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  1. It's up! Also, download the free digital b-sides, demos, acoustic album here: muscleandbone.bandcamp.com
  2. I've got one for @raynerho. 1 hour.
  3. Alright, I'm pumped to bring this final Muscle & Bone project to light. They called it a day but they were one of the best NC bands and one of the best bands in this last wave of emo. They recorded 2 songs for a split that never actually came out and then these song sat dormant for a couple years. I ran across these songs on my mp3 player a month or so ago and decided it was a crime to let them disappear. We cut these two songs to a beautiful picture disc lathe. Limited to 30 copies, so don't snooze. This will also be accompanied by a digital album of these songs plus other bsides, demos, acoustic versions. That will be released simultaneously on their bandcamp muscleandbone.bandcamp.com for free / pay what you want. All this goes up today 4/4/2017 at 3PM EST. bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com Also if you'd like to add on the Muscle & Bone - S/T LP, I've added a bundle with this lathe you can grab it for only 5 bucks extra! FAQ about lathes- What exactly is a lathe cut record? Our lathe cut records are handmade, limited edition records on polycarbonate (plexiglass) in a multitude of varieties. They are NOT a direct substitute for vinyl. These records are each 100% handmade and cut in real time. These records are intended as pieces of playable art. How do these sound? Lathe cuts will always have some degree of surface noise/pops/crackles, which tends to largely disappear once the music starts, especially for full, loud recordings. However, these lathe cuts are not audiophile records, or even comparable to standard pressed records. They will sound slightly different than the master, because the plastic reacts to certain frequencies differently. They are made from materials that were never intended to be records. Sound quality varies slightly from one record to the next, and some audio tracks translate better than others. There are many factors that determine the sound of the record; the material, the number of records that have been cut by the stylus, the climate, etc… But we drop-test them all and throw away any that are not up to standard. They are all totally listenable, but intended to be used more as playable art pieces. These lathes are not meant to be the way your track is regularly listened to. Are these as loud as normal records? Unfortunately, No. Our cutter heads are 70 years old and utilize a magnet that has, over the years, degraded a little. They were also made before the loudness war and were never intended to produce the kind of volume that modern stereo cutting heads made in the 70s and 80s were geared for. On top of that, the plastic that is used is harder than a lacquer that is used to master a pressed record, and the heads has to work much harder, resulting in less volume (about 75% that of a modern record). So, you will have to crank up your amplifier a few notches past where it usually sits. Will these play on any turntable? These records do not always play well on all turntables, especially cheap turntables without a weighted tonearm. However, they have all been play tested to make sure that they track on a properly weighted record player. Lighter tonearm weight and neutral anti-skating works best. Sometimes the needle will get caught in between the grooves and sound awful. You can usually gently nudge the needle sideways into the bottom of the groove, which should fix the problem. Inexpensive players with red cartridges/needles in particulars tend to have more problems than professional cartridges. Will these records degrade or hurt my needle? Absolutely not. These records are made out of hard polycarbonate plastic and will last as long as a pressed record. And your needle will not know the difference between this plastic or the PVC that pressed records are made of. The old adage that Lathe Cuts ruin your needle is a product of lacquer “dub plates” or “acetates”. Lacquers are extremely soft, and with repeated plays, the lacquer would wear off and build up on your playback needle. We DO NOT use lacquers and DO NOT have this problem. We listen to lathe cuts 12 hours a day in the studio, and rarely change out our playback styli.
  4. Bean is a great vegan spot out in south Asheville. You should hit up west Asheville too. Battlecat is a cool coffee shop out that way and it's a short walk from Harvest Records (the biggest and probably the best record shop in Asheville) Static Age is cool (small punk oriented), Voltage (reissues, older stuff) are worth checking out too. Hit up Vortex doughnuts near downtown too. Great homemade doughnuts and coffee, vegan options. Odditorium is a great punk venue in West Asheville too, just have to check their schedule though.
  5. Got the pins in hand. The detail came out amazing. bittertastepins.bigcartel.com to grab one.
  6. The Business Secrets of the Pharoahs pin will be here today! I'll post pics later when they get here. Really pumped to see them.
  7. Thanks to those who have picked one up! This will help me clear out some old stock and free up some store space plus the new shirt is gonna look rad.
  8. I'll keep this quick. I have a rad new shirt design. It's up for preorder for a week. If you preorder this week, I'll send you a free older BM shirt in your size for free plus whatever else I feel like throwing in. http://bittermelodyrecords.limitedrun.com/products/589463-bitter-melody-hard-rain-t-shirt-preorder
  9. This is in stock now. All the preorders went out today. Thanks so much. They turned out beautifully. I don't think my oxblood color will last long so don't wait too long. They came out almost exactly like the mock up.
  10. I'd really like to do something for the Super Hans' twins. That's probably my favorite joke. "The twins, I'm always going on about me twins." haha