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  1. i only got a order confirmation, but not a shipping confirmation and i already received mine. check your order status on their site.
  2. Sold out dude
  3. Dope! Saw this on reddit. Killer work
  4. was really hoping for a cooler print for this tour given their previous ones. oh well.
  5. All the songs are the same style. Heard a handful of them. This isn't linking park anyMore
  6. im experiencing a very loud sound for the first half of the first song on each side. though something might be on the record but cleaning did nothing. I can live with it but, glad to hear im not the only one.
  7. wow! had no idea it was that pricey!
  8. yo! im a fan, their new album is great! saw them play a few weeks back in hollywood, put on a great show. Unfortunately, not sure on the variants.
  9. Just got some in the mail at work today. Cant complain for $4/each! Glass Animals - ZABA & How To Be A Human Being Blink 182 - Neighborhoods & TOYPAJ Catfish & The Bottleman - The Ride & The Balcony Until The Ribbon Breaks - A Taste of Silver (10") Bob Marley - Legend 30th Anniversary Goldroom - West of the West
  10. sorry dude i guess i need to be more up to speed with every person that makes music. heard this song as a demo back in the day and didn't follow them after this song. my bad!
  11. That gratitude 5". didnt know anyone even knew who they were
  12. Why can't people just enjoy the fact that they are finally able to have all anberlin albums finally on vinyl (for those who didn't get originals). Who cares how "rare" it is. Don't we buy these because we love the music instead of caring that only a limited amount of people can enjoy. Maybe they made a mistake by saying they were only making one box set, but they saw that their some of their fans missed out and really wanted to own these, so they did the right thing and helped their fans by making it available again regardless of how they went about it. I guarantee if any of you were in a band that fans really wanted to own your music you would make it available if possible. How many people are constantly begging for represses because they missed out the first go around, almost everyone who bought this? Remeber people. It's all about the MUSIC. If all you care about is having the rarest form. FO.