Black Friday 2017 thread

    Murs 3:16 – 9th Edition with only 1000 being pressed this is my only "must have" most of the other things I am thinking about are doing somewhat larger runs so I will probably just wait it out a bit and get them for cheaper. It is going to be crazy how much picture discs will be in bargain bins at your local records store in the very near future though!
  9. I have ordered well into triple digits from amazon warehouse over the years and while it is def. hit and miss "Like New" is usually a pretty solid gamble especially when it is at a great price point. They ship out thousands of records every single day, so there is going to be some mess ups for sure. Hit up customer service (which is the best among the major retailers imo) and either return it or complain and they usually just let you keep it along with a refund.
  10. Chris Robinson Brotherhood - Anyway You Love, We Know How You Feel $6.45 Used - Like New & Factory Sealed Dirt cheap price on a really good album. There were I think 4 still available after I got mine.
  11. I just hope they have better quality control on the pressing when it does come out then they did on that ps job of Harrison Ford's head!
  12. RSD Black Friday 2017 thread

    Why not just subscribe? Outside of that you are going to pay the flipper premiums, pretty much no way around it. I highly doubt it gets released this year anywhere else either or next for that matter. It will eventually get a wide re-release but who knows when.
  13. Waxwork Records Thread

    That Trick 'r Treat soundtrack is easily top 3 in my Halloween records and I have quite a bit. Extremely well done all around. Awesome to hear reissues of Friday The 13th coming since that is the release I wanted most that I do not have yet. I have not been following soundtracks much lately but does anyone know if any of the first 3 Halloween OST's are getting releases this year anywhere?
  14. Yeah, as much as I love the artists and the quality of the releases on ThirdMan I completely dislike how they handle a lot of the limited releases. They make things so ridiculously rare that people just flip it for ridiculous prices and pretty much shut out the majority of the people that would genuinely love to have the release and actually play it. Plus, even there retail prices are pretty ridiculous for just a color variant but since it is "rare" they charge at least twice as much as the standard black on much of it haha.. It is what it is but they are most def. the driving force that is causing so much of there releases to be flipped for ridiculous prices.
  15. Yeah, only join if you want that months record or you are cool with doing a 3 month subscription so you can substitute for something else. Like armadillo said though, all the records I have gotten from them have been great pressings and they are extremely easy to work with if you ever have any problems.