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  1. The referral system is my only real complaint with them as I have def. lost some money due to not keeping track or just generally not feeling like tracking down the other person and then contacting vmp support. I had to contact them for any referrals I got for the Biggie album as well which was def. less then what I should have got. I will say there support is awesome which helps a lot but it's frustrating that it is still completely broken over a year later.
  2. That's too bad. Thanks for the info though, much appreciated.
  3. Yeah, I had OG's of a lot of the originals but they all got stolen awhile back sadly so I am with you on reissues of anything solo or group as I have been slowly rebuilding it but there is a lot of great stuff that needs reissues. I got an invite to Eligh's record release so that should be coming before too long as well. When I unsubscribed from the hip hop add-on they told me I was put at the end of the line when I sign back up and I read on the boards they are going to have A LOT of spots for common and I am guessing the Living Legends wont get the same quantity so I don't know if any new signups are even going to be able to make the list. Anyone also know if they are going to make the add-on subscriptions separate from the ROTM after this month? I have zero interest in the st vincent record so im hoping they start.
  4. Damn, that Living Legend's is a huge surprise but im all over that for sure. I hope they make enough so I can skip this mediocre Common album and still make it in for the next two.
  5. Mine starts with S as well and I have not got anything at all either so they must not be quite there yet. I am guessing this is probably there biggest vault yet or at least close to it so there is probably quite a bit of people to get through.
  6. It wasn't even just this forum. On discogs it was probably one of the worst commented releases I've seen along with a few other sites that had reviews as well. Also, the original release that it used the same plates from has the same kind of awful reviews. So there was def. pretty substantial evidence behind the claims people were saying here. All the while the newer remaster has nothing but fantastic reviews. If the newer remaster wasn't out then I think people would have cared a lot less considering the price point.
  7. Oh ok, I forgot about Blue Suits as the third so I thought you meant World Trade. Yeah, it was really strange how they were avoiding the sampling questions up until now and then they aren't on the liner notes either haha.. I would like to hear the story behind it all at some point though because it def. has me curious now.
  8. I don't think many people really care about the lyric changes that much at all it was def. all about the samples. The world trade lyrics weren't censored on the official release though? The same guy said "World Trade" lyrics are back anyways though so all that's left out is the lyric changes above which are not too big of a deal at all.
  9. Yeah, the same guy confirmed that as well so it looks to have everything from the original release sample wise. Looks like a few lyrics were altered/censored though... Bad news, it's replaced by sirens. Also pregnant and strangled are warped censored. :l I asked him about "World Trade" in Juicy being censored so we'll see about that. Honestly though I would have much rather had the original lyrics as well but I can live with these changes with all the samples being back in tact at least.
  10. Well, great news on Ready To Die! It was a roller coaster since someone posted the liner notes from this release first and it did not show several of the samples that had been removed but a few people have listened to there copies and supposedly all the samples are back in tact including the Parliament sample on Machine Gun Funk. So I guess they just used an older liner sheet and forgot to update it for this release? Either way, it got me much more pumped to get this in the mail now. They are also saying it sounds great.
  11. Just a few random warehouse deals I had sitting in my cart. Multicult - Position Remote $7.26 Very Good (Only pressing I see listed of this according to discogs is yellow) Buddy – Last Call For The Quiet Life $6.94 Like New Jim Avett & Family ‎– For His Children And Ours $7.33 Like New Less Than Jake - Sound the Alarm $7.93 Like New (Colored vinyl but not sure what variant) CHUCK PROPHET - Bobby Fuller Died For Your Sins by $7.93 Like New Lupe Fiasco - Drogas Light (2LP) $12.03 Like New
  12. Its solid not a great price. I've seen it in the low 20's all over lately. I'd say if you aren't in a rush to get it just wait and I am pretty much certain it will get quite a bit lower just like the vol. 1 deluxe.
  13. NoName had a vinyl release party where she sold & signed copies while people are also saying she has been hinting on twitter about selling them soon as well so i'm thinking it was a bigger pressing and VMP did not get them all. I would follow her on Twitter if you want a copy because if she does they will probably go fast as well.
  14. They have these sales at least every 3-4 months and maybe even more often so I would sign up for there newsletter because they will be on sale again. I payed about the same as this last sale for my Beatles set but I have seen them even go $10-20 lower. I will also say mine was packed EXTREMELY well which I was a bit worried about at first when ordering internationally.
  15. I still haven't got to listen to my copy but I have seen 2-3 people now mention that it sounded real good so my expectation have risen a bit.