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  1. PO: Jon Hopkins - Singularity

    Where do u see it without the print. My google skills are poor.
  2. this. if you paid $65 and they dropped the price I would email to get it dropped to the listed price. they probably did that to make up for lost money on the under list price sales.
  3. So i emailed the VP of digital/sales at Fearless and let him know about the cancellations. He said that MerchNow will not be cancelling any orders and will be honoring the price that was listed and paid. He said that if for some reason my order does get cancelled, i need to send him my receipt/confirmation and he will make sure MerchNow honors my order. I think it is safe to say that they received a lot of complaints and will make sure nothing shady on MerchNow's part happens. Email Fearless direct if you have any issues. Very nice and helpful.
  4. Translucent black delux is now listed at $67. Truly shitty business practices.
  5. What email did u use for fearless. Going to email as well.
  6. as of right now here is whats left excluding the bundles. also if anyone got a bundle and doesn't want the pin set when it comes in let me know! translucent black - 63 left acid green - 363 left 7" box - 490 left
  7. same for mine. if it charges me more im filing a complaint with my back as fraud.
  8. kinda surprised the 7" test press bundle is still available considering there was only 50
  9. link working for anyone?
  10. looks like it was taken down. i think its still up on reddit though.
  11. I definitely think the last track is the strongest.
  12. was really stoked when I heard this. wish he was touring with them though. one of my favorite drummers as well. he such a beast!