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  1. Honestly, the deals on Amazon are as good or better then ever they are just available in much smaller quantities then maybe the past. You just have to do some of your own digging here and there to find them because many times there will be only 1-3 copies remaining for an album and it hits like $5-10 but as soon as I buy a copy the remaining few shoot back up to $20-30. Same with Warehouse deals, the best ones go quick so you will rarely ever see the best deals available posted because someone else already snatched them mutha fuckers up while you were furiously posting complaints in this thread.
  2. I couldn't care less if it is an actual good deal, then it is nothing but appreciation but the problem is the people that post those links always seem to get greedy and suddenly you are getting all these affiliated links to "deals" that are mostly just close to regular price because they want to get more money. Look at reddit for example, I would say a good 80%+ of the posts in /r/vinyldeals are either extremely mediocre to poor "deals" or are just another repost from a deal less than 24 hours before. Smile links are an entire different thing though obviously since it is for charity so I am not going to complain about that. If the mods let this become a secondary reddit I will just unsubscribe like I did on there, not worth getting all pissed over but I hope that doesn't happen.
  3. Hell yeah, I am going to grab both of those.. Anything from the LL crew is great to see on vinyl. Hopefully Eligh's new album gets a release date sometime soon as well!
  4. Of course, getting my mouf clean and those views up!
  5. Damn, I thought I was going to sign back up for this one but I think this is another easy pass for me because those extras are all pretty much worthless to me.
  6. Yeah, that's frustrating when that happens and then the actual price on the new copies go up as well. One thing I learned is to not try and just save a dollar or two by getting a warehouse copy because it is always a question mark as far as both condition and how they ship it. At least with new records it seems like 95% of the time they put them in actual lp mailers now but with warehouse deals they can be sent in as many ways as the imagination of the warehouse worker packing it haha. I don't buy anything unless it is at least 30-40% minimum and that also helps me chill on buying shit as well. One last thing I try to stay away from as well is ordering heavy stuff the same time as ordering something breakable from the warehouse because they love to put the record on the bottom of the box and then set the heavy item on top like the huge bottle of tide pods I got yesterday along with a completely destroyed album underneath.
  7. Yeah, buying from the Warehouse is always a bit of a risk no matter the grading but with the easy returns or them just letting me keep it along with the ridiculously low prices I am more then happy taking some chances here and there.
  8. There was another similar deal from a third party seller on the US amazon a year or two ago for the set and it took awhile to get them all out but I believe the majority all ended up getting it including myself so hopefully you're good! Great set as well, it was pretty cool listening to the sessions and pre-album demos then back to the original album. I still haven't even watched the dvd though.
  9. I have had 1-2 like this, I think it is just an occasional lazy warehouse worker more than anything. One time I even got a warehouse deal and the record came with a piece of scotch tape stopping the vinyl from slipping out and they just threw the shipping label on the back of the cover. @[email protected] .. Somehow it was magically in great shape still but def. unacceptable haha
  10. Shipping was only 8.70 to California but after tax it still shoots it up to $36 which still makes it an easy pass for me sadly.
  11. Yeah, those are shit to me too haha Every once in awhile I get that offer but 95% of the time I get this one which is a nice little addition when I do not need an item quick. FREE No-Rush ShippingGet a $1 reward for select digital items. Details
  12. https://www.amazon.com/norushcredits I think you have to be a prime member to be eligible for them but you get the option at checkout for most items to give amazon more than the standard 2 days to ship an item to you and they give you $1 credit per order which is usually only good for digital items (I personally use it for xbox games normally).
  13. For anyone with No Rush Credits they are applying towards most orders right now which I have never seen before. Not sure if this is an error or on purpose but I was able to grab a few albums using them.
  14. They never had anywhere close to that much when I was a member but that is awesome to hear, hopefully some good stuff I need mixed in there. I will just message them for the list, appreciate the info!
  15. It's been awhile so it could have def. been me back on the signed version of Damn haha.. In 15-20 years if he keeps these "limited" releases up he could be your kids/grandkids Barbara Streisand when looking through the records at Thrift shops across the country.