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  1. I got in on a free 6 month trial a few months back and was not expecting much but I ended up loving it. It is my go to streaming service on my phone and computer now. If you do not have any other premium memberships and stream music a good amount it is def. worth $5 a month imo.
  2. I would message them and ask why everyone else is getting these free shipping emails and you didn't because I even got one and I am not an active member currently.
  3. Personally I would avoid the hell out of it at any price. I heard a copy a friend had 2-3 years ago and it was def. just as bad as advertised by all the reviews over the internet claiming the same thing. On top of that even though it is still a great album the original version of this album that got leaked was even better then the one they redid and was officially released. They should do a proper release of this and make it a deluxe package with the leaked version as well and I would be all over it.
  4. It is because so many people have these brutally awful turntables and freak out over the smallest defects on even the jacket because it will not frame as nicely anymore. Out of hundreds of bought records I have probably returned 2-3 due to being warped from amazon. On say a Crosley though you throw a record that is just minimally warped and it is going to have all kinds of problems while that same record on a solid setup would not even be noticed whatsoever. There are plenty of legit fuck ups by amazon for sure but the majority are due to people that have shitty equipment or/and do not know wtf they are doing.
  5. He is busy at a meet & greet with all his fans right now...
  6. Damn, sucks to see that much of a hike but to keep it somewhat positive it went super quick and I think this sale kind of helped drop the price of it to get it well under $100 again.. Flippers out there eating well with some of these sales lately though.
  7. Nothing wrong with funk at all! I got at least a little love for pretty much all genres but that is one where I am much more picky so the chance they choose something I would be cool with dropping $30 on is very slim. As long as the next record is Morby along with some funk the following month I am not going to go for another 3 month payment, they can wash down a warm glass of shut the hell up with any further clues as far as my interest goes at least. Fever To Tell would be a tremendous looking trophy though!
  8. In the store just hit the "My Account" tab at the top right and you will see the button to swap like the picture below. https://s3.amazonaws.com/groovehq/uploaded/18p8i67s173r7fp6ln3aspghi5b93neq1o81hmos8e0x9bi399?1490400261
  9. At least with Fiona even though I knew it would not be a heavy played record I can see myself playing it here and there and def. enjoying it. This Morby dude imo just has mediocrity written all over him from everything I have heard. He is not terrible but no way in hell worth $30 for any of his material. I saw that ex-employee conversation on reddit and seen him mentioning there was a def jam release coming soon so I was hoping something hip hop but with this and then the July records first hint is something funky I am def. stepping away for a few months probably and hoping for something good again later in the year.
  10. I bought the Return Of The Living Dead OST last year which they did and it sounded really good. I was pleasantly surprised because at the time I was in the same unsure situation. Since then I have not bought anything else they did but have seen people talking about a few of the releases and it was always positive. As far as the packaging I would say it is mid-level. Nothing extravagant like a Mondo, Waxworks etc. (which probably helps them keep there stuff at very fair prices) but it is def. not cheap either. Good solid non-gatefold jackets with polylined paper sleeves seem the norm from the releases I have seen.
  11. It was def. a shock seeing how 2 people dropped 160 on it just last month. that would make me sick haha, 160 to 9 in a month.
  12. damn, there is some legit great prices in these additions on insound! Grabbed both goo goo dolls and devil without a cause. and even though I don't care for him that partynextdoor usually goes for well over $100.
  13. If you plan on setting up more price alerts then just a few here and there I would highly suggest getting the add-on, you can also easily check the price history as well on any album which helps a lot deciding where to set the price alerts. camelcamelcamel << direct site where all you have to do is copy & paste the amazon url of the product at the top and you can set the price and enter your email without making an account. Chrome and Firefox Add-ons << This is what I use and it makes everything so much easier since I am always adding more alerts.
  14. Setup an alert for it and I can almost guarantee it will go back down eventually. I bought it for $8 this month last year and just a few weeks ago it got all the way down to $6.
  15. Yeah, i'm not due to receive my packaged until at least the 17th. Epically slow considering tons of people already have it but as long as it comes undamaged I can live with it.