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  1. I dont understand why so many people dont understand this. People do this in many different facets of collecting. I shoot a lot of guns and lots of people have guns they run hard and bang up then ones that sit in the safe and stay pristine. Same exact concept. I collect music just as much as I listen to it. So when we are talking about my all time favorite band's live recordings whichbi attended, im buying one to keep and one to collect.
  2. Yup thats why everything i have ever sold on discogs has been at or below cost. Nice try bro.
  3. Me: Im going to save some money this month like a real adult. Also me: im going to buy 2 of these box sets. One to keep unplayed in my collection and one to play the shit out of....
  4. Biggest sub?

    Thanks for the input guys. I do not watch any tv or movies so the home theater comments dont apply. This will strictly be for music. I think I will try one 12 out. Thanks so much for the replies.
  5. Had a question for the audiophiles on here. I was curious what is the biggest size sub that would make sense for my audio setup? Right now im running a SL1300 table and I recently purchased 2 Klipsch R-15PM speakers from best buy stupid cheap. Being a bit of a basshead, everything about these are great except the low end. So I was looking to grab a Klipsch Sub to match. Anyone that is subscribed to klipsch's Email newsletter knows that they pobably run a huge sale like once a month. They constantly have 30 to 50% off. So that being said I have been eyeballing the R-115SW 15" sub for a while. The lowest it goes is usually $719 each from $899. Then I realized that the R-12SW sometimes goes on sale for $224 from $449. So I could get 3 12s for the price of one of their 15s. This made me start thinking a few things. Is 1 15 too big for the little R-15PM bookshelf speakers I have? Would 2 12s be too big for the little R-15PM bookshelf speakers I have? Would 1 12 suffice for a basshead? Im not necessarily married to Klipsch for a sub but they do get great reviews and are CONSTANTLY on sale. So since I have the bookshelfs, having it all match makes it easier for the misses to not want to kill me for adding more gear. Thoughts?
  6. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    This pretty much sums up my thoughts...
  7. Bunch of 7" FS

    Ill take MGMT - Electric Feel (UK) $30 Modest Mouse - Lampshades on Fire $5 Jack White - Sixteen Saltines/Love is Blindness $4 White Stripes - Hotel Yorba (RSD/red) $6 White Stripes - Fell in Love with a Girl (RSD/red) $5 White Stripes - Let's Shake Hands (RSD/red) $8 White Stripes - Dead Leaves (RSD/red) $6
  8. The Third Man Records Thread

    received my first vault. Nicest vinyl shipping box I have ever received annnnnnd actual boxset box inside comes with split down corner. ohh well.
  9. The Third Man Records Thread

    Mine starts with S and I received my tracking today.

    Lawrence Arms. Apathy and Exhaustion. (Light pink) $20?
  11. Post Your Record Storage Area

    QUA1L, what media cabinet is that the audio gear is on? Love the look of the room, bud.
  12. Hey guys, So to make a VERY long story short, about 8 months ago I had to sell most of my gear and move into a small place for a short time. That being said, im moving back into a bigger place and im looking to put together a budget set up again and I need some advice. So far I think I have narrowed a few components down. Im going to roll with a Yamaha AS501 for an amp and some Audioengine P4s for speakers. Right now my current TT is an SL-1300 with a Stanton 780 cart and broken 4DQ stylus. The TT works decent. The thing that is kind of known to go wrong with these is the auto start and auto return tone arm functon and mine is no different. without getting into a long detail, sometimes it just takes a few extra seconds to get playing because you may go to start the record and the tonearm will automatically return back to the resting position, etc. But it is something you can live with. Honestly, a TT is not in my budget but I have really been eyeballing a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB (DC). What do you think it would be more worth it to do, Do I spend the money on a new stylus for the 780 or just buy a whole new decent cart for the SL1300 that is finicky to begin with and kind of a pain in the ass.... or should I just eat ramen noodles for a month and cop the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB (DC) that has a decent cart on it to begin with? Any suggestions on anything would be welcomed.
  13. Mods, if this is in any way against any rules that I am not seeing, please delete. 350 Brewing just released a very limited run of beer that was made with/in colaboration with Masked Intruder when they were in town (Chicago) a few weeks ago. They come in a 4 pack with each one of the Intruders on a can. I would love to trade a few of these for some records im looking for. Anything Alkaline trio related takes priority Heavens The lawrence arms Most punk Electronic/Techno/Dub Horror movie OST Videogame related, specifically NES era stuff. Check out my want list on discogs. That is a small chunk of what im looking for. Must be over 21 to trade obviously. Thanks!
  14. WTB Skiba - Demos, Black Press.