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  1. Does anyone know if this really is a special limited edition as listed or just the recent 2015 repress of the Seven Nation Army 7"?
  2. Anyone who wants to join the vault for the first time? If I refer you we both have a chance to win Vault novelties (incl. vinyl) in November let me know!
  3. Ah crap... I am wondering if I should go with the black version or wait until a UK shop puts it online. It happend with their debut EP but I don't know if it'll be the case with this one.
  4. We’ve also ordered a version of 100 opaque violet. Jump on those as they will sell out. Do they mean there will be another version coming up on the site or what? I don't get it :-/ if it's the standard black one you can order right now then I rather wait as the shipping costs are insane from the US to EU.
  5. What do you guys do with the belly band? Keep it sealed and put it aside? Scared to put it back on, seems rather fragile...
  6. Anyone compared these to previous repress(es)? How do they sound?
  7. Anyone knows where to order their debut album in the EU? I can only find it from this store in the USA:
  8. Anyone found these on other webshops? (they only deliver to the UK)
  9. Hi, If someone is selling volume 1 of Vinyl Moon, give me a shout please ;-) thanks! Mano
  10. Anyone know where to still find The White Stripes - Peel sessions?
  11. I will but I was just wondering if you guys could shed your light on it already since I notice many have multiple pressings here.
  12. Thanks but that won't be helping me I'm afraid
  13. Hi, I was wondering if there's anybody out here that owns multiple pressings of these albums or that can give a light on what pressings sound the best? I'm doubting to sell one of my doubles. I used to have only one pressing of both being reissue) and (some CZ reissue...) Since I bought a package this week of vinyl online I will also be getting the following pressings: Vinyl reissue) and (original German pressing)