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  1. I’ll take that Circa Appendages EP if you decide to ship.
  2. Thrice - The Alchemy Index [Reissue]

    So I was at the show last night as well, and from what I remember Dustin said that tonight (last night) was the first time they could talk about it onstage. He said that they tried to have it in time for this tour, but they couldn’t make it in time. The repress will be available online, it will have new colors of vinyl, and will remain on the 4 x 10 format as andrewlucas stated above. I don’t recall whether him saying anything about whether they will do the leather bound book again or not.
  3. I got my order in!!! So excited for this! The description says that it is going to be colored vinyl. Has anyone seen a mock up or picture of the colors yet anywhere online?
  4. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    It's back up!!! Just ordered now!!!
  5. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    It's back up!!! Just ordered now!!!
  6. I'd like to take you up on that. I have been listening to the short clips on iTunes and looking for the songs on youtube trying to decide if it is worth dropping the money on this boxset, but it would be nice to throw this on my iPod and listen to it while I am commuting home.
  7. I don't think you can go wrong with any of their records. I found out about them after frames came out, and I started with that record. Then I went backwards. Every single one of their records has uniquely written and crafted material that stands on its own. I agree that the last record was not as good as previous material, but there are a few gems. Their records take quite awhile to fully digest (which I love), yet are immediately likeable. Thus far I have found my favorite to be everyone into position.
  8. WTB: Thrice - Beggars

    @daniel pmed you.
  9. Saw them play last night in Los Angeles. Great show! There is nothing at their merch table that you can't buy online, except for maybe the screen printed poster that was signed by the band. $75 was too steep for me. They had vinyl but is the half white / half black with white spatter. I already have a few other variants so I passed on that too. The show was just like the previous guy in this post stated. Half new, half old.
  10. WTB: Thrice - Beggars

    @ckthriceck PMed you.
  11. WTB: Thrice - Beggars

    Looking for the Thrice - Beggars 1st press colored variant. Please and Thank You!
  12. I'll take your Finch - Say Hello to Sunshine on yellow vinyl if hat price includes shipping.  SRC was blowing these out for $7 a few months ago, and somehow I ended up with three blue/grey copies and no yellow ones...

    1. SuperBuckeye30


      Apologies for missing this from a few weeks ago, I've been offline for almost a month, but I'm back into the swing of things on VC. This record is still available, and it's yours if you still want it!

  13. I'll take that Social Distortion - S/T on blue vinyl as long as it's in good shape.  Let me know the condition and your PayPal e-mail address.

  14. I am so bummed I missed the FIF - ONAE red/black vinyl. I had it in my cart and was filling out the last bit of credit card information when it notified me that they just sold out.