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  1. Probably haha, but I haven't found the equivalent of Vinyl Collective for CDs (True, VC does sell CDs, but records are dominant obviously). I have been on VC since last year and only bought one record (The problem is obviously the price which is much higher than CDs of course, and shipping cost, most of them being shipped from USA or Europe, I'm in Canada so shipping kills me haha. I wouldn't say I'm trying to break my habit because I deeply enjoy it and know what triggers it at this point I guess (There was a line on Wikipedia saying that some people collect music to keep the past present. Cool line). I do recognize that I spend too much on it still (Not broke. I always keep more than enough money). Maybbe I should try a budget haha. Would be interesting to discuss about it with other serious collectors It blow my mind when people have 1000+ records/CDs (And yet, I only have CDs. RECORDS cost even more! 1000?! Omg ), haha.
  2. Hello =) I bought my first CD in 2006 but started collecting music more seriously around 2012. My first vinyl record was acquired in 2013 and since then, I made an Excel spreadsheet of my collection/wantlist (Can share if interested). Here's a photo (Bending shelf :| ). 325 CDs, 34 vinyl records and 4 cassettes. https://www.dropbox.com/s/khgrt21droma47i/IMG_20170520_101501_complet.jpg?dl=0 I've found out that the reasons I collect are various - Maybe boredom, lurking on collecting/auction sites (Everyday that is), or also that I find every CD missing from my wantlist spreadsheet some sort of long-term goal to acheive at some point. It's a passionnate but quite addictive hobby haha, so expensive (That's why I am more on the CD side, yet. Vinyl records are a lot more costly, 20-50$, while I can find CDs for as low at 3,50$ CAD on Amazon). I recently considered buying a turntable (Maybe Pionneer PLX-500. I got a 1989 amplifier for dirt cheap, 20$, cassette deck for 20$ (Both Ken-Tech. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-systeme-de-son/ville-de-montreal/amplificateur-tuner-k7-vintage-ken-tech-x-105-x-905/1265684733?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true ) and 2 speakers included recently, so figured it might be a *decent* start). At least I won't have to spend ~600$ for turntable, amp and speakers to simply get sound haha. I often find myself struggling to save up (I can if I want haha, trying now, need that turntable), and figured the easier way was to stay away from buying sites ever haha. I guess most of this community share a similar bond (Or issue) like I do haha. And still, 300 CDs or 33 records isn't even THAT much, considering some have 1,000+ ( ) haha. Any feedback? Regards
  3. Hi, Few CDs I got in some bundles I don't listen to. Willing to trade these or get money for them, make me an offer (Not much $ needed I guess. I ship from Canada, QC, worldwide): - AC/DC : Black Ice - Avenged Sevenfold: Hail to the King - Green Day: American Idiot; - KISS: Greatest Kiss - Marc Dupré: Refaire le Monde (2005 1st press - RARE) - Metallica: St. Anger - Rage Against the Machine: Rage Against the Machine (1992) - Red Hot Chili Peppers: Californication - The Beautiful Mistake: This is How You Are - Thursday: A City by the Light Divided Wantlist: 1208; 30 Seconds to Mars; All Time Low; Allister; Blink-182; Breaking Benjamin; Cartel; Crush 40; I Hate Kate / Darling Thieves; Forever The Sickest Kids; Goldfinger; HIM; Jank 1000; Lagwagon; New Found Glory; No Use for a Name; RED; Shinedown; Silverstein; Stereo Skyline; Sugarcult; Sum 41; The All-American Reject; The Offspring; The Summer Set; Yellowcard; Zebrahead Thanks for the interest! =)
  4. Hi, Looking for this CD: https://www.discogs.com/en/Stereo-Skyline-The-Worst-Case-Scenario/release/8087743 This is the only one left in my collection and I'm out of luck. Actually, I am the one who added it to the Discogs database. Feel free to look at photos and such (Don't bother browsing eBay or any other sites for purchase, don't waste your time like I did haha). I live in Canada - Paying from $100 to $250 (This is not a troll). Please contact if anyone can (ever) assist. I love this record so much. =( If any unsubscribed users stumble accross this thread from Google, you can always reply to this thread or if you don't feel like creating an account, email me anytime (Do so even if this thread is YEARS old) at gamex [dot] launchpad [at] gmail [dot] com . Thank you very much