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  1. with you on that, wish it was up individual though..
  2. lucky bastard! i want one!!
  3. glad to see people really dig this band. Grew up with Ben, been rad following his bands through the years.
  4. Just saw that thanks!
  5. Do you know what time zone ?
  6. this is back up in there merch store. Pink Variant, no notes on pressing numbers. http://bostonmanor.merchnow.com/products/v2/251169/be-nothing-pink
  7. Pic disc was available at the show last night.
  8. There's progressing as musicians and expanding your sound to attract new listeners and hopefully retain existing fans. And then there is this blatantly obvious cash grab and attempt to be relevant in music. Sad to see what this 'band' has come to. awful.
  9. i only got a order confirmation, but not a shipping confirmation and i already received mine. check your order status on their site.
  10. Sold out dude
  11. Dope! Saw this on reddit. Killer work
  12. was really hoping for a cooler print for this tour given their previous ones. oh well.
  13. All the songs are the same style. Heard a handful of them. This isn't linking park anyMore
  14. im experiencing a very loud sound for the first half of the first song on each side. though something might be on the record but cleaning did nothing. I can live with it but, glad to hear im not the only one.